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  1. No SDS at Brewerton or Fulton certainly sucks
  2. Nail in the coffin. JMO good luck though Hate losing tracks
  3. No kiddin right. Good stuff I am thinkin 20/20 needs another eye exam 😎
  4. You are right. It does not come close. But you got it ass backwards I am thinking. Its only a matter of opinion , my driver is better than your driver etc. . But in a heads up race I will take those who finished 12th on back at Fonda over those who finished the same at LoL any week. As far as drivers being lapped multiple times? You do realize you are comparing a 200 lapper to a 50 lapper.? Uh.... ..but wait a minute. 17 drivers finished on the lead lap in the 200. And just 14 finished on the lead lap in the Gerald Haers Memorial 50. So? By the way , I was at Land of Legends that evening . As it is roughly a 20 minute ride from my home I did make it to the Fonda 50 in July.. A real good show. One of the better races I saw all season
  5. prominent? Stewart Friesen ,Matt Sheppard , Brett Hearn ,and Billy Decker do not fit that list I reckon
  6. "invitational" and "exclusional" to me seem to be the same thing. Not opposites If you are not on the invitation list, then you are excluded, no?
  7. So maybe the 9/19 event get changed to non point SDS? or altered in some other way? Not saying it is going to happen . But......... what exactly happened with the Land of Legends September SDS event in 2019?? ? First it was a SDS , then....... not
  8. It does not necessarily need to be Deyo . But you did hit part of it. Yes many CNY tracks are struggling . What do most have in common?
  9. Just because WRG ran the facility into the ground and then sold it, that does not mean another promoter could not be successful there. Weedsport was in the same boat as Rolling Wheels, Magic did happen in that case
  10. Should be 2 races maximum, 3 takes a bit of the lustre away Agree 100% with this! Agree with all the above, However. How many other tracks are lined up to take these dates? Pay the purse and the sanction fee as well?
  11. Questions I have. Is the Selinsgrove mod race on the 21st going to be a STSS event? is the ULMS also racing Selinsgrove the 21st? Is Port Royal racing on the 21st or dark this time around? The 2019 schedule at Port Royal on this weekend had a two day event for the ULMS ,with 410 sprints the first night and mods the next
  12. Yeah. Just so long as the animals are caged up or penned in. Then it is ok to go in and wack them. How does that Impossible Whopper taste?😝
  13. Man , you really have no clue. Where does destitute fit in?? Ever price hunting gear or even a hunting license ? How about pay tax on hunting property? Yeah I would say hunters do help the economy Some people just enjoy hunting .And a lot of people including me eat deer all year long. Steaks, hamburgs, sausage , hot dogs , pepperoni , jerky , etc. name it. And I share with people I meet at the races all the time . No luck so far today. But I did bag both a buck and a doe during the bow season .
  14. Not that OCFS can not get better. I am sure it can. But how long has the track been running and who has been running the show there up till now? OCFS has for years been doing as good or probably better than a lot of tracks. OCFS has for a long time had better car counts, both big blocks and small blocks than any other track in NYS. OCFS has perhaps better modified car counts than any track in the entire Northeast? (outside of the Fulton sportsman division) The track also pays out some damn good money. Not just weekly purses and point funds . But specials including Eastern States. Throw in the money Halmar has invested into upgrading the facility . Including new seats and new surface. Brett is walking into a good situation