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  1. Just starting second heat. Rain delay after first heat If there was a little more cooperation from race teams?. We could of been racing an hour ago . Or even earlier
  2. Gonna be a long night too. So much for racing in the day 😂
  3. I can’t really remember. It was just a 15 lap dash . There will be more cars today than last night. Willy Decker won the dash. Rudolph , then Danny Johnson . Danny probably passed the most cars .green to checker if I remember right
  4. Well what started out to be a real good race night, sure took a turn for the south . Started on time at 7. Hot laps for all divisions , sprint car qualifying , 4cyl qualifying , mod dash all complete . Sprint car feature on the track before 9pm. Then…….. 3 red flags , one or two yellows and 50 minutes later 8 sprint cars take the checkers. Wow . I will not blame the track . Because it looked pretty good to me. A dip or lip in turn one that’s been there all year it seems . But smooth the rest of way . Super fast . But smooth . Maybe too fast for sprints? 10 laps er so an
  5. Well I was already in Dundee . So here tonight. First sprint car heat hitting the track 👍
  6. I’d like to see a STSS at Magnolia Motor Speedway . 😊 Maybe dreaming. but hey,they go all the way to Louisiana
  7. Just an update on the wristband I mailed out to the track on 9/25. My $30 refund check showed up today the mail! 👍
  8. My plan is to set in the woods from 4 to 6ish . Then head over. I have a stand 5minutes er so away from the track .
  9. I'd like to go to there again!! It has been a lot of years since I went there. For many years after, I heard nothing good about the surface, all bad. But some friends went to the Lucas show early this season. And they said it was a lot better this time around.
  10. You might be right, But according to some people , unless your name is Friesen or Sheppard ?, their all going to struggle to be top runners on a tour. nobody else is worthy is all I read
  11. Actually , If I had the money to fund a modified team. I would put Alan in the car. And he is older than Danny
  12. shut down what? You can argue with whoever you want. About who should not be racing, who should be racing , etc. etc. If you have the money to put a car on the track , you get to either race it yourself, or decide who you want to race it. that is not going to change That is why I asked 'time for who' to give other guys shots? Your opinion and mine do not mean doodly squat 🤣
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