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  1. The pay out is listed here Ron. https://www.dirtcarmembers.com/upload/dafe7DRAFT 2020_DCN_CompNotes_V3_JH_1-14-20[3].pdf Most of the money at Volusia goes to the WoO teams. The modifieds are just a support division. Matter of fact when I went there a few years ago, Volusia used the big block modifieds in place of pack trucks.
  2. most of them if not all are found on the front page here.http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/ DTD also has a youtube channel
  3. Different strokes for different folks I am a huge Pauch Sr fan However I liked all the Ken interviews EXCEPT the one with Pauch Jr. That one was painful and cut short on my end comedy not his strong suit
  4. Perhaps Fuller believes he is the missing link in reviving that Shithole?🀣 I kid as I have yet to have a bad experience at Fonda. The Firecracker 50 last season was one of the best shows I went to all last season
  5. Part of why Dean has an issue with Brett. How dare you pay these race teams some decent money? That is supposed to be 'our' money πŸ˜‰
  6. That is what it needs to be. 5-6 dollars is ludicrous, for sportman or ANY other racing division.
  7. I only go to Brewerton one to three times a year. The mod lites are more times than not, the best of the night feature by far
  8. Checked it out this am. Very Cool. I have watched him race since the late 80's. But I did not previously realize how many different car owners Billy has raced for . Or the extent in which he helps out other teams/drivers/chassis builders. Great interview
  9. I enjoyed both The Dirt videos posted.πŸ‘. Are there plans for more? If so care to say who is next?
  10. for the record.................πŸ˜‰
  11. I googled it just for the fck of it . 🀣 I came up with SC first then NM second. FL in the 17th range.
  12. There is also the front page here. Lots of good stuff on it
  13. Just from what I have read online. It sure does appear that those who managed the track last year got a royal screwing. But, I would be willing to bet that many if not most of the fans and racers who were there on Saturday nights in 2019, will be there again in 2020. We shall see in April. I have never been a huge fan of Five Mile. Been there perhaps just a handful of times in the last 30 years. But I hate to see ANY track close. Glad to at least read that for now the property will remain open as a race track. The STSS race in May is an event that interests me. Too soon right now to figure . But I might give the place another shot that weekend.
  14. . Now that is one hell of a finish! Thanks Bob for posting that video All the food one dollar while it lasts 🀣
  15. Well then, that surely explains why you feel the need to respond to some of those postsπŸ˜‚
  16. I have not been there in many years. Sometime in early 90's ? I believe. Pabst Shootout. But I believe even from then until just the past couple years the track has already been shortened considerably? No? Part of the attraction of going to different tracks is that they are not all the same. JMO. I wish Can Am stayed BIG . Like The Wheels
  17. Less Government is Good Government. The less rules the better. But that was forgotten by some many years ago. Let Modifieds be MODIFIEDS
  18. That is what I figure. Promoters did not want to pay the purse and/or the sanction fee.
  19. No SDS at Brewerton or Fulton certainly sucks
  20. Nail in the coffin. JMO good luck though Hate losing tracks
  21. No kiddin right. Good stuff I am thinkin 20/20 needs another eye exam 😎
  22. You are right. It does not come close. But you got it ass backwards I am thinking. Its only a matter of opinion , my driver is better than your driver etc. . But in a heads up race I will take those who finished 12th on back at Fonda over those who finished the same at LoL any week. As far as drivers being lapped multiple times? You do realize you are comparing a 200 lapper to a 50 lapper.? Uh.... ..but wait a minute. 17 drivers finished on the lead lap in the 200. And just 14 finished on the lead lap in the Gerald Haers Memorial 50. So? By the way , I was at Land of Legends that evening . As it is roughly a 20 minute ride from my home I did make it to the Fonda 50 in July.. A real good show. One of the better races I saw all season