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  1. Here is what I do not get. Teams are running Hoosier tires to get paid. Teams are running American Racer to get paid. The consensus by many teams, promoters, drivers ,sponsors, key board warriors, etc..... is that given a choice , teams will almost always certainly pick American Racer over Hoosier to win a race, given a choice. I have rarely, if at all , heard anything to the contrary How many years now has this been goin on? Why does not Hoosier step up their game?? ? Make a new tire(s)? Does American Racer have Colonel Sanders secret recipe? 🀣
  2. AMA Supercross racers drink lots of Monster Energy! By the case load. πŸ™„πŸ˜† πŸ‘
  3. Orange County runs 358 on Hoosier, but they are not the headliner class
  4. Third place first week. Not a bad start
  5. Where I was coming from is they both raced Fonda primarily last year. So IF he does "move"? it is the other way around. There is no moving from OC in the equation
  6. He is not 'moving'. He has been at Fonda. Close to his home. The move would come if he went to OC. And I could be wrong but I believe his wife also plans on racing Saturdays at Fonda? She raced Fonda in 2018 as did Stew Stew had 8 wins at Fonda in 11 starts last year
  7. I think mid week series shows and specials should be two division programs. Three divisions tops. That said . fairly certain I will support this show as it is 30 minutes from my home
  8. better keep it in the trailer. nothing for mattπŸ˜‰
  9. The track on saturday never took rubber. Nor did it ever slick over to the point of no dust. Which many tracks do
  10. someone said. that says it all I would take Fosters word. 😁
  11. This right here^^ It was is just hard to figure why the track was not better prepared before people got there. Because of rain friday night? I ask because I really do not know. I arrived at the track 1pm or so sat. I am one of people who actually HAS praised Outlaw track conditions on here when things are good. One thing I left out. A positive note regarding Saturday. The place was packed. One of the larger crowds I have seen at the speedway
  12. Yepper. πŸ˜„ Whether or not he does wins the title again. I see no reason not to think several different drivers will win races on the tour this year. I feel some of the posts both here and on the Can Am thread are selling teams and drivers short
  13. One race does not make an entire series. Plenty more races on the schedule. Is Sheppard the favorite? absolutely But I think it is a little too early to make it out as if no one else has a chance of winning the title this year
  14. Yes. His Son. He raced sportsman at Canandaigua last year. Saturday he raced both sportsman and modified at Outlaw
  15. tell that to williams grove or five mile? πŸ˜€