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  1. Not going to OCFS this weekend. Headed to Port Royal for the WoO Lates plus 410 sprints. Been looking forward to it since March or April. As far as the rest of year. Lots to choose from. No set plans at this point
  2. Does anyone know if Land of Legends and or Outlaw are offering regular points pay outs in the modified division for their shows this weekend? Or show up points? Or no points? More curious about these two tracks because they are local to me. But would not mind hearing what other tracks that are racing are doing as well.
  3. That should only be reserved for Nascar put in on the truck and haul it back to North Carolina๐Ÿ˜
  4. Three things. First the reason I started this thread was to find out if the suspension was just hearsay or true. I found it odd that I could not find any story about it on any racing website, twitter, facebook page, or racing news outlet. etc. Nothing. JMO. But maybe if it had been another driver who tested hott? It probably would of been front page news. Secondly, It was probably a mistake to even ask about it. Because now the topic has become some sort of marijuana smoker rights crusade? ๐Ÿ˜„ Perhaps I missed it. But it has not been reported what was in Kyle's system anyhow. Thirdly. The substance rules are the rules. Anyone can argue about whether they are right or wrong. Drivers and fans. But drivers have a choice to follow them or go race somewhere else. Not really all that hard to figure
  5. What should we expect from 'indefinite'? Two weeks? Two months? or more... Back in time for Dirtweek?
  6. Mr Dirt one of my favorite events of the season. Always a good show. I wish it would go back to a Thursday in mid August though. Labor Day weekend is normally saturated with big events. It is hard to choose
  7. While at Land of Legends last night ,I was told the reason Kyle Coffey was not in attendance was that he had been suspended by DIRTcar. Can anyone confirm if this true or not true? And if true, why is he suspended?
  8. Flash back to this thread. Back in March the 1J team was going back to sportsman Congrats to Jake and Rocky on a successful season๐Ÿ‘
  9. I did not expect Ryan to go out on the SDS and set the series on fire. Who could honestly say they did? But you brought it up. One of the reasons Ryan said he left the STSS was he did not feel he could be competitive with the STSS engine rules. Maybe we have a different view of what is competitive? But Ryan has ZERO top fives on the SDS this year? and just four top Ten in eleven races. To me.... โ€ฆ. How competitive is this????? not Also , I do realize very few drivers make money racing on dirt. But I bet even Ryan would admit he WOULD BE doing better $$$ on the STSS this season vs the DIRT tour jmo Get back with me on this same topic spring 2020 . And see where we are at on this ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. http://www.dirtcarump.com/points/big-block-modified-points/2019-super-dirtcar-series-points/
  11. I have been monitoring the Paradise facebook page and here. It is maybe a 10 minute ride from my house. I plan on going. It has been raining on and off this morning . But it is supposed to clear off and be a nice night.
  12. How is that working out?
  13. Bumping this up . Hoping for an update Spazman. This event is still on for tonight correct?
  14. After seein those pics......Wow is all I can say. Glad to read that he is ok and racing again
  15. Many years ago drivers were allowed to do this for the Fulton 200