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  1. and the J&J is on pause. 'we know more now' 🤑
  2. it is the annual a bunch of teams running crate sportsman are cheating thread
  3. No kiddin. I do not agree with any business being restricted due to Covid. Period But Wal Mart is a freaking walking dead disease factory. The picking and choosing of which business to regulate never has been right
  4. Apparently Trick misses all the best racing. Far too busy attending the hot dog eating contest.
  5. Not learning a whole lot. Just changing the tune. no mask at first.....to double mask? The medical degree people still do not know if the vaccine actually works. Says so right on the paper work my Mom came home with after getting the shot. But people are in some huuge rush to get it. Some traveling many miles and waiting in lines. To each their own. But every time the facts change...... It is the same song. We know more now The only constant is no one seems to know shit about this virus. Including the 'professionals' People do get sick. Been
  6. In the beginning .... well back March 2020 that is. Fauchass said there was no need to wear a mask . Period
  7. I like pro stocks. Not enough of them around CNY unfortunately. They did put on a real good show at Can Am Saturday.
  8. Have you seen vaccination card? No need to pay for one
  9. https://worldofoutlaws.com/sprintcars/checkered-past/checkered-past-cricket-a-profile-of-craig-keel/
  10. The biggest thing is all the NY tracks need to stick together. Get on the same page. this trip around
  11. I am on your side on this issue rpm. But I would be careful about gloating and/or predicting the future. Remember what happened the last time?
  12. Happen to read any of the other comments from Bob in this thread? Like I said Bob and I have had private discussions on some things regarding what he posted. But go ahead and assume you know it all 👍 If you are following along in the thread. Bob himself could not figure out where you are coming from as far as him being laughed at?. and others seem to agree Behind the curve alright
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