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  1. or not the track can say no to any or all of the above
  2. Seriously? You must mean the phones in the seats then? As a track owner you can not decide who is able to set on you roof? or not
  3. If Brett followed the whole SDS tour this season, he may very well have started on pole. And.... he would have a better than good shot of winning
  4. Yes. Updates from DTD are on the front page here. You should see twitter feeds from various sources over to the right of this page too? Question I have. Timing and scoring shows Pauch in a number 15 car. Who's car is this? Where has it run prior?
  5. Never been there. But from video Georgetown appears to be fairly large size track no? From previous posts mentioning Can Am ,LOLR, Syracuse. I would say the size of the track has a lot to do with how much or how little aero effects the car
  6. I wonder if Hoosier tires will make the surface less dusty? πŸ˜† Anybody heard anymore on the future of Five Mile Point? Perhaps the uncertain future there had some impact on Thunder Mountain's decision to try a different tire this year?
  7. Anybody else remember when Matt Sheppard first went to HBR after Brownell? How many posted on here that Matt would not win nearly as many races in a Troyer car? how any did he win that year ? ? its not all about the manufacturer its the people in the shop each day
  8. I do get that. Personally I am not a big fan of change. If it aint broke do not fix. Which is why I posted I like things just fine as they are. You guys do a good job
  9. Or perhaps Maury? 🀣
  10. Me too.. Way back when. LMFAO I have watched some of the videos. And they are entertaining from time to time. Pauch Sr is one of my favorite drivers. So what Sr says is interesting to me. I liked the video where they showed a bunch of Pauch's shop. The trophies too/pictures. Also like the video on Pauch's car getting hand painted. As far as this topic here? If Gevo and Jim say Mat admitted to taking Mike out? I have no reason to doubt that. They will not lie just for the hell of it. But I also watched a video with a bunch of crying from Mandee earlier this year claiming Mike got taken out at Airborne. And the actual video of race shows anything but that Everyone see's thing different
  11. I know you have the super schedule. But maybe put up a weekly/weekend schedule with start times and cancellations if and when they happen?
  12. Aw C'mon You mean you do not eat Arbonne for breakfast . lunch, or dinner? ?πŸ˜„πŸ€£
  13. I am happy with the way it is. The DTD team does a great job. Really like the driver interviews and race recap videos . More race highlights would be cool if they are available. Thanks very much for all the Eastern States coverage you were able to provide last weekend
  14. Like this. A fuel stop in a 72 lap race always made little sense to me
  15. I sort of get what you are saying but...... college football? ? not on the screen that I was watching. First off. It was soccer that came on. Not college football. Not sure what league, what game, what team, such as I do not have a freakin clue regarding soccer of any sort. Secondly it was not post race stuff. The actual race itself cut off with three laps to go to the checkered flag
  16. The truck series has had better racing than the cup series just about every season since the division was started. I would much rather watch it than the cup
  17. I damn sure wish I could of went. Road trip money and free time used all up for this season. A few different topics regarding the event on the forum. But not a word about Stew coming from 44th to 1st! That must of been a hell of a good race to see! And the track in super shape to race on Any comments about this ^^ ^^from those there?
  18. I could not tell you the name of any soccer team or any soccer player. Zero interest on my end. And I can not think of a single person I know of ,family ,friend, or otherwise that ever watches it. But obviously there are a lot of people out there some place who like it. Because it is on TV damn near every day. And the stadiums appear to be jammed full
  19. Put A/R on race. If the track stays a skating rink like some on here claim? Why not Deyo rules for the most part do not exclude cars
  20. I have not been to Oswego to see the supers in a bunch of years now. But I figure the racing would improve if they took the wings back off. Part of the appeal of going there when the cars did not have wings was that they would break loose and slide the rear off the corners
  21. I was watching the trucks then...…. I would rather watch trucks than whatever is above.^^ The chick does not look too bad . But the dog sucking on a rawhide biscuit not so much I do not watch as much NASCAR as I once did. But the little bit I do? I like watching trucks better than cup
  22. Exactly. That was my original point. Last nights event allowed a variety of motors and a variety of tires. If it was regular series event with regular rules, , SDS, STSS or other , this would not have been the case. Throw in luck of draw no time trials for the sportsman and 358..... back when Fulton allowed rules like last night , a variety of motors and tires, they got 88 plus mods too