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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. Within 2 minutes of sending an email to support@dirtvision.com, my subscription was cancelled. I understand they are having an issue with account@dirtvision.com.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I sent an email to support@dirtvision.com.
  3. Account@dirtvision.com Thank you, any help would be appreciated.
  4. Sent my cancellation to Dirtvision, has been over 24hrs and no correspondence back. Should I expect a notice of cancellation, how long does it typically take? Thanks.
  5. Ok, thanks for your input. Think I will sign up before the weekend to see the Williams Grove races. Really a pretty good deal.
  6. Just want to ensure I understand the 39.00 pass. I plan on watching the Dirt events next week. I can purchase the pass and then cancel 2 days before the 28 days are up and I will see all 6 nights of racing for 39.00 US? Thanks.
  7. Do the streaming services work in Canada? DTD Vision and Dirt Vision? These maybe the only way I see any racing this year. Thanks.
  8. Does DirtVision work outside of the USA, this maybe the only way I get to see any racing this year?
  9. Gary looked stout in that car for the first 50 laps. Good to see Gary in that ride, hope it continues, one of my favourite drivers
  10. Thanks Dean for the information, I have been following ESS for a number of years and to me, there is nothing like having the field compete for a chance to run the A main. ESS is a grade A club and I hope to catch some racing action later this month.
  11. Is it just me, or does it seem car counts for ESS are down this year?
  12. Hope to get to Can-Am. If not, will go to Brewerton or Fulton
  13. Show was well done. Car counts were great and the show was run very efficiently. It is good to see the fans back at Can-Am. The Bartlett’s have done a great job getting more special shows.
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