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  1. I'll take a wild guess and say sponsorship plays some sort of role there? Where did they come up with a million? How many tracks charge $1dollar for a can of coca cola, and $2 dollars for a can of beer?
  2. Eldora and most if not all of the purses above mentioned, sprint cars and otherwise...... the payout is not based on how many people show up nor what it cost to get in Admission will not cover the purse, correct? Race tracks also have a lot more expense than just the purse There are other avenues used to come up with money. Some track promoters have figured this out
  3. Imagine if hit later this week with the place packed full of campers. I was at the speedway thursday and friday of this same week last season sleeping in a tent.
  4. I get it that this is primarily dirt modifieds on this forum. But how about a shout out to Lance Dewease kicking some ass against the Outlaws this past week? AWESOME! Anyone else have thoughts? I get to PA two, maybe three times a year. But the 69k team has it going on
  5. Especially when the WoO come to to PA several times a season. They are supposed to be the best of the best. To me , I do not know what is not impressive about beating the best two days in the same week. I do not care what track you race at.
  6. Good to see the team doing well. Congrats. I remember before the season you were planning to do just sportsman
  7. What is actually guaranteed? Except taxes and dying? Maybe I am wrong. But Glenn paid money for the CNYRP property and pays taxes on it I believe. WRG sold their properties (Weedsport and RWR) to avoid taxes. And now they are getting help from the state to hold DIRTweek😄🤣 Maybe there is nothing at CNYRP. But there would also be no Dirt Week at Oswego without state help. You following? Dirtweek at Oswego would be just as much fantasy as CNYRP if the state did not pitch in. No? DIRTweek at Oswego is not happening permanent or otherwise without state help. Nobody ever said that the state had to fund the "ENTIRE" CNYRP project. Not that I would of minded. If there gonna spend money every year to put dirt down and tear it up? well then.... wtf Contrary to some belief, The state did not have to fund the ENTIRE project. A few people were actually on board up until the state backed out. Some of them names have been posted in this thread. There was some progress done on the CNYRP facility . And a LOT of money spent already. I do not know who's money it was. Glenn's? or someone else. I do not really give a shit who's money. But it was wasted as far as the track being finished goes unfortunately The people who think it costed little to nothing to "move dirt around"? They have never been in the earth moving business. no doubt. The cost is staggering. The ' bright side' if any is there were lots of employees paid to do that work. Too bad they could not keep working Also , to people who say the state wants nothing to do with Dirtweek. I would tend to agree.. But..... 90 percent if not more of all the articles and press releases I read regarding CNYRP stated that the asphalt road course was to be built first . no?
  8. That is some of what I do not understand. For whatever reason, some people would have a problem with the state giving money to Glenn and partners to help them build a racetrack. But those same folk have little no issues with the state spending money on Oswego each year. And I agree with you GoFats39Fan, that money is not going to last. I have/would have no problem with either. But to me it would make a whole lot more sense for the state to spend money on something permanent vs something temporary. All I can get out of it is some people just have a hard on for Glenn
  9. Matt was pulling wheelies off of four last night. Check out a picture of this on the front page.
  10. That is the way I saw it. Still do. The money from the State seemed to be there as promised. Right up until the point a couple of Cuomo's minions started to be investigated for corruption. Then.........
  11. What I figure is the track has made a decision that it is fine to have just as many if not more people in pits vs front the front gate. Outlaw is another track that fits that mold. For most regular shows the crowd appears thin to me. But that can be deceiving because there is usually lots of people sitting in the stands on the back.
  12. Opening night at LoL one or two laps in...… Docs car launched a couple feet into the air between one and two. Is it Danny's fault? I dunno. A rider can try to save ground... Or not Danny tries hard to win. I enjoy watching him race
  13. Thank You......so much
  14. It's a half day ride for me. But I been to Lebanon for half a dozen trips er so. And I really like the place. Wish it was closer
  15. North wind always helps! 😄 I once told my best friend to bring his wife on a North or North/West wind night. And he said(now way, she might want to come with again) Lol Seriously though, there was standing water most places other than the track . I normally park inside the gates but was told no. And that was justified by what I saw inside the gates and out. Based on this and the wind direction. I did not even carry my glasses inside
  16. NiagaraRaceFan, thank you for posting these videos. very much appreciated
  17. I never did track prep. So pure speculation here. But I am thinking it might not be a good idea to dig tracks up with all the rain we have been getting. It is a better idea to leave them sealed up. Why? A way a better chance of the track NOT being ruff. And even more important(to me at least), is less chance of the races being cancelled. Because digging the track up and the weather we have been getting? equals Mudd. I do feel this theory may have backfired on the Outlaw race in April? But that was daytime and 7er 8 divisions to boot. again just speculation The dollar night thing. Where do they come from? I do not know. But my experience is when tracks offer 1 dollar or even free, the attendance doubles that night if not more. Oh yeah... congratulations to Rocky Warner this week and Dave Constantino last. Having new winners at the speedway is positive thing.
  18. Paine did race the season opener at Canandaigua. Maybe that was because he did not race the car the night before? What I like seeing is a lot of "new" guys seem to be joining the big block class at Canandaigua. Jeff Daugherty I believe was rookie last year in big blocks. Eric Williams ran sportsman last year . Other drivers though such as Matt Farnham, Patrick Hoopes ,Phil Vigneri, and Dillon Groover I do not seem to remember . Are these guys all rookies in the big block class.? Have they raced before? If so where and what class?
  19. Matt was on another planet last night , no doubt. Krypton? With no yellow , he might very well have lapped up into the top five. Eagleonemotorsports, I think you are being a little generous on the Hoosier count. I believe I counted thirteen Hoosier Sportsman, With at least a half dozen, doing double duty. I think 8 drivers raced both Hoosier Sportsman and American Racer Sportsman I agree that the track did a very good job of moving things along last night, It was still 12midnight when the final checker fell. But that's taking into account the 7 divisions. And that street stock feature. Maybe I spoke too highly and hexed those guys? 🙁 Not sure, but they sure wanted to tear each other up last night. The Hobby Stocks made up for it, as they raced clean most of the way. Four cyl were a good race too. I am fortunate in that I do not have a long ride home Overall a good night. Most of the racing was good. The track was in EXCELLENT shape. Very fast, very smooth. With very little track maintenance done during the program. This I like. The only real negative I can see on the night, which did not affect me. Probably should of drawn for the bike much earlier in the evening. Thinking it was near 1130? Most of the kids were gone
  20. I am at the track. No rain in sight . Everything is good!
  21. I have never been to this track. Hoping that I can make it to one of the wednesday shows this year