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  1. After the coliseum race, they are going to rip it and store it on site for 20 years. They are currently debating whether or not to cover it with a tarp.
  2. 5S diner....yes. Chicken and biscuit nights were tremendous. Also stopped at the Village Restaurant in Canajoharie for breakfast a lot. Any diners near me now are usually packed, so I rarely go.
  3. Nice....I should be able to get to the 2 races in Charlotte. I wonder if this is the outfit that had a race in Charlotte last May.
  4. Teammate to Boom Briggs. Huh. To paraphrase Clark Griswold, If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be more surprised.
  5. Several thoughts on this. I don't have a favorite. SDS: I don't care for this platinum deal, but it is what it is. I don't blame Mahaney for what he did, and I don't blame SDS' reaction to it. I did think the deal they pulled on Hearn a few years back was crap, but I'm a Hearn homer. I will admit that Reynold's comments in AARN seemed very combative. I like that they come to Charlotte every year. This is a life-saving Godsend for me. Of course, it's on the back of other series. I don't like how their website only goes back to 2004. Though if you dig, you can fin
  6. Someone is already doing work at the side. As for the news, it kind of ticks me off that someone like SMI would take state money when they can easily afford to do everything themselves. But the money is allotted in certain ways, so if it's offerered...why wouldn't they take it? And these dollar figures pale in comparison to the taxpayer money that the NFL Panthers get. I do hope to get up there and see some racing. It's a nice area in the middle of nowhere.
  7. I picked up on the fact that they were filming an old car, which likely explains the Teo. They kept hiding the top of the #6. And that front nose had some races on it. Happy for him and for modified racing.
  8. Dirt Track at Charlotte. It's right in my back yard, and it's a real nice facility with a great track size and shape. Now if I go back to my NY days, I would say Albany Saratoga. I just like the racing there. Especially watching Hearn start in the back and pass everyone. I grew up going to Fonda, so I'm also partial to that.
  9. I live outside of Charlotte, NC. There are 3 Amazon warehouses within a 10 minute drive of each other. One is next to Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing, another is next to Stewart Haas Racing. And yes, Charlotte is much larger metro area, but there's probably a dozen warehouses in this metro area. It's quite insane.
  10. Just mentioned this on the STSS Elite thread. I was a little surprised with the Halmar sponsorship and OCFS date. I know they had a STSS race there on Eastern States weekend. Larson was pretty upset with Deyo in 2020. It just goes to show, put the crap behind you and move forward.
  11. They just announced the entire series. Cherokee, Georgetown, OCFS, Utica Rome, Fonda, Port Royal. Interesting note...it's sponsored by Halmar. I guess Larson and Deyo worked through their 2020 disagreement. I had a hunch after the STSS race on ES weekend, but not to this degree. Good things happen when you can set the past aside and work together.
  12. Not really.....I was reading some of the recent comments and wondered if I was able to change the title. I was. Who knew? Was it Busch Light in the camo can? Just read that the first 2 days at Cherokee are fluff. That's a bit of a disappointment.
  13. The expanded show will kick off with qualifying on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022, followed by three consecutive nights of action-packed feature racing, culminating in the crowing of season champions for all three divisions. Here's the line from the release. Thanks Jump. I did see those releases, and I didn't read them thoroughly. And I don't even have those goggles on.
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