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  1. The way I understand it, STSS events, are not the only events that offer the opportunity to buy in. other races do the same. Anyway, at many events drivers are added by simply saying they are the 'promoters choice'. The promoter puts in whoever they want. So.....nothing new here
  2. I am crossing my fingers that maybe I can go to Port Royal and see the WoO lates plus 410's that evening. Nothing to do with the OC pricing though. That would be my choice if OC cut admission in half
  3. And I will word it simpler for you. Do you figure Brewerton on a regular show gets the same quality of drivers and the level of competition that a special show brings??? seriously Nationals was just one an example of a big event. Used in a post prior. Could of used a mod special, the Sixer, Oswego, Syracuse prior, etc. Any big dollar mod show. The 1000 GA was also hypothetical and not figuring pits. But I've been to Brewerton on a Friday with closer to 800 GA. I just do not get the reasoning of why a bigger event/higher paying purse should not cost more money to get in? If that were the case, special events would be no more. Racing is a business. Heck, I can go to Fulton just about any Saturday night and camp for free pay 12 er 15 bucks to get in. Try going to Outlaw 200. $50 to camp. $35 to get in. Do I think the pricing announced for the OC is a little bit high? Perhaps. Maybe it could of been a little closer to what DIRTweek charges?. But heck for years, for the last several years I have skipped Syracuse/Oswego in favor of other specials. It is what it is. Go to the races or do not. Do not like one event, Go to another We are lucky as fans that we have all these choices of many different tracks running and different races to choose from. What happens if these tracks close? Lots of choices right now. That is a good thing. Me, I had been looking at going to somewhere other than OC long before the prices were announced. There is another special I prefer that weekend if possible
  4. Your seriously comparing 1000 people GA at Brewerton on Fridays to the Knoxville Nationals 🤣😄 It is $12 to get in Friday at Brewerton. Jeez, I wonder why it is not $12 to get the Hurricane 100...…..wtf
  5. I am a semi regular at Outlaw. On regular 7 division show nights the modifieds run their feature second. If not third. (I LIKE THIS) choices to stay, or not On 6/7 The All Star Circuit of Champions ran their feature first of all. The big blocks second.
  6. I said the same about Syracuse for years regarding pricing. Then Oswego. But people still go On the other point. I have always wanted to go to Knoxville. Tickets are not at all what seems out of reach. Its the room and board, the travel, etc....
  7. There is a fairly large pit grandstand in turn two. There is a pit/work and staging area just in front of it... Lots of room and lots of people in it
  8. Dust is not for everyone no doubt. But heck , for 21 years I worked at a place waaaayy dustier than any race track I have ever visited. I did go with two semi-newbies to the All Stars race at Outlaw. They ended up scared off by the dust. Wanted to leave early. I had given thought earlier to maybe suggesting the Weedsport show instead? Less divisions. But these people live a couple miles south of Geneva. so... I was not sure which way to go. I ask people all the time to go. It is hard getting new fans interested
  9. I noticed that the website says Legend inductee night #2. Who is being inducted?
  10. The main reason I sometimes shy away from sprint car races in NYS is that the shows average a 12am finish, And the extra racing more times than not , uses up the track surface. Jmo. One of the regular divisions should get the night off on sprint specials. 7 bucks a non issue to me
  11. This post sarcastic? or no. I ask this only because I heard from some of the local faithful this morning that it was not so good at Port Royal. surprising to me After Weedsport cancelled today I kind of wish I went to the races either Friday and/or Saturday This goes back to a thread earlier in the year where I posted but.... ..sometimes you just have to go to the races whenever you can. Instead of saving money in order to go to the preferred. Because you never know if the latter will get cancelled or not. I skipped Friday and Saturday this week. Knowing that I want to go to Weedsport today and Outlaw Wednesday. Weedsport cancelled this am and Wednesday yet to be determined
  12. Weedsport cancelled 830 er so this morning. 👎 Utica Rome cancelled a few hours later. Sitting in the chair watching NASCAR trucks.
  13. No outside food. But they let you bring in beer. That seems like a fair trade to me 😛 . Love PA