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  1. LV is a paper clip, you need a monster, motor, one not used most anywhere else these days, huge brakes almost specific to the valley now & it eats tires like candy! It’s about time they replaced those ancient bleachers Other than valley regulars, no one wants to go there to race unless they are under contract to be there.it would be just another SDS race without many outside Sat night teams that currently try to run what has been a classic for 50 years, their season ending “Big Show”! Aside from Malta where would you run the week night satellite shows like Weedsport, Fulton et
  2. But the racing at the valley is generally boring! Very expensive & the facility is out dated! There I said it!
  3. Stewie was able to pass Andy at Utica last night without having to rough him up on the way by, I wondered if he would give him the boot on the way thru!
  4. Had either been penalized & sent to the rear, would that have been to the rear of all the cars or just those on the lead lap?
  5. Taking Rocky & Stew out of the equation, as a general rule , should an aggressive move of dumping another car to gain their track position be penalized? Yes or No? Not maybe because of who they are or where it happened? What's the penalty for the infraction? Sent to the rear of the pack? Sent to the end of the line of cars that are on the lead lap? If involved or initiated a caution where do they restart from when they go green? I always thought if you were involved you went to the rear! The rear of the field, where did going to the back of the unlapped cars come from? You bro
  6. Our frustration over the engine rules came as a result of the fact we had just acquired an 18 degree big block just a few days prior to the big small block being made legal, it wasn’t because we couldn’t run it but we felt we had just lost any advantage we had gained 48 hours before. Engines aren’t cheap in any configuration but to have to change our engine program was disheartening . We sold the big blocks in favor of a small block, we settled on a Pro Power Racing Engine which is quite a piece! We are pretty happy with it, Jack loves it. When you can be that fast what’s not to like!
  7. Danny you are correct, it’s the Nelson 85, Jack Lehner is in his 2nd season in the seat after replacing Demetrios Drellos who also had a win in at Fonda in the 85! Keep you eye on Jack, he has many more ahead of him, he’s the real deal!
  8. The SDS at Bristol is the same weekend as Fonda's STSS on the 24th, Jack Lehner would normally be there in the Nelson 85 but will miss it because he will be at Bristol
  9. What happened to Maresca, looked like he was going pretty good? Rocky with a 6th place finish! Fonda guys including Schilling did pretty well!
  10. Look for Jack Lehner in the Nelson Racing #85 at Fonda once again! is it safe to assume Rocky Warner in the 1j at Fonda & perhaps UR?
  11. What teams & which drivers are planning on running both or either track this season? Bigger purses & multi track common rules/ both within a hour of each other should make solid fields on Friday & Saturday nights! Who is planning on being there?
  12. Unfortunately I haven't been at all impressed with the W16 at any of the tracks I've attended, I'm sure it has it's place (Mohawk?) but like any other engine on a given night it may prove itself to be competitive. With out the weight break it's a slug IMO. With Fonda & UR on the same rules & all one weight, other than cost, I can't see it being very popular. Please guys tell me your experiences with the W16, maybe I'm missing something. I'm old but still willing to learn!
  13. Scottnorwood, Well Elizabeth it was the big one! Dam near killed me! Then you wouldn't have had anyone to pick on for being critical of Howie's houses of pain! I'm not just a thorn in Howieworld but I think there are a couple of joints I can find fault with! Thank you for the compliment once again!
  14. What's the logic at UR, because it's always dry slick & dusty? That means 2 cars to run both, 2 different engine combo's!
  15. As part of a small team we know what it's like to try & keep up with the bigger, well funded talent laden teams, it's been that way forever! Just when you think you have made the changes necessary to catch up a little, things change once again! The fast guys will always be fast if not faster! The everchanging technology is tough to keep up with, a feature winning car from a couple of years ago is a mid pack finishing car today... that'' s just how it is today! It's been like that forever! I doubt it's going to change!
  16. Where was security? No one saw this coming? Matt broadcasted his displeasure with Max, did they really think that was the end of it? No additional discussions were needed? Did all the security people go home early because it was late? No one saw that coming or did they just turn the other way? DIRTcar is as much at fault as the other 2 parties!
  17. The infamous Davey Ball "Streaking" down the front stretch at Fonda Speedway, naked as a J-Bird, to the thrills & laughter of the fans & his pals in the the pits... who reportedly moved his clothes so he couldn't find them! Oh those 70's were wild & crazy times!
  18. Insanity is when you continue to do what you have been doing & expect different results! We have wasted 9 months & it's back with a vengeance, if we continue on this same path, doing what we have been doing, we will lose 2021 just like we did 2020
  19. Anyone know the breakdown of the engine combos for the top 20 at Port Royal? Big Blocks, Small Block Big Small Block
  20. What was the engine break down last night, Big Blocks/ Small Blocks, Big Small Block? for the top 10-15 cars I inquiring minds want to know!
  21. Lets hope that some shows will be added to help make up for the lost shows!
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