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  1. Short answer, when you make more grip with the left side panhard you need to turn it more with roll steer...so that'd be what you're seeing. But there's no set formula yet. It's not like in LM racing where everything has evolved to basically the same 4 link design. Torsion bars vs coils, left side short bar vs. J bar, short radius rods vs long, etc etc etc. It's a very exciting time in Northeast DIRT Modified racing if you're in to the technical side of things.
  2. This only really matters at a few tracks anyway...and that's kind of the point. If you're signing up to run a big block series, you should expect to only need a big block...not 3 different engine combos that you'll have to change depending on the night.
  3. It was MUCH better than the first two races this season. It actually had some water in it! The first 2 races it was just dead slick and nowhere to go but the bottom. Hopefully they can keep those conditions up!
  4. Good race! Very unfortunate for Ryan Suscice losing an engine while leading. But wow, that move Erick made for the win was awesome. He had to set it up for about 5 laps... run waaaay outside in 3 and 4 to get a cross over run underneath Alan in turn 1. Hopefully mods can make a few more appearances there in the future. I'm not sure whether a more DIRTcar style rule set would get more cars or what, but good show either way. The first sportsman race was intense and a good race also.
  5. That's what I was thinking
  6. Watching race monitor since the audio died, Sheppard came on big time with about 10 to go but ran out of rubber...RR started going flat reported on Facebook. Friesen ran out of rubber too (but stayed aired up)
  7. Seems like we've been through this heat plenty of times before. It's just hyped more this time around. I remember a few very hot days last year. One in particular at Genesee where it was 90+ and our feature ran before the sun went down on a hammer down surface. We went green for 23 laps straight. Racers were tired and so were our engines, most came off the track 240+ on water temp. But we lived. 4th of July week this year was also pretty brutal...Wednesday of it at Can-Am especially. To me though, once you get air moving through the car the heat is barely a concern til you stop. I could imagine it sucks way worse in a closed-cockpit car. Mostly as crew, I've been to Utica-Rome plenty of times on 90+ degree days too. That place can be brutal if you don't have shelter from the sun. I gotta think most of these cancellations are business decisions based on expected crowds. But you can't count out the toll the heat takes on concession stand workers, etc. They're in a worse environment than anyone.
  8. A few things... STSS South does do time trials and he won his heat and redrew poorly. Just like is possible in SDS If you have to drive from further back and race hard, you have to use your stuff up more than someone who starts out front. What else ya got? Holy s*** folks
  9. matt_s86

    Fulton Finish

    Well yeah, why would they raise the pay when their pits are overflowing? No reason to. I was just stating facts earlier. They have a fun track with lots of room to race and passing is possible. Until that changes, people are gonna keep showing up to race there regardless of the pay an hour away.
  10. matt_s86

    Fulton Finish

    Central NY has the lowest sportsman payouts it seems. Fulton/Brewerton, U-R, even Weedsport. Genesee, Land of Legends, and I'm sure others at least pay $100 to start weekly.
  11. I didn't think it was terrible as far as abrasion...easier on tires than the Outlaw weekend anyway. It was 90F all day and didn't cool off much at night. My race was after the 100 lapper and I still had most of my sipes left and the tire just plain wore. Didn't melt/blister/chunk. But I'm not a regular there, so...
  12. matt_s86

    Utica Rome Cole Cup

    The sprint car race was pretty good...especially the 3 car battle for the lead in the first half! Interesting format and the pit stop was definitely a good part of the show for all the fans. Not sure where things went wrong with the time. Possibly too much water in the track at the start of the night? I know they did some pretty extensive scraping of the track after hotlaps. But whatever, good they finally got a night where they didn't have to look at the weather radar at all!
  13. Starting with Fulton's Showdown at Sundown on 6/27, there are races to go to every single night until July 7.... 11 days straight!
  14. This topic needs videos. Here's one from Fairbury American Legion Speedway. Place looks so fun. It typically gets very slick through the middle with a nasty cushion and the option to putt around the bottom. I think the key is the bottom being so much flatter.