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  1. Pretty sure all of the SDW races at Oswego were recorded for Speed Sport. (Shown on MavTV)
  2. matt_s86

    Coil Car

    Lighten them up and put LM tires on and the gap would close considerably...cant be overlooked that the Hoosier mod tire is nothing like an open comp late model tire. Back on the topic of coilovers...seems like this weekend even the (bicknell) guys who were trying different stuff all got on the "factory" package...short links, left side bar, coil overs. Even Rudolph and Wight. Seems like things could settle down again. But I don't think the setups are going to get stagnant yet.
  3. This isn't anything new really...Northeast DIRT Modifieds have had basically the same aero for a very long time. All that has really changed (maybe 2014-ish and newer) is more flat area on the doors and sail panels and some attempt to seal off the nose. The more aero dependent a car is, the more effect there will be when you take clean air away. Our cars are very rear-biased aero wise, so we don't get the NASCAR style aero push so much as we just lose overall downforce when following another car.
  4. Seems pretty crazy to me since they're deep in American Racer territory.
  5. We heard about that limited entries deal on Facebook. TBH never really planned on it due to work though. Also I messaged them, e-mailed them, and posted here and couldn't get a schedule of events for Eastern States. So that wasn't helpful. lol.
  6. Keep hyping that number... Any car that was on Hoosiers or equipped with a 602 was simply getting some extra practice laps. @dan dan VanPelt? His usual Woodhull #2
  7. Good cars 17th to 24th plus Perrego, Rudolph, Wight, Mahaney all looking strong coming out of the consi. Should be a good'n And wow, yea those lappers had to be 305's...ugh.
  8. 16 car Redraw: 1. Danny Creeden 2. Andy Bachetti 3. Brian Gleason 4. Matt Stangle 5. Allison Ricci 6. Michael Storms 7. Rick Laubach 8. Jeff Hoetzler 9. Mat Williamson 10. Jimmy Horton 11. Billy VanPelt 12. Stewart Friesen 13. Matt Sheppard 14. Mike Gular 15. Mike T 16. Brett Hearn
  9. Ok bump my number to 60... still a lot of slugs out there. But since it's not time trials you can play the lottery on the draw. I believe the only non-STSS equipped car to qualify was Michael Storms. Don't get me wrong...been good racing and the best made it to the front for the most part. But the inflated number is just that. There were actual sportsman cars out there. Lol Oh, and WTG Billy VanPelt keepin it in the redraw!
  10. Right, great... seems about 50 showed up to race and the other 37 are just there for hotlaps 🙄
  11. There's a bunch of Sportsman on Hoosiers in the way out there! WTF. Getting lapped in a heat race.
  12. Here's a taste of Super Late Model racing at Genesee...this was a good one with David Scott charging through the field after breaking a driveshaft in time trials.
  13. This all just seems so bizarre. BRP has made essentially the same car for a very long time now. I have a hard time understanding what could be so much different or so far off in Teos or DKM for that matter. All I can really guess is the Bicknell cars are just more forgiving setup-wise with them having much more chassis flex plus bolt-in rubber floors. What is interesting though is I don't believe there's one solid setup that is winning among Bicknell cars... there's short link, long link, straight bars, j bars, torsion bars, coils, etc etc. Williamson's car is not the same as Sheppard's and they're not the same as Rudolph's.
  14. Pre tech at SDW is mostly safety. Additionally, they check body (about the only time all year it gets checked) and usually one or two other items. But it doesn't usually go too deep. Consider the volume of cars passing through there...300+ this year! They did look for air cleaner bases a couple years ago. Having been (post-race) teched lots this year, I can tell you it's been different every time. Every tech team doesn't work the same but typically they will pick 2 or 3 items and that's what is getting checked that night unless they have good reason to look somewhere specific. On the DIRTcar tour we've had fuel checked, distributor checked, valve springs tested, frame sonic testing, intake scoped, compression tested, carburetor gaged and torn down, exhaust ports scoped, wiring/cockpit examined, checked rear end for locker, checked ignition system ground, checked for spring rubbers / bumps, spoiler height and I'm sure more (i wasn't around every time the car went thru tech).
  15. Looking at the rules, the disadvantage for outsiders is only tires at this point. You can take your open small block and show up. Fire suppression is not mandatory for this race either. So it is at least more open than standard DIRTcar rules, but Hoosiers keep a lot of the PA/NJ guys who used to come to this race away.