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  1. Has there been an additional aftermath or does anyone know what happened on the front stretch "confrontation" after Lance sprinted across the track? I was really surprised none of the track personnel or safety crew seemingly tried to stop him or get in the way. That's what surprised me so much that it was actually him while watching it live on dirtvision. Shane and the dirtvision cameras didn't do much with it. Dan K interviewed Lance after he confronted Coffey and we got that on dirtvision but that was it. Has Coffey commented?
  2. No offense to Mat as he’s certainly been in the same ballpark or “better” the last 2 years, but Friesen and Sheppard have been doing it for 15 years now. Mat is certainly on a great streak and I hope he keeps it rolling as it’s fun to see different names and more stout cars in the mix for wins, but Friesen and Sheppard have both accomplished a lot more than he has so far. Could he get there? Sure, but let’s see if he keeps it up for the next few years. (Not saying he won’t, just saying there is a reason Friesen and Sheppard still are getting the praise and consideration).
  3. I'm not sure who was the car owner but wasn't AJ really successful for a good stretch of time in a red 14J at Weedsport 10-15 years ago or so or was that really just at Weedsport and he didn't get to travel much with that car?
  4. For sure. I was also surprised to find out that Steve Paine holds the record for the most SDS wins at Can-Am. Not a knock against Steve as he's my favorite modified driver of all time, just wouldn't have guessed he would have the most SDS wins there with some of the other names out there that might have run there more regularly or won on the SDS tour more.
  5. I thought the modified feature was decent. Not award-winning, but not terrible either.
  6. I thought that was Willix that I saw sprinting in the left hand corner of the screen...I was surprised the announcers never addressed it until the confrontation actually happened on the front stretch. Maybe they wanted to be sure it actually was him and he was okay since there was no report from the accident. I hope someone got some video at the track and it surfaces on twitter or facebook to see what went down since dirtvision missed it.
  7. Probably would have been creeping towards mid 50s to 60...Yan Bussiere for sure would have supported. I'm sure a few Cornwall guys...
  8. Scrolling through twitter and came across a tweet from Mike Mallett. "Steve Paine, Alan Johnson and Danny Johnson won the modified heats at Outlaw Speedway." How crazy would it be to even think five years ago a SDS race would be happening and none of those three would be in the pits at it...3 of the all-time greatest.
  9. SuperDIRTSeries released its list of expected Tour followers for 2021 and there are 17 drivers on there including some new faces. https://superdirtcarseries.com/news/super-dirtcar-series-whos-who-who-is-back-and-who-is-new/ Billy Decker Mat Williamson Larry Wight Jimmy Phelps Matt Sheppard Mike Mahaney Erick Rudolph Demetrius Drellos Chris Hile Peter Britten Marcus Dinkins Dave Rauscher Jack Lehner Kevin Root Brandon Walters Rusty Smith Olden Dwyer STSS Tour South has had 18 drivers show up to all 3 events so far. North hasn't had any races yet. M
  10. Looks like the dates for the STSS in Florida and the DIRTcar dates are going to be much closer aligned this year. STSS is Feb. 8-12 If WRG keeps same schedule, SDS should be Feb. 15-19. Much more doable instead of the 10 day gap this past year if guys want to hit both sanction’s events.
  11. That Tuesday show is a can't miss. Can't wait to watch!
  12. There are businesses that do this correct. I think what that person was implying is would you be willing to get it converted to a DVD or digital format so that it might be able to be shared with others in the racing community. I’m not asking or insinuating doing this at your own expense if you don’t want to. Perhaps that individual would pay for your trouble and expense to do it? But I assume you’re not sending that VHS to anyone in the mail
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