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  1. Also to no one's surprise...the car is currently unsponsored for 2021. Hopefully they can pick up a sponsor willing to get back behind Kyle and support him.
  2. Happy for him. You've got your second chance Kyle (that i full-heartedly feel he deserves given how he has conducted himself since the incident)...run with it and prove it was a mistake, not who you actually are as a person.
  3. Thanks for the side by side comparison! Definitely nice to see all the data lined up right next to each other in the same spot. Hard to argue against Williamson in that scenario but certainly all 3 had great Octobers. Perrego picked and chose a little more and had great success in less starts. Mahaney was the most consistent but Williamson got the big $$$ wins and was almost as consistent.
  4. Some tracks (I believe) like Fulton, Rolling Wheels, maybe Brewerton have been called the same exact thing for their entire existence...others change names. Thought it might be fun to compile the all-time names for speedways. I’ll start with four tracks I grew up around, but I know sure I’ll be missing names it was once called. I know Bob will come in clutch for Canandaigua. Please feel free to add tracks and names that it was called at one point. Outlaw Speedway - Dundee Raceway Park, Black Rock Speedway, Yates County Speedway Land of Legends Raceway - Canandaigua Speedway, Canandaigua Motorsports Park, Speedland, Ontario County Oval Weedsport Speedway - Cayuga County Fair Speedway Fulton Speedway - Milray Speedway, Fulton Raceway Brewerton Speedway - Route 11 Speedway Rolling Wheels Raceway - Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, Rolling Wheels Speedway Utica Rome Speedway - New Utica Rome Speedway - New Venture Speedway New Humberstone Speedway - Humberstone International Speedway, Gasport International Speedway Genesee Speedway - Raceway 5 Can-Am Speedway - Caprara Bros. Can Am Motorsports Park, Winner's Circle RaceTrack Afton Motorsports Park - Afton Raceway, I-88 Speedway Mohawk International Raceway - Frogtown Speedway Orange County Fair Speedway - Victory Speedway Never changed Fonda Speedway Merritville Speedway Woodhull Raceway
  5. Damn. That’s an impressive rig. Glad to see Timmy hooked up with a great team and owners that will outfit him with the best of the best for equipment and accessories.
  6. Aside from not bagging any wins, I don’t know how you can argue he hasn’t been the most consistent car in the last month in a lot of big shows. Sure you want the wins, but Mike has had a very impressive month.
  7. If big money is on the line lately, it’s just best to put Mat Williamson’s name on the check. Man that Behrent’s 3 car is something else lately.
  8. Welp, everyone has helped make up my mind here. I’m going to find something else to do with my Saturday night and just follow twitter updates than subject myself to paying $30 for a crappy product.
  9. Good. From the sounds of things they should. Glad I didn’t purchase.
  10. Kerry Madsen is leaving that car? Also, I thought Shane Stewart might be a candidate for the JJR 41 too?
  11. https://worldofoutlaws.com/sprintcars/kyle-larson-racing-to-close-at-seasons-end/ Can't say this is surprising given COVID-19 as well as Kyle's loss of NASCAR money and sponsorship. I'm sure keeping that car on Tour was very difficult this summer. Sucks for Carson Macedo as he really did a nice job in that ride in his two years and this year they were a top 5 car a lot of nights. Hope he lands on his feet...maybe the Roth 83 will put him in the seat? Hopefully the WoO can pick up another top notch car as losing the KLR car and the Roth 83 not having a driver are two top notch teams gone from the circuit. Larson said he'll still be racing the Silva Motorsports 57 as often as possible.
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