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  1. Medical Professionals say 1,000,000 to 2,000,000? That is a pretty far range huh? Closer to which one? The numbers and projections, medical professionals opinions .are all over the place. And change daily. I think that IF there is one thing that all of us can agree on? It is that there will be no voluntary compliance from everyone . right? So we will all just have to wait and see whether or not the death toll reaches either one or two million Updated as of about a half hour ago, the number of deaths in USA was 4,075. 42,322 deaths Worldwide. I would not call the virus a hoax. But 100, 000 deaths seems a little more realistic^^^ As far as racing goes , It would not surprise me if some tracks did not open at all this season
  2. I will second thatπŸ‘. Tried watching IRacing a second time this past week . Lasted only a few minutes longer. That was enough. Back outside Fool me twice. Shame on me
  3. Canandaigua, Fulton, Dundee ,Big Diamond ,Port Royal
  4. Are we picking any tracks out there? Not just whats current on schedule? Unless I missed it Brewerton not on the SDS schedule this year?
  5. There is Lucas Oil Late Models on NBCSN right now if anyone is interested. Feb 2020
  6. IF we are required by law to stay home just because the coronavirus still exists. Then I see no race tracks opening at all this year. Possibly even longer. And IF tracks do open up again. Some people are so scared that I believe attendance will suffer somewhat significantly
  7. Thanks for posting Dog. Hope everyone is doing well down there. Notice the snow in the woods behind the flip. I believe the first time I ever went to Big Diamond was 2013. The Money in the Mountains show. Two weeks after the video you posted
  8. What difference does it make whether the companies move out of the US because they can not afford to produce in the US, or because they want to turn a bigger profit? Is not the point of a business to make money? The point is companies are leaving the US to manufacture elsewhere. Giving jobs that should be here, to foreigners . Not only that, people are buying products made or produced elsewhere. Not buying American. Not good Some people just do not get that without the corporations here , there are no jobs. No jobs , no workers to protect.
  9. For the same reason liquor stores have been deemed essential?πŸ˜…
  10. If you have internet, you can find lots of races on youtube. Not just NASCAR but lots of dirt races. I watch more youtube than TV these days. You can punch in whatever it is you feel like watching. As far as TV racing goes , this link is pretty goodhttp://tvracer.com/
  11. I tried to watch the replay of I race last night. But just could not get into it. Sort of like the difference between playing a video game and watching someone else play it. Not much fun to me. Found myself watching for a few then surfing
  12. That did not stop the crowd though. Die Hard Fans back then Been to Richmond to the races a few different times. Never the old fairgrounds track though . Wish I could of seen that. The one year I went in March I believe it was third on the schedule behind Daytona and Rockingham. There was snow on the ground the morning of the Busch series show on Saturday. Sunday a little bit better. Maybe made to a high of 50.
  13. Watching the 86 race too on Fox and enjoying it. Back when NASCAR was 'real'.πŸ‘ Cold enough to snow in Richmond and place is packed I did not watch the Irace thing. Who won it?
  14. It would be hard to pick just one. But one of the Fulton 200's. I used to camp there just about every year with the same group of friends. But two of them have passed from cancer in recent years.
  15. The short of it is I help to take care of a family member. Good news for today..... liquor stores have been deemed by the state as 'essential'.