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  1. That will surely bring the fans back ๐Ÿคฃ
  2. I thought the track was real good Friday night. The top was dominant for sure but the racing still good. The four cyl race at the end of night was awesome. When I got back there Sat afternoon it looked like track prep had decided at some point to do a lot of digging and scrape a bunch of the surface off? Right or wrong I do know the place tries to do their best. I have seen Tyler there at 8am running the water truck around the track
  3. The crowd was a lot better Saturday, Last night a sportsman car took down part of the fence before one lap was completed. Repairs were made. Racing started about one hour late. The jersey barriers that were added along the front after they added the new clay. Those barriers are to me what seems to launch the cars up into the fence
  4. I thought the mods was a pretty good race. The street stocks which I normally look forward to each year was painful to watch the first fifty. One of the few times I have wished that caution laps counted. I went both nights. Even though it was a little chilly, and I am still thawing out, glad I did. My racing season is more than likely over for this year ๐Ÿ™
  5. After what happened at Canandaigua a few years ago. We definitely should not have drivers exiting out of their cars on a hot track. Anyone dispute this? On top of that. On the video I watched, Mike ends up falling on his ass with cars driving by at a fairly fast clip. Mike absolutely should have been penalized. No clue why Dirtcar stuck their heads in the sand on this one
  6. You are correct. I read the same news story and read into it the wrong way http://shorttracksuperseries.com/2019/10/13/matt-sheppard-becomes-12th-short-track-supernationals-modified-winner-165-race-cars-jam-afton-pits๏ปฟ/ My mistake I should of known right off something was off. I actually attended the OC, Big Diamond, Outlaw, and Fonda events this year.
  7. 12 races, 12 different winners on the STSS tour this year so far
  8. I would think Ward could be a possibility, If not the 42p, then perhaps the 121. With Brockville doing the two day though, it would seem to make more sense to just stay there
  9. Long before all the other tracks jumped on the satellite wagon. The 358 race Friday night at RWR was always the best race of Super Dirt Week
  10. I would go with the 1989 SDW race. I am probably biased because Alan was my favorite driver at the time and still is. But several other things enter my mind. First, even though it was not 300 miles, (300k I believe). The race was called the MIller 300 at the time. Which seemed to me to be a big deal sponsorship wise.. The whole deal back then was bigger and better. Mille High Life, Ground Round , A plus , Universal Joint Sales. etc. Probably missing a few. But The WoO was still there on Sat. also super modifieds on dirt(universal joint) Secondly, a big deal was made of Alan not finishing in a dead heat to get in. But who does not think he would of been added in anyway?? Thirdly , the finish with Danny and Cozze. Then Blaney in the Billy Taylor car with a flat left front More, remember TNN and American Sports Cavalcade? The race was replayed several times. I still have the VCR tape. And then how about the TV shot and interview at the end with Alan sitting in the brand new truck and trailer that was awarded to him in addition to the $50,000. Several years later I believe he was still using the trailer. My vote has to go to this one^^ The reason I mentioned the last race on dirt at Flemington. The Sammy Shine 200. Just because that was the last one there and the odds on favorite had to be Pauch SR. Every time Danny tried to get around him on the outside though, sparks would fly. The majority of those sparks off the outside rail. ๐Ÿ˜†. Good times, Still have one of those little jars of dirt they were selling
  11. Not sure about these races being the second most "famous" or not but... The Rolling Wheels show with Danny driving the Trout car was for sure a good one. Alan Johnson winning Syracuse last to first. And Danny Johnson winning the last race on dirt at Flemington, These were some of my personal favorite races that I have witnessed Long........time ago
  12. Kinda sort of. Jakes car/motor was not legal at Dirtweek. Dirtweek motors are legal at Fonda
  13. I like the idea of running nothing but Big Blocks on Saturday night. Last chance qualifiers. Then 200 lap feature. Caution laps do not count. Have a hot pit area set up in infield. But run under the same pit stop rules as they would a normal SDS race. Pits are not closed Sunday rain date for any events or divisions not completed prior.