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  1. I thought he announced he was running UR on Fridays. I was surprised when he posted on FB that he was going to Bremerton. And man, he’s had a lot of bad luck breaking this year.
  2. Good topic. I've always been curious about the financials in dirt racing. Driver pay, owner cost, sponsor help, etc. I saw in the Keith Flach topic that he said they had a budget. I'm wondering how many guys do that. There's a ton of layers that I could get into.
  3. I just checked it out for you....on the Auto Racing Research Associates (ARRA) site, they have a ton of information. Look for "track and series", then "DIRT". Be careful though....sometimes when I go there I'll spend way to much time looking up stats.
  4. I watched the practice from my seats wayyyy up there. Then came down and watched from the pits in the 2nd round. Standing in the corners watching these guys go by was incredible. I know it was just practice. But not seeing a modifed on track since 2019 made yesterday a darn good day.
  5. Heading up Thursday AM from Charlotte. Camping at Shadrack. I'm pondering taking my very manly fold up bike to get around. Looking at a map, there seems to be a lot of options for dining and some grocery stores nearby.
  6. Tried watching All Star sprints and it kept locking up. Other races seemed to work fine. Ended up in bed.
  7. I did. It was quite a spanking of the top guys. The track was in great shape. Overall, the race was okay. Watched Bridgeport too......that was a darn good race.
  8. Somehow I found my way to Hard Clay Observer, formerly OCFS Observer. It's a good source of information. It can also be a source for a lot of busting chops. I'll check out your suggestions.
  9. I didn't say anything about 100%. There is racing content in here. If I could delete this whole thread, I probably would. Especially now that you are somewhat correct.....it's a complaint about complaints and really doesn't contain enough racing content.
  10. Facebook is too disjointed. I prefer message boards, even though they are antiquated. One stop shopping here. Although if you have any suggestions for good racing discussion on FB, then please share. (disclaimer-it's not lost on me that you are one of the folks that I am irritated with. Yet I'm not so bullish to think that outside of this tiny little message board, you might be a swell person to sit next to at the races or enjoy a beer with)
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