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  1. Matt Sheppard Erick Rudolph Stewart Friesen Dave Hebert Steve Bernier Jimmy Phelps Larry Wight Danny Johnson Steve Bernard Billy Decker DH Peter Britten
  2. Stewart Friesen Matt Sheppard Larry Wight Jimmy Phelps Matt Williamson Erick Rudolph Billy Decker Yan Bussiere Dave Hebert Mario Clair DH Danny Johnson
  3. The racing will be very good, like No Rain said the fair is in town, if you don't buy you tickets online you will have to pay to get in the fair ( I think it's only a dollar, but I could be wrong)...Parking is about 1/2 mile away. I would suggest take out a personal loan and come early and enjoy the fair for A while then go see some good racing or you could go to the drive in section and skip the fair and the personal loan all together
  4. Matt Sheppard Ryan Watt Craig VonDohren Anthony Perrego Jeff Strunk Duane Howard Mike Gular Jordan Watson Andy Bachetti Rick Laubach DH Stewart Friesen
  5. What's screwed up is the HBR cars are there....That's really f@#$ed up that they can come but some of the regulars can't
  6. How could anyone know how the track will be if no one has driven on it yet?
  7. Anthony Perrego Michael Storms Stewart Friesen Andy Bachetti Matt Williamson Matt Sheppard Danny Tyler Danny Creeden Billy Decker Jimmy Wells DH Mike Mahaney
  8. Matt Sheppard Danny Johnson Erick Rudolph Jimmy Phelps Larry Wight Matt Williamson Billy Decker Billy Dunn Alan Johnson Mike Mahaney DH Ryan Godown
  9. Do you think Halmar would have it on Friesen's truck if it wasn't going to happen...
  10. Putting down new clay and putting up new lights
  11. Matt Sheppard Erick Rudolph Jimmy Phelps Billy Decker Tim Fuller Larry Wight Brett Hearn Mike Mahaney Matt Williamson Danny Johnson DH Chris Raabe
  12. Good to see OCFS getting some new clay put down today...