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  1. I saw that he was DQ’d from the heat race. What was it this time?
  2. What are your favorite activities to do in between each heat and each feature? Of course besides the obvious of talking about who looks bad fast, getting food/beer, and going to the bathroom. My brother and I typically bet on the heats and features. 1$ per person for each race, loser from the previous race gets to pick first for the next race. The mod heats are somewhat predictable but the four cylinder and bandit or whatever they're called heats are where it gets interesting. Most people don't know crap about which ones are faster than others, myself included. Folks sitting around us often get in on the action. None of us really takes home any significant amount of money; if someone gets ten or twenty bucks ahead of the rest of us we bust their balls into buying the next round of beers. What do you guys do?
  3. I wasn’t able to make it there. Any video of the Friesen flip?
  4. Looking to catch a show this Friday night. I’d like to go somewhere other than Dundee or Penn Can as I have been to both before. Any suggestion?
  5. Just a mild suggestion: send them an email or DM with some constructive criticism. Bashing them on here won’t solve anything and certainly won’t improve the quality of their broadcast. Good lord.
  6. What two modified drivers do you think have raced against each other the most number of times over the years? I’m talking about weekly competition. Maybe Alan vs Paine at Canandaigua? Hearn vs Heotzler at Orange County? Alan vs Danny at Canandaigua? Tremont vs Hearn at Albany Saratoga? Someone else?
  7. They shortened Can Am? What is the length and configuration now? That joint was bad fast.
  8. Exactly. Sometimes an observation is just that: an observation.
  9. Regarding the new surface at OC, has anyone run laps in it? I can’t remember if it was down for Eastern States it not.
  10. An administrator of a forum created to share information and insight tells someone to go to another website for information that they themselves can easily provide? I can’t wrap my head around that.
  11. And yet MS won 370,000. That is unbelievable. Do you think this is the most anyone has won in a single year?
  12. Hilarious? Yes absolutely so. Unprofessional? Yes absolutely so. Maybe I'm old school but I prefer the professionalism and excitement of guys like Joe Marotta and Gary Montgomery. I guess I need to embrace the changing landscape of announcers.
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