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  1. Just feel like 3 weeks down there would be awfully costly, but given the quarantine requirements for NY, maybe they do.
  2. Brett does a terrific job recruiting cars to his shows in remote areas for big block/small block modified popularity. Hope they have a good swing and then some of the guy stick around for DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia. Looks like there are 10 or 11 days between the two though right? So i would imagine, most if not all will head home and then would have to come back?
  3. I’m still trying to piece all of this together and what’s going on. Is Rico just giving him his seat so that Jac has a ride to retire in? Was he out of his old one? Also, from what I saw, Rico is driving the 57, but it’s not Paul Silva’s own personal car. It’s Mark K something? I think. Paul Silva will be crew chief on Rico’s 57 and he will still field his own 57 when Kyle wants to/has time to race from the nascar schedule.
  4. I watched a fair amount of Saturday’s racing. At least there was pretty good periods of action for much of the day with racing and during the break you could at least get up and go walk the pits right?
  5. At the very least they should show the driver intros. Cut to the house sound and use that or something. I would have loved to have heard that part and got a feel for what the people there in the expo center experience. Not sure on the rights aspect as you're alluding to, but definitely showing some highlights of the previous qualifying nights would be tremendous too, or some of the alphabet soup competition on Saturday. I didn't watch the whole broadcast with sound on, but did the Mav broadcast even mention the McDougal story line? Do a feature story or interview Brian Walker,
  6. The Sheas had to be there at least five or so years I think? maybe slightly more...they had a brutal stretch of weather that always seemed to kill their chances of racing on sundays for a few years. Feel bad for them that the weather just never seemed to give them a chance to make any money.
  7. Was it really only 25 percent capacity? On Flo and on MAV, especially as the week went on (Friday and Saturday) those grandstands looked like they had a good number of people in them. Did people who would normally be in the pits and left to watch from there go and find seats for the A main? Just don't see how those grandstands were at 25 percent capacity from the pictures and video I saw. Also, that two-hour track prep session between the Bs and the A main was BRUTAL for those of us watching from home. I really hope they try and address that part of the show for the TV audience or a
  8. Pretty stout and diverse list of names. Looking forward to following along with the action next week!
  9. I agree. Great find. Heck of a who’s who’s for names on the Tour that year.
  10. I haven’t been for a modified race, but I’ve heard the Drummond/Granby back-to-back for the SDS series is a pretty awesome atmosphere. They love their modifieds up there.
  11. So theoretically you could try and pick and choose an “easier” night based on past history if people generally race the same nights.
  12. How does the “draw” work for qualifying nights? Does the defending champion of the night automatically get to stay on the night each year? I noticed a bunch of guys repeated this year for multiple years in a row on the same night. is everything else random draw after that?
  13. Walkapedia is a great follow on Twitter for all those details if you have it. I believe you get 100 points for winning a heat and either 5 or 10 points for every car you pass.
  14. 15 Schatz 41 Macedo 2 Gravel 49 Sweet 17 Haudenschild 1S Schuchart 1A Allen 83 Reutzel 2C W. Johnson 11K Kinser 33 Daniel 6R Rose 7S Sides 3Z Zearfoss 19 Price-Miller Parker Price Miller will officially be a full-time Outlaw in 2021 for the first time. Be basically ran the full tour last year in the Dietz 14 car and had some pretty good success. https://worldofoutlaws.com/sprintcars/ready-to-pass-the-bar-parker-price-miller-joining-world-of-outlaws-full-time-in-2021/ Looking like 15 full-time drivers right now, but Bill Rose is going to miss the star
  15. Actually WWE went to a "netflix" monthly pricing model about 5-6 years ago charging $10-$15 a month for WWE network and that gave you access to all of the pay-per-views.
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