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  1. Some of those yellows when a car came in a lap or so after another sure seemed like more than 3-4 laps. But it is correct only 3 laps counted. Thankfully. To each there own I reckon , but I will take green flag laps over yellow flag laps any day . As far as the cluster. Or as I put it , shtt show end of things. How could anyone not see that coming? I am looking at the numbered spaces along the barrier before the race and thinkingπŸ€” . You can barely fit a pit cart in those spaces . Forget getting a car and a crew in that space .Lmao It was kind of odd seeing cars on pit road getting worked on during the red as well. Not sure who if any got tires or fuel. All in all though a good race and a great time. Not sure if it is just the clay they have to work with? or the crew that is working? But somebody down there has it figured out. As every time I make the trip down to Port Royal they have a great racing surface
  2. That would make sense to me. If I have to pick and choose. I am still going to choose Port Royal. I do wonder if Oswego had raced?. Would Port Royal still of had 64 mods register?
  3. I get that. I not in a cave. Lol Just saying it is the racers choice whether or not they choose to travel. Not WRG Not following how WRG would be putting the race teams through anything .? ? ? In previous years, teams had point fund money to lure them to NC . I do not believe that would be the case this year i
  4. Put the racers through what? It would of been racers choice whether or not to go And with out a point fund ? why bother
  5. If it were not for the two pools I am in at my local tavern . I would not even have looked at the results this am . That is how much NASCAR is on my radar lately. .
  6. I do not race. But as a fan I am all for that. πŸ‘ With what goes on now. One team comes in to change tires. And gets two' three laps without penalty to do it. Then another sees this and comes in. So now that team gets the same courtesy. So that two-three laps becomes four-five. IF yet another team does not come in while the last is still there. It is endless BS. And some of this gets going just because a driver stops on the track. Or as in another case Saturday. A driver spun his car out so he could catch the field that had gone by. Nuts Been to Outlaw this year three times. And they are doing the hot pit thing weekly it seems. But usually a car actually does have a flat tire. Or some sort of damage.
  7. No need for the hot pit nonsense that went on. The race had a break at 100, Fulton gets by fine
  8. is not that what the SDS and STTS is? Besides who gets to decide which teams are 'professional'? or not?? And as a track owner, are you going to tell Sheppard, Friesen or whomever they can not race your track on weekends? Good luck with the front gate Near as I can tell. No one is forced to race modifieds. If you do not want to race against the so called 'professionals'. Race the sportsman class
  9. If I could predict the future I would be a billionaire. 😊 The deal between Brett and the fair board was for 2019-2021 seasons when it got signed. I suppose one side or the other might not be happy ? Hard tellin not knowin
  10. From the fans side .Some people who have tickets would still go. Modifieds or not. They just can not get any answers whether or not they can get in and sit. Talked to people about this in the lot on Saturday. One guy said he is cancelling his room Monday/today. Another waiting till last minute
  11. Did not go to thursday or friday. But video does show the crowd looking sparse. Saturday I went and the grandstands looked pretty full all around me. And in both directions. Standing room full like the big sprint shows? NO. Not going to happen in PA But a lot of people just the same . One. You have to figure the grandstand is massive. Especially with the new stand in four towering twice as high as the already large front stretch. The infield available as well. Some people do like it there, Just not for me Two. It got down to the 30's temp wise. Part of the reason I only went for the one day Three. The event got announced late in season. No time for people to plan time off, money, other, etc. A thing that possibly might have kept some home? At least one other big event leaving fans in limbo land. The World Finals .Still not letting anyone know wtf is going on. How do you make plans? Money wise and time wise
  12. They did announce the over the PA last night that the March STSS race is back on again for 2021 I just kind of figured the 200 would go back to Fonda? if fans allowed back in 2021? we shall see I guess
  13. Next year it will probably be back at Fonda? That is part of the reason I did the ride yesterday. Port Royal is a great facility. Awesome racing. I was 50/50 on going hunting. But lots of days left for that. Like I said . The racin on the track was great. but I never have been a fan of deliberately causing a yellow or yellows to each their own
  14. That was nuts last night. Guys came in whenever and wherever. Stayed in the pits for Laps at a time and never lost position. Then if someone else decides to do it while other cars were in there already.? Even more laps went off. Complete shtt show . people piled on top of each other multiple caution laps on top of other cautions because another team sees a car in there they come the next lap And so on . So now waiting 3 laps turn into 5? 9? All depends what lap another team hits the road , how many more laps the same yellow gets extended . Wtf if anything there should at least be a rule where you actually need to have a flat The racing that actually went off on track was great. Two three wide. Guys splitting the middle. Multi groove πŸ‘ Possibly the best surface I have seen modifieds race on
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