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  1. Dippel & Daddy's money are their new golden boy, so he only get's a hand slap More like the difference of siri a d pauch were caught cheating and dipple had a safety issue that he violated......but that's OK keep trying to hate on the kid   What about dipples fuel at Syracuse?   This was on Siri racings facebook page To all are fans ,in response to today's dirt car penalty from Wednesday night race at Volusia in February ,siri racing is appealing there penaltie. The tire in question was a used tire from last year that had a couple races on it ,after racing the tire each time it got cleaned extensively with simple green degreaser. Not knowing that the use of the product to clean the tires would Send out a red flag when tested . We took the tire and a new tire side by side and put a Tire durometer on each tire and they durometer the same,one not softer than the other. After talking to the dirt offical today cleaning chemicals such as simple green can show up on a tire test. As a result we will now be cleaning our tires with hot water and soap.
  2. because we have big blocks.
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    New To the Area

    yeah check it out on youtube...
  4. firemanbud17

    New To the Area

    the short track super nationals at I-88 speedway in Afton NY is always a cant miss show in october
  5. firemanbud17


    This topic is all over the place for being bout Decker and Sheppard lol
  6. firemanbud17


    At any rate.... Any news on Decker?
  7. firemanbud17

    Fonda Speedway

    I dont have a dog in this fight so to speak Ive never been to fonda but hope to some day make it up there. That being said there is an inharent problem with most any fair ground track and that is you are dumping money into a facility that at the end of the day you do not own. there for it is hard to get investors on board to help with things like track surface and major improvements because you are improving someone elses facility.
  8. firemanbud17


    . I was told that gypsum wouldn't give him another car to race the satellite shows with and that his crew chief wanted a brake to concentrate on the Syracuse effort.
  9. firemanbud17


    I heard Decker is going to spend more time with his ever growing heard of pigmy goats and miniature zebras.
  10. firemanbud17


    I dont know why Gypsum would dump Billy. He has more wins and championships than Pat and Larry combined.
  11. wow reading some of these makes me feel so sheltered! I have raced at: I88 Thunder mtn Bridgeport penncan five mile point Davenport Skyline   and spectated at OCFS and Pocono
  12. In the video he says it was the right fuel, it was just 7 months old from when Dipple was hurt.. If there was anything added to it, the testing should reveal it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m2MG0Mvth8 he never said it was the right fuel, he just says they got a barrel, sealed it and used it Wouldn't using a legal fuel be assumed? after they got sent to the back of the pack in the heats, it would be assumed that it was illegal fuel, no? how often has tyler been caught cheating? (lv) tampered crate engine, (fonda) light on the scales, (lv) illegal headers, PASS series, too much left side weight Pretty sure he got caught with a forged birth certificate a few years back too. Might have been an RoC race?   They caught him at I88 speedway on a regular friday night. then was caught at an ROC event a week or 2 later
  13. firemanbud17

    Top speeds

    Hearns lap record was 29.072 Decker had a lap of 28.234 speed of 126.993 which is still the record.
  14. In my opinion it hasnt ment that much in the last few years. Just look at the car counts at series races compared to other series. And how many drivers have been at all series events. DIRT is a shadow of its former self and the demise of Syracuse was just another nail in its coffin..   Im sure I will get alot of flack for this but it is my opinion and the truth hurts.
  15. 300 laps on a half mile track is like 150 on a mile technically speaking