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  1. Dirt on Dirt did interview him... Interview with Dennis Erb
  2. They need 2 nights of late models to fill in the schedule on Monday and Tuesday but don't want to force the WoO guys to race all week for points.
  3. You could say that about any class you want...it's all the same and they're all upside down just with different numbers 🙄 Also I'm pretty sure that's a drop in pay for sportsman from last year at OCFS.
  4. Well I think it's safe to go with the regulars... Matt Sheppard Mat Williamson Larry Wight Billy Decker Jimmy Phelps Erick Rudolph Peter Britten Mike Mahaney Plus some likely ones Jack Lehner Billy Dunn
  5. Not behind in points, but behind in knowledge, experience, etc. Florida gives you a chance to shake down new equipment, get acquainted with new crew, try new setups, etc. Otherwise, you might have to do all of that in races that actually count for something.
  6. 📢 NEW... DTD... RECORD! 9 whole pages before it became about Fonda! Lol. Classic
  7. Check out this recent interview with Mark Richards...the discussion about fixing local racing picks up around the 41 minute mark. He's advocating for using the CT525 and mixing it in, giving it some advantages and dumbing down the open motors some...a lot like what @rpm72x has been saying. Good interview:
  8. Most fuel rules are tied to sponsorship dollars. $9-12 per gallon mandated fuel definitely isn't curbing costs in sportsman when we could be running $4 pump gas. Tires...In DIRTcar the tire rules keep it simple for us. There's 3 compounds (2 that actually get used all the time) and even the softest compound is pretty hard to begin with. The price is a bit much ($200 per tire) and I assume that's tied to kickbacks to the sanctioning body. Open LM tires are much cheaper than our tires. It's not only DIRT/Hoosier with inflated prices though. The American Racer tires have $15-$20 tacked on the top of them to pay for the American Racer Cup. Shocks...I don't think we're in a bad state in the northeast, at least in my experience. Yes, some teams have a lot of shocks but realistically we could run pretty much anywhere with about 6 shocks.
  9. I agree but then also it'd be grossly under-powered pretty often. It's enough of a struggle with the W16 in certain conditions then you're taking another 100-150 horsepower out. Probably not a viable option to be any kind of competitive. Also I'd have to disagree about a 604 class becoming the top class, but it'd be a far better cost controlled "modified" class than 358 is currently. You still need that big HP class where talent can truly shine through though. Open rules for that class do let racers of all funding levels at least feel like they can be half way competitive (no matter how true or not true that is)
  10. Now there's something that makes a little sense. I think it'd be a no-brainer and pretty easy transition for most of the Sportsman guys who already are running pretty top-shelf operations...bump up to a 604, run for a 358 modified purse or at least min $1000 to win. Many/most would like to go modified racing but even bumping up to 358 is still a huge jump in cost. I know we would move up to that in a heartbeat. I still think you'd need a true open motor modified class on top of that but it would at least free up a good bunch of the Sportsman guys to move out.
  11. Making things more expensive just cuz everyone else is doing it will definitely help Northeast racing, absolutely. 🤪 wAkE uP pEoPlE
  12. @BillSmith if DIRTcar modified racing ever went that route the 358 class would probably have to remain it's own class in order to keep a somewhat cost-controlled option. Then open small block would replace big block. (Short Track Super Series already is this model...open rules)
  13. Hmmm... the big blowup was about DIRTcar re-sealing engines that had the heads cut "repaired" to the GM specs. Which was outside the DIRTcar rulebook (which states heads must be replaced if damaged). But most guys buy new, break in on the dyno, mark TDC on the balancer, set timing and go race. And yeah, the rumor has been that they will phase out DIRT sealed engines and go GM sealed only soon. Whatever tho...everyone winning must be cheating right?
  14. OK, I didn't want to derail the topic but since you guys keep bringing this up...who's doing this? Gimme some names. I've seen plenty of top dog sportsman guys sell their used engines recently and they're GM bottle cap sealed still, not DIRTcar sealed. I understand that somewhere along the line "repair" became "rebuild" and those engines got DIRTcar sealed but I'm not aware of any blueprinting of new engines and getting resealed.