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  1. 4th Turn

    Tyler Dippel

    Exactly, people on here love to hate on him but if they had a rich daddy they would be doing the same thing. I say best of luck to the kid.
  2. 1980 I lost my virginity in the Ghetto to someone in a batman fire suit.
  3. Bitching about the Promoter is nothing new at Fonda , back in the 70's half the grandstand was complaining about everything that Compani did. We didn't have the internet so the only ones that knew about it were the ones bitching or the ones listening to the bitching.
  4. Not offended at all , I completely agree with you on that.
  5. A guy should never talk shit about another mans choice of women or beer no matter how nasty they may be .
  6. Stereotypes? I didn't even mention anything " aboot " round bacon .
  7. That really hurts coming from a country of hosers that feed at the poutine buffet in their denim jackets .
  8. You couldn't pay me to eat fish at a racetrack , then again I won't eat any food at a racetrack .
  9. You make more sense when you're quite .
  10. Still waiting for the all knowing Valley expert to tell us what really happened .
  11. Gasket , it was nice of you to put that last choice in there just for Valleyfan .
  12. What's that mean , touch my stinky ?