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  1. Stew ended up missing four shows though...take out the bonus points, he still wouldn't have beat Sheppard. Now, maybe he would have made 1 or 2 of the last few races he missed if he was still in consideration for the point fund, but still.
  2. I went to the Big Block/Small Block challenge this year and had fine service all night with AT&T. I think Verizon is the one that is still troublesome there.
  3. If the goal is to have the top drivers all following their series, I would think that is best for the brand, I'm going to be very interested to see what they have for full-time followers in 2022. My question is...if somehow Sheppard was in the same position Mahaney was for the Fonda 200 weekend where it made more financial sense for him to race Fonda over Canandaigua and give up the SDS chase, would Sheppard be hit with the 2022 platinum status ban too?
  4. One other nugget I saw Brett dropped was his average viewership on floracing with the STSS. 8-11K per broadcast. Pretty impressive exposure for our modifieds and drivers.
  5. Good catch. $10K to win, $500 to start. Which has been the norm for the Slate Valley race.
  6. I was wondering when this was going to happen. Seemed like a great opportunity for Deyo to expand his footprint with DB being unsanctioned and willing to put on big money shows for mods since going back to dirt on the big track. June 19th date for STSS north region. $10K to win. $500 to start.
  7. Deyo just out here casually dropping $25K to win shows all over the place. Great time to be a top of the line dirt northeast modified driver with these payouts. Your move WRG.
  8. Bridgeport did/does a school bus ride through the pits before the show that seems to be popular. I would certainly take my young daughter on this if I go back there someday.
  9. Agreed on bummer...but can't say I'm surprised. It seems to me that Larry's priorities (rightfully so) have shifted a bit now that he has kids. Hopefully some other NY/NJ/PA people get rides and make the trek out giving us a "hometown" driver to cheer for.
  10. Good. We’ve gotta get these guys out of weekly racing for the most part.
  11. It feels like Brent Marks might be gearing up towards joining a full time tour again in the near future?
  12. This is what I hope Friesen, Sheppard, Mahaney, Williamson etc. all shift to soon rather than worry about weekly racing.
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