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  1. They are still sponsoring the dirtcar race at Thunder mountain speedway on Aug. 4th
  2. lenster24

    Mike Colsten

    I believe what needed to be said already has RIP Mike...
  3. Tyler Dipple to run full time in the Bill Pascual # 3
  4. He has everything he needs, so hopefully he can make OCFS the place to be... I think he can
  5. With the new surface and all of the passing it's going to be great watching the fast cars come from the rear...
  6. lenster24

    Brett Hearn

    He should have just switched to the Bicknell chassis he would have at least 75 wins this year
  7. I like Crafton but to win the championship with no wins and a mediocre season at best is A bs point system to me....
  8. lenster24

    Brett Hearn

    Now he has to prove if he can run OCFS
  9. Who's won more then Williamson did this year?
  10. Matt Williamson Billy Decker Matt Sheppard Erick Rudolph Jimmy Phelps Tim Fuller Danny Johnson Mike Meresca Brett Hearn Anthony Perrego DH Mac Mclaughlin
  11. Stewart Friesen Larry Wight Rick Labauch Ryan Watt Billy Pauch jr Jeff Strunk Mike Gular Craig VonDohren David VanHorn jr Jimmy Horton DH Matt Sheppard
  12. it was a mutual agreement and yes he is out
  13. lenster24


    Anthony Perrego is taking over the track......