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  1. I really enjoyed my lone trip to McKean County. I wish that place would get up and running again. It’s such a cool facility and kind of located out in the middle of no where. Would love to see a mod show there some day with everyone on neutral ground. The grand stands were awesome!
  2. Is the ULMS still a thing? I know that’s the group that used to come to Woodhull for the super late model reunion show they did. Saw some good races there with Bob Close and Boom Briggs before he went WoO traveling. Genesee was supposed to have the WoO Late Models this year before Covid screwed that up.
  3. Lucas used to come into NY. Hit Fonda and Utica Rome I think at least 3-4 straight years. Been awhile since they’ve been here though. car counts were pretty low. I think 22-24. They also got help from Billy Decker and Larry Wight with support and those two wouldn’t be there anymore. Unfortunately super late models are few and far between in NY, which really stinks because I love watching them wheel!
  4. Max McLaughlin will be piloting the 32c Sweetners Plus ride as a teammate to Kyle Coffey for all 6 nights of OctoberFAST! Love this!
  5. Has Steve run Canandaigua at all this year? Maybe 1 or 2 appearances. Hile has been fast at Canandaigua before. Pretty sure he was top 10 at a series race last year or two years ago at LoL. He wouldn’t have been my first choice to win, but I also wouldn’t have been able to name 10 other guys that I would have picked before him. Certainly Fuller, Wight and Phelps. After that starts to really get to be slim pickings and toss ups. But no Rudolph, Williamson, Sheppard certainly opened up the chances of who was going to come home with the win...
  6. Another big win last night for Timmy! $30K win in the re-located Lucas Oil Late Model Nationals from Knoxville to I-80. He’s been having an outstanding season.
  7. Grandview had 69 last night...no reason to think this show shouldn’t get at least into the 60s. It’s tracking pretty well towards that currently with the confirmed list.
  8. Canandaigua reporting on FB that they’ll be allowed fans tomorrow for the Gerald Haers Memorial race.
  9. Spencer Bayston will be in the seat for the Roth 83 car for the remainder of the 2020 WoO Tour.
  10. And per his latest tweet...sounds like Pittman back to the Heffner car is confirmed...and it also sounds like the Heffner car is going to finish out the rest of the WoO season with him. Pretty big news for that team after they had pretty much stayed in Pennsylvania since Greg passed away.
  11. So now he's out of the car after this weekend...that kind of makes more sense on the tribute video Ross Wece put together. I thought that seemed a little funny to do that when there was still a couple months left in the season. Roth is still planning on keeping the car on Tour for the rest of the WoO season...perhaps Shane Stewart into ride to finish things out and maybe the driver for 2021? https://worldofoutlaws.com/sprintcars/daryn-pittman-roth-motorsports-mutually-agree-to-end-season-after-devils-bowl/ Sounds like Daryn still has other opportunities though to keep racing the rest of the season. Maybe he hops back into the Heffner car that he had so much success with before going back on the WoO Tour with KKR.
  12. Why would anyone operate knowingly at a $8-10K loss consistently every week? What is the benefit to that other than blind hope the situation was going to get better and you’d be able to make up more money at the end of the year when fans were hopefully going to be allowed? I could be wrong...
  13. Unfortunately didn’t get a chance to go. How was it for those that went? Top 5 was full of big names. good, racey track? When did final checkered flag fly?
  14. Been an awesome year for Shark team with Logan’s success and being in hunt for the championship and it seems most nights Jacob has had a fast car in qualifying and heats, but just not quite good enough in feature.
  15. I missed the race but saw he won on twitter and quickly popped on DIRTVision to watch the VL ceremony. So cool!
  16. Really good point on Macedo...I can't see how Kyle keeps his WoO team going without getting back to a NASCAR paycheck at some point soon.
  17. Why would he leave his set up with Silva? They go wherever he wants/needs to and honestly...I don’t see Kyle full-time on dirt next year. I see a lot of movement at the Cup level for NASCAR and surely he will have a good shot at ending up in one of those rides...
  18. Devil’s Bowl released a list of confirmed drivers and think there were about 30 on there. Jimmy Phelps towing out again.
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