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  1. Jealous of the folk that live near by Port Royal.
  2. That works pretty good until the cost of living in every area spikes 15 to 25 percent . In the span of a year and a half. Maybe less.? The cost of everything and anything from sunrise to sunset has increased 15 to 25 percent in a short time. Price gouging on everything seems to be off the hook right now. With no end in sight Personally for me right now, the hardest hit seems to be fuel. All fuel. Food prices a close second. There has always been inflation. But what is going on now seems to be inflation on steroids
  3. Yeah , if you are running different rules weekly vs the rules on the tour? Especially different tires?That could be an issue😂 I went to see super mods late 80,s early 90s a bunch of times . Other than that, I never really followed asphalt mods that much. It would just seem that by racing series shows on the weekend vs say Tuesday or Wednesday , car count would theoretically be better? Weekender teams not being able to travel due to work
  4. What am I missing? What does no stars weekly have to do with just 5 stars running a tour ? if the tour races are on weekends , would not the weekend teams be there too?
  5. I have been to all the dirt tracks listed except two. Airborne and Brookfield The opposite for me on the asphalt side. Only been to two listed. Spencer and Oswego. Missing all the rest
  6. Agree with this ^^ I can not remember the last time cost of living was as bad as it is now. That is how long ago it was. The inflation rate right now is on overdrive. The prices on everything are crazy. Stupid crazy Even more amazing is this. Businesses in my town are shortening hours and some even closing a couple days a week because they can not find anyone to work. “Help Wanted” has been goin on everywhere for week over a year now. So… With no one seemingly wanting to get a job.? How the hell are people affording all this cost of living? ? ?
  7. Maybe some fans do only go to the track when the traveling stars are there . But I do not think that number is huge. Nothing substantial example . I do not have the numbers from ticket booth . And I did not go to every race. But the crowd looked about the same to me at Land of Legends on the nights I attended when Sheppard was there, as to the nights he was at OC . I did not notice a whole lot of difference really Sure, there might of been a couple fans whining about it on off nights for 9s. But those people still attended. the crazy thing about the whole SDS deal
  8. Not unpopular with me. Super Late Models would be my first choice . Unfortunately, that involves lots of hours on the road. Events in NYS are few and far between .
  9. Well Stew will probably be at Nashville racing trucks that night. So I do not foresee anything special at UR that evening. Time will tell. I am with those that think it is good if the series chaser teams are somewhere else once in a while. Giving weekly regulars in the field a biscuit is not all that bad. If the series guys can win the track championship missing a race or two? Then that is great. If a 'weekend warrior' wins the track title? even better in my view
  10. No big deal really This will actually effect one or two drivers at select tracks? so what? I think Dirtcar member tracks that have a SDS platinum driver will just make the race night show up points. Most likely scenario . Or select tracks will give the modifieds the night off. But I would rather not see any of that. And let the drivers choose between track points, or SDS points. It is better for the 'weekend racer' if platinum drivers are somehwere else once in a while.
  11. 1.1 million dollars was the original amount from NYS that news outlets posted. That amount was upped to 3.6 million in a later article . And now with another extension ............ Possible WRG is spending that kind of money? Highly unlikely
  12. No set list. It is hard to make plans . I take my step mom to a lot of medical appointments. So I work in race trips around her schedule. But one of the tracks I have in mind for next year right now would be Lernerville . Further from home, I would really like to go to East Bay FL before it’s done. But I do not see it likely for me right now. . Cherokee is also on the wish list.
  13. Like this👍 New to me tracks are my favorite thing to do. In 2021 it was WVMS, Skyline , and Brownstown . 😊
  14. So how many years is the State supposed to keep paying to make up for this broken lease? 🤣 that also does not answer the question as to if WRG kicks in anywhere near the amount NYS does for Dirtweek? If anything ? I do agree in that it was a very different situation. I outlined that
  15. Port Royal Speedway. The facility is real nice. Plenty of seats , with little to no obstructions. The track surface is normally excellent. Wide , smooth, with bite. Good racing every time I have visited. I am not a huge winged sprint car fan. But even I like them at Port Royal. They put a great show. If the place was one or two hours away instead of four, I would go every week
  16. So your saying that WRG spends just as much as NYS kicks in to put on the races at Oswego? ok then My theory could be off base. But check out the time line. The funds were pulled just as the investigation was starting . Also, Glenns project was not the only project at the time to get the funds removed when this all went down so......... coincidence? maybe. But I think not. Looks to me like someone was starting to cover their ass. There was several different news stories regarding these issues back at the time. I just picked one
  17. The matters in the link below were going down at almost the exact same time Cuomo pulled the money from Glen's project. https://13wham.com/news/top-stories/former-cuomo-aides-charged-in-federal-corruption-investigation I have always thought these issues are related
  18. 2016 with Halmar Stew had already won Syracuse 4 times before then. And was winning 9-10 features a year at Fonda in 2015 and previous seasons Yet some people think the only reason he wins a lot is the Halmar money
  19. 2013 is what I was able to find . You are correct. Friesen co promoted the DirtyJersey event with Deyo.
  20. I do not remember the STSS ever not allowing big small blocks. Fairly sure they have been allowed since day one. 2013 ish? I also did not realize Brett and Stew ever promoted races together. When was this?
  21. We will find out soon enough. Just who is interested, And if there are any conflicts
  22. STSS has allowed different motor combos looooong before Halmar was ever in the picture. Oh I know. You must be referring to all the secret NASCAR parts as for your other thoughts? I suppose anything is a possibilty? but wow.
  23. must be same Lugnut from Charlotte Motor Speedway
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