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  1. 1997 CMT100 at NHIS. Reggie Ruggiero started last 37th, and won. This was the first, and only time my father went to a race. We grew up in Norwood, Mass. and the Norwood Arena oval, and drag strip was a major part of my teen, and early 20's years. Dad never wanted anything to do with the local racing. At the start of the feature I told dad to watch Reggie. By the end of the race he was jumping up and down, and cheering for Reggie. On the way home dad commented "what a race". The next year dad was getting radiation, and chemo for prostate cancer. His one and only race.
  2. I have been going to Thompson since 1968, as a spectator, and pit crew until I moved in 2005. As sad as it seems, some of the competitors have apparently agreed to go along with this. It should be interesting to see how this plays out over the year as far as car, and spectators counts go. Track management has apparently had some dialogue since the announcement with a few racers. One possible solution talked about, was the racers going out, and finding sponsors to help supplement the purses! I also read that adult admission for the 3 Whelen Tour Modified specials was $50 to $55.
  3. I was just watching the midget feature from last night on FLO.
  4. I read a few years back that Greg Weld had DIRT's head of tech Bob Dini flown out to Kansas City to inspect the car. He passed it.
  5. Chatham Speedway I believe ran as a oiled dirt track for a year or two before becoming a 1/5 mile paved oval. It only ran for a few years after that. Dan Meservey then promoted Golden Isles Speedway (AKA Lakeville). IIRC
  6. I remember the time at Stafford in the late 70's when Ritchie had two cars, and Mike drove the straight axle mod, and Ritchie drove the independent front end one in a 100 lap feature. IIRC the was Mikes "big" break. Mike did extremely well in his career in both Mods, and the Busch North tour, wing multiple championships in both. Things like this make me think of the old saying "remember when sex was safe, and racing was dangerous". I guess that we could swap sex for flying. RIP Mike.
  7. The Mopar Million was run in September 2003. Pardon my brain fart, but it ONLY paid $10k to start, not $20k.
  8. IIRC Earl's Mopar Million paid $200k to win, and $20k to start. I remember reading that Earl asked the drivers if they want wings, or not. They chose no wings, and had the purse structured to give everybody a chance for "big" money. That show had over 130 cars signed in.
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    Hard to find the link for the next unread post!
  10. IIRC, The late Tim Richmond was the test driver.
  11. The first generation earns it, the second inherits it, and the third spends it.
  12. Lawrenceburg Speedway has WoO Sprints on the 28th!
  13. In 1979 after the WOO show at the mile we went up to Oswego for the twin 30's, mods, and supers. Around the time for the show to begin, a cold front came in from the lake. It had every form of weather precipitation, rain, sleet, hail, ended as snow, not to mention thunder, and lightning, etc. They asked the fans over the PA system if they wanted to stay, or postpone till Sunday. The fans that wanted to run the show were the loudest. We stayed until 3 AM, and left for what was a luxury at the time (a hotel room in Utica. Got there around 4 AM, woke up at 6 to get to Seekonk Speedway around Noon to find the races were cancelled. Oh well, so much for seeing one of my dirt heroes win at the Mile.
  14. That make sense to me, as fuel injection (hillborn, enderle) has gone the way of the dodo bird in sanctioned oval track racing for years.
  15. You mean like Flemington?
  16. The Cup show has both qualifying, and the race today at Martinsville. So that might be why the race is staring later.
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    Cayuga 1989

    DOA (Dirt on Asphalt) I remember Geoff Bodine winning a show at Thompson, driving for Billy Taylor.
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    Kyle Larson

    HOA restrictions probably.
  19. How about we all get along? NAAAAH! That said how about EVERYBODY chill out and develop an attitude of like " I may not agree with what you say. But I will support your right to say it!
  20. Just wait for the NBA season to start! My $.02 on this is that anyone who protests our flag, and national anthem ought to thank a VET, that allows them to be an ASS!
  21. Ambulances? We don't need no stinking ambulances!
  22. Do you mean like the Chicagoland Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Whatever Cup race last Sunday?
  23. Tech Inspector#1: That sure is a big block! Tech Inspector #2: Yes it is, next car please.
  24. And his SS card was printed on papyrus paper!
  25. Ford, BMW(Bus-Metro-Walk), and other manufacturers have been piping in engine sounds through the Audio System for a few years now to enhance your driving experience!