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  1. I think I’m looking forward to the NASCAR and WoO/SDS on Bristol dirt events about as much as any dirt race I have in my lifetime and I’ve been to two Knoxville Nationals.
  2. Good stuff! Glad they've got some things in motion. I'm going to re-up my subscription in april most likely so I can get Bristol. I canceled and will go without March races.
  3. Brewerton just announced last week plans to open up in early May...
  4. Did Tony ever win a WoO Late Model race? I'm 99.9 percent sure he hasn't won a SDS race.
  5. I was pretty entertained by the Trucks, Xfinity and Cup cars all on the road course this past weekend...I tuned into parts of all three races.
  6. Seems like he’s making progress every time the car is out on the track. Happy to see it. Hope he can get it to VL in the near future. What’s the list of guys that have won WoO Sprint Car, WoO Late Model and Super Dirt Series races? Can’t be long.... even guys having 2 of those 3 is probably pretty short with Pauch Sr. on it.
  7. Sorry didn’t mean to discount the one pass that did happen. Ross did work for that, but I think he benefited from the 2 having the damage. But yes, once he passed him, he was GONE. Gapped him in no time.
  8. Friesen ended up finishing 5th. Started 8th and jumped up 3 spots quickly in opening couple laps but then it very much became a train race for the leaders for the next 30 laps. There was one pass for the lead with 10ish laps to go but that was only after the leader had damage to the nose piece.
  9. For those still with an active DIRTVision account, Stewart Friesen is in action in the late model tonight in South Carolina. Went from 5th to 3rd in his heat and will start the feature 8th. Couple big names in the field tonight with Chris Madden and Kyle Strickler, but outside of that, not a whole lot of big names so good chance for Stew to make some noise tonight!
  10. WoO continuing to have a hard time getting going as the Cotton Bowl races in Texas scheduled for next weekend have been postponed due to the winter weather state of emergency down there.
  11. Big money weekend at Fonda July 3rd and 4th with $14,000 up for grabs in winner's money...Wonder how many of the NJ/PA guys might come up for that who support Deyo's southern shows.
  12. Was just coming on here to make a post about it... Give him credit for steering right into the situation. I think it’s kind of funny personally.
  13. Speaking of DIRTVision and people saying they had issues with canceling in the past. I just was able to cancel my subscription (still have access through March 5th for the current billing period) in 20 seconds on the website. You can do it right in your account and do not have to email anyone or rely on them to do the action. That's a great upgrade to their billing and payment process!
  14. Wow. S&S paving has been with Tremont for a VERY long time haven't they?
  15. I was really on the Ryan Newman train and almost put something on him..good thing I didn't as he ended up getting caught up in that big wreck.
  16. My statement had nothing to do with "fear" for contracting the virus. I was relating that car counts could be/are down in part to people having to deal with quarantine requirements if they decide to travel outside of their state/region/country.
  17. Rain has already cancelled tonight’s show. Max McLaughlin is the DIRTcar Nats BB champion and Devin Moran is the late model champion.
  18. It appears you are right. I didn’t even catch the switch from UR to Weedsport for the Sunday date of the traditional ESS speedweek. UR has had that date every speedweek in the past IIRC.
  19. Well well well...Deyo footprint increases and creeps closer to the DIRT capital of CNY. Wonder if this will impact the ESS speedweek schedule... Be interesting to see who calls Friday nights home at UR. Will Stew race there or A/S when his schedule permits?
  20. Be a bit easier to see someone has been out of the state when their name shows up in a race results section or a recap rather than a John Doe or someone traveling as a fan that doesn’t post on social... You can call it “nonsense” all you want but you can’t tell me it’s not having an impact on long distance travel to places when the Chili Bowl car count was down from the last couple years and Volusia mod car count is also down.
  21. I have to imagine the NY quarantine rules are somewhat affecting the car count for SDS. Most of the SDS and DIRT cars are located in NY and Canada. Canadians can’t even cross the border easily or at all and NY has strict quarantine requirements. How many can afford to spend the full week down there and the additional week or two they would have to quarantine? I was a little surprised Mike Mahaney and Billy Pauch Sr. werent at Volusia. BP has supported the Volusia shows pretty regularly lately and Mahaney is obviously a SDS driver. I don’t think the Huttig team has traveled down there thou
  22. According go Mike Mallet’s twitter post, Matt Sheppard is still in the pits tonight as is Max.
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