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  8. lenster24

    Penn Can

    Not true it's going to still be Friday... Let's just hope it open up next year...
  9. Stewart Friesen Matt Sheppard Larry Wight Billy Decker Jimmy Phelps Erick Rudolph Matt Williamson Mike Mahaney Brett Hearn Pat Ward DH Tim Sears JR
  10. Eastern states 200 is always a good weekend
  11. lenster24

    The Science to Surfaces

    Really big tires....what you would see on a monster truck
  12. Stewart Friesen Bobby Varin Anthony Perrego Billy Decker Brett Hearn Matt Sheppard Mike Gular Mike Mahaney Rocky Warner Andy Bachetti DH Tim Fuller
  13. lenster24

    The Science to Surfaces

    you really should have mowed it before posting a pic, better chance to sell it