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  1. I'm not saying Adam Pierson is Stewart Friesen...but the man can absolutely wheel a car and has been racking up a lot of wins in Vermont, N.H. and even moved into NY a little bit with Airborne and a win at Canandaigua a few years ago. I'd love to see him get a shot a SB or BB modified ride some day and see if he could catch on and be competitive with the big names after he learned it.
  2. I don't know the monetary factors that go into hosting a SDS race and how much money you have to pay etc. but if I'm Bridgeport the only way to "Guarantee" that Larry Wight, Stewart Friesen, Billy Decker, Matt Sheppard, Mat Williamson, Jimmy Phelps, Peter Britten, Erick Rudolph etc. show up to the race is making it an SDS race. Could be kind of cool to have the NY invaders story line against the hometown NJ/PA boys.
  3. Sounds like all systems are go at this time for the SDS show on 7/29 there. Should be a heck of a treat for all those able to watch based on what I'm hearing and seeing.
  4. The Super DIRT Series race for 7/22 has been canceled and will not be made up. However, LoL is still running that night with a 50-lap, $5K to win modified show. Sportsman and street stocks also on the card.
  5. Correct. Just announced yesterday or two days ago that the entire NY 3 day weekend swing at Ransomville, Weedsport and OCFS was canceled.
  6. It will never get the same fan attendance or car count outside of New York.
  7. Unless a drastic change happens in the numbers, I don’t see how the event happens without a reduced capacity. Also, will the state potentially cutting the funding from it be the nail in the coffin regardless of whether they could pull it off spectator and social distancing wise?
  8. Watching tonight’s mod feature from Canandaigua and man Larry Wight is impressive at Canandaigua this year. As a poster said earlier, it would have been damn fun to watch Larry and Matt battle for the LoL points title this year.
  9. I’m interested for Josh’s take on this as he follows the late model scene very closely. I seem to recall when the news of Bloomquist running WoO with Drydene sponsorship this year broke he commented on how Bloomquist hadn’t been the same for a couple years now. Certainly in name it was a huge pickup but he’s a bit past his prime now. Be interesting to see who fills into that seat...
  10. Newest rumor floating around Facebook has Kyle replacing Madden in the Team Zero ride for the next five races... Haven’t seen any reputable places report it yet so I’d say it’s just a rumor at best for now. Has Kyle ever driven a dirt late model?
  11. Also, read Knoxville’s release and another factor into the decision was 12K tickets purchased. How do you determine which 7K get to come as well as tell the additional 8K that show up every year they can’t come because they hadn’t purchased yet. No additional Off-Track activities that were traditionally part of the Nationals would have been happening either.
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