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  1. Reminds me how much I miss the Wind Tunnel show and SPEED in general .
  2. Exactly^^^^ A lot of people have money to burn. The drivers these new teams have selected alone tells me that they are not all that serious of being competitive, let alone winning. Either that , or the men providing the money to race really have no clue about the sport
  3. Just about every form of racing has field fillers. It is what it is. Not really any sort of big news here
  4. I probably will not pay for the DTD videos in FL. I am saving that money for road trips. As I believe Local in 2021 is going to look at lot like 2020. However ,I do NOT believe the price for DTDtv is out of line, and/or too expensive. I agree with the comments that comparing DTDtv to FLO, is like comparing joe blow hardware to LOWES.
  5. https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/press-box/2021/01/03/palmers-service-center-team-announces-sowle-as-driver-for-2021/
  6. People need to have something to bitch about. That is what makes the world go around. I did not particularly like paying $40 vs the $15 in 2020. it is what it is
  7. So if the 9s or the 44 break down, The wins do not count. Give it up fer fck sake. 😄 I done with this nonsense.
  8. Fans are so lucky that Sheppard and Friesen do not race the same track every single friday and saturday. With the fifty percent theory no other driver would ever win a race. 🙄🤣😂 Lmfao
  9. No kidding. wtf Matt Sheppard and Stewart Friesen each have six wins at the 'cornfield' Maybe those wins should not count? ? 🙄 I went to the track just once. But in my honest opinion I had a good time saw a good show that night on a good surface
  10. Dundee I do not believe ever allowed fans in grandstand 2020. Just pits Genesee allowed fans in grandstand for a least one event that I went to. Maybe more. I think they closed some weeks after that. And or ran races without fans after the week I went to.
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