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  1. Would love to come and support do you have any kind of entry list?
  2. I am glad someone did that to the disgusting human being that took a photo of such a horrific accident. Some people just don't get it.
  3. According to a witness, the driver was going back to his pit after the race, and his car had stalled, he fired the car back up there must have been a fuel leak, immediately after the car became engulfed in flames and smoke. Given the scenario of workers and drivers packing up for the night, the response must have been good because he was able to be somewhat helped. It is a terrible situation all the way around prayers for the driver in his long road ahead. I believe on the Paradise Speedway Facebook page it has a link to a go fund me account for the driver.
  4. Does the great racing have anything to do with great track prep and new clay? Wondering how many good races with 3 and 4 wide racing have a correlation. I didn't watch the race but wondering if that's the case.
  5. Really? I say a kid who can win at Eldora in a sprint car, silver crown car, and a midget on the same weekend is top 3 in any poll.
  6. I think the 305 deal is drivers not wanting to stay in them long. Most are not content in just racing at one track their whole life like Donk, not knocking the guy just a fact. Then eventually they move up to a 360 or hop on the CRSA tour for more practice/exposure when they are racing a bigger sprint.
  7. I don't see how Gary can do anything about the fact that NY is not a hotbed like PA for small car racing. Fans would not support a Wednesday show like this without modifieds. Last point, Kutztown is a perfect size track for micro sprints/slingshots and paradise is a bit too big. 58 wingless 600's is incredible for a weekly show!
  8. Hi everyone, Has anyone been to Screvens Motorsports Park? I convinced the lady friend to detour our Disney trip to hit the Outlaw late model show this Saturday. Anything unique about the place? Seating? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. If the money isn't endless why bother getting a stacker hauler with decals done up? Maybe some of these "low" buck teams should start scaling down if they can't compete with the big guys. JMO
  10. Foster, little guy? I don't know of many teachers with a hauler more expensive than a house...lol
  11. Neffro, the promoter/manager you're referring to, was most likely upset because he booked a competing series the same night ESS had a show at Thunder Mountain. Surprisingly, a few ESS guys who were planning to run the competing series then saw the purse jump at the ESS show, in fact, they were seen leaving Fonda as soon as word got out about the purse hike.
  12. Hands down it was camping at Big Diamond on Friday and heading down to Hagerstown to see the Lucas Oil late models and Satterlee passing Bloomquist on the last lap! AMAZING finish
  13. Chris, I agree with the wall issue. From what I've heard someone who does track prep was saying the exact same thing. It could potentially be dangerous. I'm not sure what WRG is going to do about that but I hope they're thinking about something.
  14. Kudos to Brewerton for putting new clay down! I bet the likelihood of it being perfect the first night on it was probably a long shot. They will get it right!
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