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  1. He didn't want to make all the other drivers too scared to race 🤣
  2. He's not welcome at the 200 because of the bullshit he did to Larry, it has nothing to do with being scared of a guy they race against dozens of time a year. To think otherwise is just dumb fanboy crap
  3. You're supposed to, but theres tons of people under insured, or just without insurance all together ask me how I know! I just got my deductible back 1.5 years after some under insured kid hit my truck 🙄
  4. No one is scared that Matt might beat them, stop being delusional
  5. To be fair so could your daily driver or your house
  6. I thought it was Ryan Phelps that was the teacher.
  7. Poor kyle Larson, dude is cursed!
  8. Well, even if dirt is technically the one paying it, you know its part of the fee that a track pays to host a SDS race.
  9. Pretty sure its tow money and provisional starts
  10. I like that Martini racing scheme on Briscoe's ride!
  11. From their facebook "Five Mile Point Speedway will be open in 2019. We are on the verge of signing a lease contract that will continue the operation for the 69th consecutive season. Details will be out in the next week or two."
  12. You can't argue car count on the SDS by discounting when 358s help fill the field, and then prop up the other series on car count when they also use small blocks to fill the field.
  13. Bliss Speedway (Run by the Barbers) in Bliss NY is a pavement oval, there is also Chapel Hill raceway in Great Valley NY.
  14. That's a crazy hit, is there any other footage of the crash?
  15. Rebob broke it down in one of the Oswego threads, it was pretty crazy the numbers he posted