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  1. Reading the headline I was hoping for something different. This sounds like a made-for-tv gimmick. Time will tell I guess.
  2. The no re-entry and alcohol policies are something to do with the COVID stuff...not normal. The track did come in pretty good for the features. Good to have multiple lanes working. Hopefully they get to keep on racing the way they have the last 2 times!
  3. The RUSH LM $10,000 to win was the support race at Lernerville for the WoO Firecracker. Max Blair ran 2nd in the WoO race and won the crate race.
  4. The 32 actually entered turn 1 lower on that restart than he had been under green...scroll to 0:45 on the video. Also, Tremont began to turn down when he realized he was above the cushion. Still, nobody to really blame here. There was a lane and he went for it, but it closed up as the 32 entered high to grab the cushion, just as he had done in previous laps. Shit happens... or "that's racin'"
  5. Open small blocks I'm pretty sure were around dirt modifieds before STSS existed. (Utica-Rome, 5MP, etc) At the very least there were open 358's. There is no weight break given to big small blocks...in both STSS regions they have the same weight rule as Big Blocks. Mat Williamson does seem to have one of everything available right now: Williamson 6 - DIRTcar Spec Head 358 Williamson 6 - Big Block Buzz Chew 88 - Big Block Cocco 6 - W16 Behrents 3 - Clements Small Block (and pretty sure they have a big block too since the Centennial race was a BB race)
  6. Yeah, not a chance that guy knew Tremont was there til they touched.
  7. Didn't the racing papers used to have a deadline of sometime in the morning or maybe noon the following day? I almost always just stayed up and got it done and sent before going to bed. Once in a while I would finish the story the next morning but I knew I had to get it sent by a certain time.
  8. He wasn't rippin wheelies sprint car style...he jumped an infield tire They watered quite a bit before the sportsman feature. Kept it brown around the bottom and the track started to move up midway through the sportsman race. Most of the fast guys in the mod race were up high just about off the track in 3 & 4 except Sheppard who stayed committed to the bottom mostly. BTW, I'm sure the car count was a bit off of what they expected but for me (crewing on a car) it was definitely a nice efficient weeknight show. I was home and in bed by midnight and I live almost 2 hours away. Not bad!
  9. Just Big Blocks and Sportsman tonight. Only 2 classes on a weeknight show...that's a good thing
  10. What are you talking about? Elkins Video Productions is Doug Elkins' Youtube channel. The replacement for Doug's Dirt Diary. He's building it up right now with lots of interviews, just like his old site but in video form. Always good to hear different racers' interviews: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZZBoQR4aa4UJhktXfBGHA
  11. Watching the interview with Pat Ward from Elkins Video Productions, he says he knew Peter was running the top so he tried to take the lane away in 3 and 4....problem was, I don't think he knew just how far out the top really was at that point because Peter was still able to work to his outside through 3 & 4. I don't think it was dirty, just unfortunate. Good racing once it got going Saturday. The top was there if you weren't afraid to drive it deep in turn 3.
  12. Ray Bliss races like 80 times a year still. Mostly sportsman (weekly at Genesee) but also Modified at Outlaw.
  13. DIRTcar has a lot of ties to Canada (the border is still closed) including many officials and also their most recent point champion...could be some of why you're not seeing any opportunistic southern races from them.
  14. So much weird stuff in your post. Is there some reason you can't come out and type the name Rocky Warner? And Hartman definitely isn't 15.
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