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  1. Yeah they certainly put on a hell of a show the past three nights. Super happy with my Floracing sub
  2. No, how many teams own a ported 358, and aren't currently racing weekly?
  3. How many teams have big small blocks just sitting around keeping them from racing weekly?
  4. I don't think the WoO should do it, but I've seen a ton of good sprint car races on pavement.
  5. The video can be found here, pretty clear cut that this is all on max .
  6. It's not just race fans, people love to voice negative opinions on everything online 🤷‍♂️
  7. Letting people put down blankets day(s) before the race is kind of a crappy policy imo
  8. It's an easy decision when it doesn't effect your bank account
  9. I didn't know that about the PA tracks, but out west here in CO/KS its run the same as NY
  10. I can't think of a single track, in or out of NY that runs its headline division first
  11. You're not hitting an inside wall the same way you plow into a Yuke tire
  12. He's not welcome at the 200 because of the bullshit he did to Larry, it has nothing to do with being scared of a guy they race against dozens of time a year. To think otherwise is just dumb fanboy crap
  13. You're supposed to, but theres tons of people under insured, or just without insurance all together ask me how I know! I just got my deductible back 1.5 years after some under insured kid hit my truck 🙄
  14. No one is scared that Matt might beat them, stop being delusional
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