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  1. What was the engine break down last night, Big Blocks/ Small Blocks, Big Small Block? for the top 10-15 cars I inquiring minds want to know!
  2. Lets hope that some shows will be added to help make up for the lost shows!
  3. We haven't committed to racing in 2020 as of yet, we intended to have 2019 be our last season, perhaps run special shows in 2020, we have done some updates to the suspension on the car , the engine is fresh with 100 laps on it, but we don't have a big small block to run Fonda if the surface remains as it was last season & we don't have the $$$ to purchase a big small block to add to the arsenal for 2020. If & when we make a final decision we will name a driver that fits what we propose doing, whether it's a partial or full season. In order to run Fri at Malta & Fonda on Sat you really need 2 cars with different combinations, we are a 1 car team!
  4. Too many different engine rules & combinations. Steel headed ported small blocks have to weigh what big blocks weigh per Dirtcar, ridiculous! Why bother! Spec small blocks w alum heads 200# lighter or more, ported vs non ported, angled milled etc & 12, 14, 18, 20 degree heads ... pick one! The costs just keep going up & up! Big bore, short stroke, domed pistons vs flat tops.... & we wonder why the car counts have dwindled! Add to that Hoosiers vs AR's, VP vs Sunoco, through in expensive Fire Bottles at about a grand a pop, the small teams have to pick & choose where & when to race based on what they have that fits a certain tracks criteria! Just when you think you may have what's needed the rules change & you have to buy more shit to be allowed to race! Rant over...
  5. Any truth that Malta will be big blocks only for the modifieds, NO small blocks or Big Small Blocks?
  6. Time to start engine prep for the modified 2020 season, anyone heard of rule changes coming up? BB, SB, BigSmall Bocks? How about tire manufacturers changing at any NY tracks? Are the Dirtcar fire bottles going to be mandatory in 2020 at “NON” Dirtcar sanctioned tracks? Any other changes in the wind?
  7. I assumeBTK build a dirt legal sb but there only a few tracks to run them at, Fulton, airborne, Mohawk & UR come to mind but why? Deyo big small blocks are are runnable at Fonda & the southern tier & the STSS, where dirt legal 358’s aren’t competitive for the most part. No doubt the crates have kept teams from moving up up the cost of a competitive crate car has increased due to super light expensive running gear & suspension parts m, not spending on motors but other crucial parts
  8. Wasn't it said that 358's would replace big blocks because they are so plentiful & affordable, everyone can afford them? The car counts will increase 2 fold! Costs will go down! Yes a Billy the Kid small block is less than a BTK big block!
  9. I think there was a little more meat on the bone back then, where the rubber meets the road!
  10. He's my choice but I might be a little partial!!! Back to Back Victories...Go get it Demetrios Drellos! He will be back in the Nelson 85 for the 200
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