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  1. matt_s86

    Utica Rome Cole Cup

    The sprint car race was pretty good...especially the 3 car battle for the lead in the first half! Interesting format and the pit stop was definitely a good part of the show for all the fans. Not sure where things went wrong with the time. Possibly too much water in the track at the start of the night? I know they did some pretty extensive scraping of the track after hotlaps. But whatever, good they finally got a night where they didn't have to look at the weather radar at all!
  2. Starting with Fulton's Showdown at Sundown on 6/27, there are races to go to every single night until July 7.... 11 days straight!
  3. This topic needs videos. Here's one from Fairbury American Legion Speedway. Place looks so fun. It typically gets very slick through the middle with a nasty cushion and the option to putt around the bottom. I think the key is the bottom being so much flatter.
  4. Where is this place? A track which is wet, fast, and provides great racing? That's gotta be an extreme rarity cuz 9 times outta 10 those conditions produce a whole lotta speed with very little passing. *with the cars we have in the northeast
  5. Easier on equipment might be an added benefit, but a track which affords the ability to race is the main reason. If the track is fast, typically everybody is fast which is not conducive to good racing. The higher the horsepower and the less unglued the cars are that condition diminishes, but then you run into rough conditions 9 times out of 10. It's all a balancing act.
  6. The most fun I've had racing has been on black slick tracks. Very little dust, maybe a little brown around the inside of the track and slick to a thin cushion. Something where there is no real "preferred" lane. Keep in mind, a track being black does NOT mean it's rubbered up. NOBODY drivers/fans wants a track to take rubber because that usually means one-laned and killing tires. Thankfully, that's a pretty rare occurrence in Central and Western NY.
  7. I had never raced at Ransomville before this past Friday. Wow, the track surface was great for features...a little brown around the bottom and slick to a cushion.
  8. Nah. We'll be ready for BEI Series Friday night at Freedom.
  9. dirttrackdigest.tv for me. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Who said I was talking about this weekend? LOL....pretty defensive there. Good and Bad races happen with both series but the commentary on here seems extremely one sided is all I was getting at. Jeez.
  11. Having a bad qualifying lap is on you. Having a bad draw is just sh***y luck. Weedsport this past Monday would be a great example. Their scoring system wasn't functioning so we didn't get time trials and went by draw. My teammate runs up front at most Sportsman shows...got a bad draw, was behind all night, very few opportunities to pass and didn't make the show. Meanwhile I drew a good number but had brake problems and could hardly get to the bottom of the track and I still made the show.
  12. This topic yields the same argument every time... What I don't get is people on here love to dump on SDS and NEVER call out STSS for having a junk race. SDS gets a race in way up north in early April, the drivers can't stay out of the infield tires, and everyone dumps all over it. STSS has a race where guys can't run 30 laps on a RR tire and the winner didn't have to make a single competitive pass, not a peep on DTD. As a fan, I like to watch both series. As a driver, I want time trials. That is the most fair way. If the track is conducive to passing, the draw works just fine I suppose. But if it's a junk track (or extremely fast in heats), you end up with a few drivers that should be in the show sitting out while a few that shouldn't be in making it. I want to see the best drivers battle in the feature.
  13. I had a long weekend of racing... Friday - Freedom Motorsports Park - ULMS Super Late Models. Capacity crowd, good racing in the super lates, great street stock race, and we even gained some DIRTcar Sportsman cars this week. Sunday - Utica-Rome - I didn't get to do much at all as a spectator, but had a blast racing! The track was great...slick all over and all lanes usable. Can't wait to go back for the 100 lapper!
  14. So good to see Sheppard beat Friesen on his home turf... Especially after Friesen's dirty move of throwing water on the track coming to green.