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  1. Glad Ryan Newman is considered to have non life-threatening injuries despite being in serious condition after that horrific wreck coming the checkered flag today at Daytona.
  2. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    SDS 2020 drivers.

    Matt Sheppard officially signs on for the SDS Tour.
  3. Definitely enjoyed Friday night’s action as well. The late models feature the night Overton and Whitener had their fireworks was a good one too.
  4. I think they alternated each night didn’t they?
  5. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Big Block Pride

    They did some track work after the big block feature to make it a bit more racey for the late models.
  6. I bought the dirtvision monthly package last week and got the three nights of the WoO sprints in there too. I've been loving it. Eight nights of racing for me with 3 nights of WoO sprints and 5 nights of late models/big blocks...can't beat that for $40.
  7. WOW! What a late model race at Volusia tonight. Mark Whitener and Brandon Overton were slamming and banging for the lead. Overton threw the first elbow and then Whitener responded. Overton got washed up after the elbow he threw. Feel bad for Whitener who was so close to likely the biggest win of his career. incredible race though.
  8. And asking each division to run 5-6 nights straight for points at this time of the year is difficult.
  9. Happy for Logan Schuchart to pick up the win tonight, but really feel bad for Cory Eliason who blew an engine on the last lap battling Schuchart for the win. Pretty solid three days of racing with the Outlaws. Looking forward to five nights of WoO late models and big blocks later this week!
  10. Rooting for Ian to have a good night tonight. He was FAST all last night. It's crazy because he missed the feature on Night 1...shows how competitive that field is down there and how hard it is just to make an A-main at Volusia.
  11. Nasty nasty crash at Volusia tonight in the WoO sprints. Ian Madsen and Brad Sweet were battling for the lead and Sweet had a run on Madsen low, Madsen tried to fire through a closing hole between Sweet and the fence and he ran out of room...Madsen wheel hopped Sweet's right rear and then his car went airborne, catching the fence HARD and crumpling. Thankfully he got out under his own power and is okay. Red flag for an hour to repair the fence. Cars are finally firing again.
  12. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Fonda and ESS?

    The CRSA sprints are different than the Patriots though right? CRSA is a 305 tour?
  13. Respectfully disagree. I don’t want to see racing from the Drone footage but I love the shots they get of the cars lining up on the track or after cars spin or wrecks. I think they used it well on the DV broadcast. Idk if DTDtv was using it differently.
  14. Loving the drone footage that DIRTVision is working into its coverage and alternate shots this year.
  15. I’ve got 3 TVs in my living room and 2 Apple TV’s so I can air play to the 2 not hooked up to cable. Only way to do it! Football Sunday, racing, hockey, olympics...works like a dream.
  16. For sure. My cousin is racing at All-Tech tonight but I’ve got the WoO season opener at Volusia on my iPad right now. Looking forward to the 5 days of mods next week that I get with my DIRTVision subscription though! Im going to get 8 days of racing with DIRTVision this month for $39 and then I’ll cancel after the last night of the DIRTcar Nats until I want to splurge again at a later date this summer.
  17. Per event. I've inquired at length about the possibility of a monthly and yearly subscription but at this time, it doesn't make sense for DTD with the model they've gone to and the money they put into each event to broadcast it. I hope some day they can get to a point where a monthly or yearly subscription can be entertained and it makes sense for them financially, but so far that hasn't been the case. I have purchased a couple of broadcasts the last couple years, but I personally can't justify the $25 or more price tag on each event more than a couple times a year when there are alternative options out there to capture similar races.
  18. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway 2020?

    Super DIRT Series race on Tuesday August 18th!
  19. Anyone have an update or hearing anything on Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway for 2020? I've enjoyed my two trips there once its been back to dirt and hope they can continue racing.
  20. 42 modifieds and 31 sportsman at All-Tech for night 1 of the sunshine swing.
  21. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    SDS 2020 drivers.

    Peter Britten confirmed SDS full time again.
  22. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    SDS 2020 drivers.

    Hell yeah! This is awesome.
  23. While some probably hate it, I LOVE the new look of Laubach's 1K car featured on the front page of DTD right now. Something different and unique that you don't see often. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=35427&fbclid=IwAR0UwzAZI1mkUV-5im-8dwJwCCogg8xJgRCWgBDZ38ng2Dz96Y7hFjsuvw0
  24. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    SDS 2020 drivers.

    To get back on track, Who are the 100% confirmed 2020 SDS drivers at this point? I think I've only seen Jessey Mueller and Demetrius Drellos so far on social.
  25. Read an article today on a different racing site that Derrick McGrew Jr. at the the ripe age of 12 years old will be running a big block modified in 2020 at Albany-Saratoga.