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  1. Tony Stewart won't care , he will pick him up at bargain basement prices and stick some Hass Automation sponsorship on the car.
  2. No offense but do you have a diminished mental capacity or are you an Ahole just for the sake of being an Ahole ? Note to admins , I can't get in trouble because I said no offense first. It's the law.
  3. Howie and Lyle are some of the best in the business, bar none. The racing at the valley is tolerable. The fans at the track are , and always have been , the insecure red headed step child of capital district race fans . Its been that way for many decades but now they have an all time village idiot in Valleyfan .
  4. "Rampart we have a male Caucasian, approximately 45 , we've applied 15 units of ringers lactate, ETA 10 min. " I have no idea what the hell ringers lactate is but they gave it to every patient.
  5. Exactly, people on here love to hate on him but if they had a rich daddy they would be doing the same thing. I say best of luck to the kid.
  6. 1980 I lost my virginity in the Ghetto to someone in a batman fire suit.
  7. Bitching about the Promoter is nothing new at Fonda , back in the 70's half the grandstand was complaining about everything that Compani did. We didn't have the internet so the only ones that knew about it were the ones bitching or the ones listening to the bitching.
  8. A guy should never talk shit about another mans choice of women or beer no matter how nasty they may be .
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