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  1. It has been pretty full but still some spots left.... probably be a few more cars this week because they are charging $20 per person and not $99 for a car load of 4
  2. It seems my grass is growing very fast this year.....
  3. Open practice Tuesday June 2nd with no fans and limited cars....It's A start
  4. Geoff Bodine was also big in bobsled racing, he built the bobsleds for the US olympics team in 2002 and I believe we won a few golds.
  5. Working at Napa everyday trying to keep every ones cars going....Really just want this to end so we can go racing
  6. OCFS would have ran tonight and I would have been there
  7. I think Sheppard will get 6 wins this year...The Johnson brothers will go through 8 different rides and Sheppard 9s will be the honorary starter at Eastern States.....
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