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  1. dan dan, The prostocks are very competitive & sometimes provide the best racing of the night, well worth watching & the 602's are as well. Car counts for SDW have dwindled because of the cost to race that weekend, before Oswego you needed a Syracuse body & a lot of money for tires, LV type engines & chassis, fuel & accommodations. Most cars running SDW aren't your Sat. night specials as they were when SDW first got started. For some reason the IMCA cars just haven't caught on, red headed step child I guess!
  2. 22, two weeks ago we won our heat race with a best lap time 19.5 after low 19's in warmups advance ahead one week to June 8, we again won our heat with a fast last time of 22.1, only difference being track conditions... 22.5 lap times were what I ran there many years ago with about half the horsepower! Blame whoever you want, that's why I started this post, I've already stated what I like but I was hoping to hear from those who don't like what I do, I just don't see what racing on slippery, dusty boned up tracks that some people enjoy. You wreck at Fonda, The valley, Rolling wheels or any place where you carry a lot of speed you're going to have a wadded up race car regardless of lap times!
  3. I fail to see what the bodies look like in comparison to one another is that it really makes a difference to a newbie or a novice fan, do you really think a different nose would really make them say, i now know one from the other? All football, basketball, baseball & hockey teams look alike, it's when you start to watch them you can tell the varsity from the JV's.
  4. If IMCA style cars are so great how come they can't get a following in the northeast, because real dirt modifieds are so much more fun to watch! Not trying to slam the guys with those cars, I know they are popular nationwide but there is no comparison to SB/BB Northeast style dirt modifieds, IMO
  5. The best example I can give you is Glen Ridge Motorsports Park, their surface was one of the best I've ever seen! I haven't been there in 2 seasons but it used to be a great track to run on. They had some off nights but for the most part it was a great surface.
  6. FondaFan16, I tend to agree with you, there are many variables in prepping a track (of which I am no expert), but certain track conditions tend to be perpetuated at certain tracks regardless of the atmospheric conditions week in & week out! Not to pick on Utica Rome but it's always dry slick as snot there, not a condition I enjoy, hence I rarely attend many races there. I must be in the minority, I like a wet, fast racy track, lots of bite, everyone goes fast type track! I like speed, not everyone following the leader "Hans Brinker" style racing. I understand afternoon shows are tough to get a great track but rubbered up dry slick isn't what I want to spend my money on, sorry! I hear former fans say the reason they don't go any longer is because of the dust, they don't want to sit through it not being able to see what they paid to see. As a kid & a teenager attending Fonda Speedway we sat in the 4th turn we used to get hit with mud balls not a sahara style dust storm, a condition the exists at many tracks. I know the cars are going faster & there are more of them but there must be a happy medium someplace. We aren't going to get those fans back or retain the ones we have until we can provide the consumer(the fans) a better product. As a car owner, former driver & most of all a racing fan I ask this question in an effort to explore what is desired, I'd like to hear from more of you!
  7. Sorry I mistakenly posted before finishing my thoughts, sorry...
  8. What type of dirt track conditions do you prefer, as a spectator, a driver or as an owner/ pit crew member? 1. Hard, dry, dusty, slick as snot! 2. Hard, dry, dusty rubbered up, slick as ice? 3. Damp, some bite, still some dust, starting to take rubber 4. Wet, lots of bite, multi lane, less dust 5. Wet but not heavy, lots of bite, fast but can be rough 6. Heavy Wet & really fast Track conditions vary so much from track to track, sometimes week to week, area to area, some tracks never change & always seem to have less than desirable conditions regardless of the weather, no matter what they do in prep. Pick your poison!
  9. Not what i wanted to see! Track took rubber in pro stock warm ups, where were we going from there? Lap times were 2 seconds slower than last week, no sense advertising Big Block Modifieds without adding a caveat "on Ice". Might just as well have made it big small blocks only!
  10. I like the wet track, it was the washboard effect that caused the cars to flounder that I didn't like... that's why we have big horsepower but it's tough on equipment when the cars are rocking side to side like a small boat on a rough sea!
  11. I would be more than happy to send you the copies of the receipts for our parts list from Sat., you are welcome to pay all or a portion of them, just slightly over $1200, will that be cash, check or credit card?
  12. IMO.... Matt & Stew both "Have their shit together"... great drivers, great cars! They have it going on! I feel there are others of their caliber but don't have the total package those 2 have! Plain & simple!
  13. I got "Hooked" on racing in 1955, my neighbors were really into racing at Fonda, they would take me with them, I was 9! By 1960, I & a couple of buddies bought an old stock car from "Gentleman" Jim Downing, it had been sitting along the old "Broom" shop in Fort Hunter, it had a blown up 6 cyl Plymouth motor in it. Our parents thought it was cool that we had something to work on & dream about racing it, never thinking we would ever get it to the track... but we did! I was 14 then! In the 50's I went to Fonda, White's Beach, Menands, Victoria & Stateline.
  14. Maybe I missed something... I'm confused... if the original purse was approx 78,000.00 & they added $33,000.00 to the winners share, wouldn't that make the purse approx $110,000.00? Everyone seemed to be OK with the payback before the winners increase, what makes you think the purse has been reduced in the back end & added to the winners share? This is quite a commitment on Brett Deyo's part, that's a Big Nut!
  15. When it comes to making money, promoters side with the $$$$ over what might be good for the sport in general!! Who didn't see the war brewing when Deyo took Fonda, Howie & his entourage cast the first stone, grabbing Fonda's SDS race weekend for their own, they will more than make up for the loss of it's Deyo race! DIRTCAR, manipulated by Howie bans Deyo shows at all other Dirtcar tracks squeezing Deyo to run only at non dirtcar venues, get out the popcorn fans, it's about to get heated!