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  1. Yes , Al Tasnady beat some of the best in winning all four 25 in the #39 October 1968 at Reading. Quite a feat
  2. Thanks Bob, great old stuff, Steve Danish was my favorite driver when I first started going to Fonda in 1957 at age 10. Thanks for the memories again.
  3. Thank you so much, what memories you bring back, keep up the great work.
  4. Irv was a great driver and often had inferior equipment and still managed to win. Built some fast cars for other owners. Will miss seeing him up in the grandstands at Fonda.
  5. Just got done reading a quote from Al Unser Jr. from the new book Indy 500 memories. It was the 1989 race when he and Emerson Fittipaldi touched wheels going for the win and little Al ended up in the fourth turn wall. He also jumped out of his car immediately and walked unto the track but a safety crew got in front of him and asked where I was going. I said I'm going out there, out to the track. He said to me,do you want to flip him off? And I said, yes I do. He stepped aside and he said, go right ahead. So I took a few steps and was out there on there on the track. Everything came rushing to me all at once. You're at the Indy 500 and there were people everywhere. End of quote. Any way he changed his mind and gave Emerson a thumbs up instead. Great book, get it and read the whole story.
  6. I used to drive down to Reading from upstate New York on Sunday nights ( they raced Friday & Sundays) once a month in the late sixties.It was the best racing around with Al Tasnady,Dick Tobias, Bobby Gearhart, Jackie Evans, Buzzie Reutiman, Freddy Adam, Stan Ploski, and a young upstart Kenny Brightbill. Reading opened in March and a lot of Sunday afternoons shows were Modifieds and Sprint Cars. Remember one show where Kenny Weld showed up with his sprint car and modified ( Wiekhart Livestock Spl. both numbered 29 ) and won both events. I still have a picture of Kenny standing next to the 29 after a feature win at Reading.
  7. What I can remember of the Pee Wee Griffin accident at Fonda took place on August 5, 1970 during the 200 lap race. Pee Wee was trying to run the bottom and getting nowhere, pitted and went a lap down. came back out and went to the the top and was flying, onlapped himself. He soon was the fastest car on the track and was 1/2 a track behind the leader Harry Peek and everyone was wondering could he catch him. The smoke from a building fire in downtown Fonda was getting so bad, the wind blowing from the north was filling the track with dense smoke and there was talk that they might stop the race.Pee Wee still flying on the outside when two cars spun on the outside of turn three and he pilled in with Lee Millington coming along and hitting him and dumping his broken radiator on Pee Wee with the throttle stuck on Millington's car, Dave Lape stopped and ran over and pulled the coil wire. Harry Peek went on to win and Pee Wee was in St. Mary's hospital. A wild night that I have not forgotten all these years.
  8. Lived hard, drove even harder and almost met his maker at Fonda"s third turn during the 1970 200 lap race.
  9. Go south for about half an hour to Sun City Center, St. Petersburg area, not cheap this time of year. Bradenton area also has paved De Soto speedway running, about 45 min. away.
  10. Used to climb out of the box and when they interviewed him , he'd say he had a terrible headache, but he was going to take his helmet and walk thru the pits and see if he could pick up a ride in the feature event. Great stuff, had everyone waiting for a minute in anticipation before he climbed out to see if he survived.
  11. Victoria memories, Started out on Friday nights, good crowds, Shoemaker and Corey left for Stafford, switched to Wednesday nights,Valley started running open competition first Sunday night of the month, nascar clamped down and poor Victoria was the first track running after Sunday and it all came to a head. Drivers parked across the street in the Swiss Inn and refused to run, but nascar had wind of it and brought in Modifieds for the first time from New Jersey with a guy named Will Cagle winning.The sportsman car days were numbered. Most exciting night was when Mel Austin hit the judges stand and knocked it off its foundation and Tiny Glamm was coming down the tower stairs and fell on a guy and broke his leg. Ed Ortiz #0 and George Janowski #40 both won features there, Steve Danish won over Johnny Mann driving the Wrights #83 in a 100 lapper toward the end. Long straight aways and tight turns ( paperclip), good surface, same nascar officals that were at Fonda. The promoters at Fonda did not like its existence and were working behind the scenes.
  12. To cold up there this time of year for the Tampa terror, will probably wait for that big show in July at Rolling Wheels.
  13. Look at the crowd inside and full first turn bleachers, good view of the infield pits as well, glory days.