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  1. I would of thought the threat in PA was real? Guess not I do not know. Canandaigua had fans thurs thankfully. maybe they will be shut out again before 7/11? I know we’re not supposed to be political . But bottom line NYS sucks ass.
  2. Looks like more trips to PA I love the place. But the ride and expense is tiring
  3. I get the profit loss on beer. However very few tracks in PA sell beer and do better than just fine. Heck, most even pay a better purse than NY tracks do
  4. PA tracks were all told no. they all just decided to say BS ny tracks should stand together the same
  5. You must be the rare exception. Because most people I have seen out in my local establishments recently somehow got huuuuge over the lockdown πŸ˜†. On the hospital thing. Maybe it is different where you live. But here in the Finger Lakes I have family and friends who work in the nursing profession. And none of them had or have any concerns about any overcrowding. Never even close
  6. The word 'miracle' may not have been used. But I know several people who in the few days prior to March 20 and even ever since then thought and still think that by shutting down business in the entire State, that the virus will just go away.
  7. That is what a lot of people thought staying at home would do. Personal opinion is that corona will never go away completley. Just like the flu does not The world will still go on
  8. So what? I am not a big believer of the masks. Especially since the medical"experts" can not seem to make up their mind on it. Changing their opinions mid stream. ooops But I will wear a mask if that is what it takes to enter a race track. Not a big deal. At least to me. I think it is BS. But I wear my mask where I am required to do so regardless What is important is this https://papost.org/2020/06/09/senate-gop-passes-resolution-to-end-coronavirus-emergency-declaration-sending-it-back-to-house-for-concurrence/ Maybe I am wrong. But I believe the above is a big part of the reason fans get to see racing in PA.
  9. Not sure the meaning of your question. Do sick people need to get tested? I can tell you I need to be Covid tested in two weeks prior to doing a colonoscopy. Which has been postponed several times since March (not by me).
  10. I expected it to be much more packed as well. I figure some of the divisions that normally race and were off cost a few family/fans. The Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks and 305's were off. Plus some sportsman that normally race on Saturday stayed home on the Thurs. I did see some drivers who were off in attendance as spectators.
  11. We are told over and over again to wash our hands. How many people do you see pick up an item at the store, and then put it back down? LMFAO The workers are instructed to wipe down the counters as soon as every single person leaves. I am convinced if the virus is that easy to transmit? It is on paper money. As far as getting near people? How is easier to avoid people in any store vs a track? I am lost on that one. I went in the track last night and just did not sit near anyone except the person I attended with. Fairly simple. Sitting in the same spot seems less likely to get the virus to me than moving around any venue or store coming in contact with others??? duh The stationary analogy you come up with blows my mind. Lol I did not sit near anyone else at the track last night. Did not get in line at any of the concessions. And did not use the restrooms at the track. How is that more dangerous than wandering around people inside a store? Also I do know about you. But when I go to WalMart ,Wegmans etc. I need to open doors on the freezers and fridges to get items out. I also check dates on things and have been guilty just like anyone else of placing the item back in
  12. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Absolutely Every business is essential to the people who own it and their families . It is bullshit how one person can decide who is essential and who is not all lives matter right?
  13. I thought it was close to average of a regular show . Maybe a little less . Consider just the two divisions . Some of the families missing . Plus it was 90 degrees out
  14. Just so long as everyone stays inside , except to buy groceries and alcohol. .. No one will ever get sick again πŸ™„ By the waay ...... testing positive for Covid is not a death sentence......... Did not buy the Covid crap in March. Not going to start now Took a friend with me to Canandaigua Speedway tonight who rarely has been to the races. He said over and over what a good time it was. And how great it felt to be outside at an event feeling somewhat normal again I could not agree more.
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