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  1. I got "Hooked" on racing in 1955, my neighbors were really into racing at Fonda, they would take me with them, I was 9! By 1960, I & a couple of buddies bought an old stock car from "Gentleman" Jim Downing, it had been sitting along the old "Broom" shop in Fort Hunter, it had a blown up 6 cyl Plymouth motor in it. Our parents thought it was cool that we had something to work on & dream about racing it, never thinking we would ever get it to the track... but we did! I was 14 then! In the 50's I went to Fonda, White's Beach, Menands, Victoria & Stateline.
  2. Maybe I missed something... I'm confused... if the original purse was approx 78,000.00 & they added $33,000.00 to the winners share, wouldn't that make the purse approx $110,000.00? Everyone seemed to be OK with the payback before the winners increase, what makes you think the purse has been reduced in the back end & added to the winners share? This is quite a commitment on Brett Deyo's part, that's a Big Nut!
  3. When it comes to making money, promoters side with the $$$$ over what might be good for the sport in general!! Who didn't see the war brewing when Deyo took Fonda, Howie & his entourage cast the first stone, grabbing Fonda's SDS race weekend for their own, they will more than make up for the loss of it's Deyo race! DIRTCAR, manipulated by Howie bans Deyo shows at all other Dirtcar tracks squeezing Deyo to run only at non dirtcar venues, get out the popcorn fans, it's about to get heated!
  4. Obviously you are not a car owner! 200 hundred laps on a bull ring is one thing, 200 laps at Fonda is another! I saw the winners share is very good earlier, I hope it's as good all the way thru!
  5. At Malta a couple of years ago, that's how they saw his titanium drive shaft! Com'on on Miller you're better than that!
  6. Wasn’t Varin’s motor protested at Fonda in August for cubic inches & found to be under 358 ci? I believe the protest was for being over 358 ci or was he protested for being under weight for a big small block? Or both? He was deemed legal at less than 358 ci when puffed. If bsb were legal only weight would be a concern unless you claim to be a 358 & running at the 358 weight but are actually a bsb. I don't believe A/S needed to expand the engine rules to include bsb since their car counts are some of the best around. Dirtcar has strict rules for Dirtcar shows, especially concerning certain combos, spec headed motors must be spec, inc spec headers & 650 carbs, NO variations but tracks will sometimes ignore them on weekly shows. steel headed 358 per Dirtcar should weigh 2600 # per the rule book but weekly they run at 2400# or so, allow bigger carbs etc.
  7. Kind of like what Fonda is doing to the smaller teams by surprising everyone allowing big small blocks, making a lot of equipment obsolete & making them add additional engines that few have currently if you want to remain competitive with those who have them already??? Seems like I've seen this movie before!!!
  8. Until the rules are changed to restrict altering the the head angles from stock, both small & big block engine costs are going to escalate even more rapidly. The expense of these engines is directly related to altered head work & what needs to be changed to facilitate those changes... we want to reduce costs, insert a rule eliminating the need for $22,500.00 heads! I know it costs money to go fast but there is no need for them if everyone adheres to the rules!
  9. There are multiple unknowns as you mentioned, tires to me are the least of them except our current supply of Hoosiers won’t be useable, I know there will or should be a burn off period but if you are serious about running up front you will be on ARs opening night, leaving about $1500 I’m tires collecting dust in the shop. Track prep is the key, that’s what hurt Marty D the most in his tenure. Getting the right person to do it is paramount!!! It also depends on the promoters whim, dry slick, tacky, heavy & fast, who knows what we are going to get! I’ m Unaware of what he likes, the limited shows I have attended of his were dry slick & dusty but also have been told those were common characteristics of those tracks usually. i m sure he’s well aware of these points & many others, I hope there is a meeting soon to quell most of these questions & more.
  10. They certainly were! He's always seemed to have great Equipment!
  11. If Bobby Varin had what Stew has it would be a dead heat most all the time! Bobby has great stuff but. Those BTK motors are sweet!
  12. Most Deyo shows are midweek, we are talking a regular Sat might show where many are already locked into a regular night program & most would be unwilling to lose their handicap to travel to Fonda to start in the back at a foreign track, especially one so unique as Fonda, but he may bring on new regulars
  13. Valley big blocks are a special breed all unto themselves, like Syracuse motors we’re! Malta is a B.B. track these days! They also have big car counts & difficult to pass at times, most winners come from the front
  14. Never officially ok but seemed to be overlooked by tech so they say, track surface prep makes a vast difference in lap times & favor one combination vs another. There was a time not to many years ago it was considered a small block track but as of late the track has been pretty racey & a B.B. Track