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  1. Per a post on social media, David Gravel currently plans on being back behind the wheel of the Jason Johnson Racing 41 again next year, but he is also pursuing a limited NASCAR truck series schedule...Hopefully he'll still be able to make all the WoO shows unless he obviously gets a full time ride in the trucks and then you've got to respect his ambitions to chase the pavement circuit.
  2. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Mike Maresca....

    That’s at least 2 maybe 3 appearances at Bridgeport this season. Good for him to travel and race with the PA/NJ boys.
  3. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Gary Tomkins

    Hope it works out for you Gary!
  4. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    The Year of Mat Williamson continues!

    I mean it’s no secret that the purses haven’t changed much. This year was a banner year for modified racing, especially recently with the amount of big paying shows. Between the SDS series and the STSS and other special events, there had to be what...at least 50-60 modified races this year that paid 5K and many of them were $7,500 or more due to purse increase for more. hard to throw out the purse argument this year with the 100K show, 2 50K+ and a host of other good ones.
  5. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    World Finals

    Just watched the highlights, looked like one hell of a race yesterday for the mods. Sheppard, Decker, Maresca and Williamson put on a show.
  6. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Phoenix Truck Qualifying

    Atta boy Stew! Bring it home next weekend for northeast dirt nation.
  7. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Jackie Brown 2020

    Isn’t Friesen rumored to be taken over that ride? Doubt he leaves Fonda weekly when his truck schedule doesn’t interfere...
  8. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    World Finals

    Original schedule had both sets of heats for Friday and Saturday run on Thursday. Rain postponed the remainder of the show so the Friday heats (thanks Jumper) are now actually being run on Friday. Why the Saturday ones are first, i don’t know, that’s a question for WRG? I’m sure they have a rhyme or reason for it? 🤷‍♂️
  9. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    World Finals

    After the qualifying and Friday heat races, Williamson has picked up 6 points and we’re now all tied up heading into the Saturday heat races and the two remaining features. Sheppard starts 2nd and Williamson starts 3rd in the same heat. Awesome stuff.
  10. 38 Big blocks, 67 super late models, 53 sprints! Another great year of solid counts.
  11. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Brett Hearn

    Will the Big Show still take place at Albany-Saratoga every year now?
  12. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Come On Flo Racing

    I think in its entirety would indicate the whole program...
  13. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Sheppard STSS Grand Champion

    Ahh dang okay. Still impressive 👍🏻
  14. Looks like Sheppard picked up $67K last night after winning the STSS south title and with sweeping both the north and south titles he picked up another $57K. He may not have won the big money races this year but he’s cleaning up in the points titles and could get some more next weekend with the SDS title
  15. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    RJ New Bicknell

    Sharp looking car.