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  1. Me and my 900 year old friends are the greater. I’m the greatest. We are the greatest. We get it.
  2. It is their first time doing this, so some glitches are to be expected.
  3. Ive had that problem on other sites in the past month. Even ones I have ordered from in the past.
  4. Obviously Middletown isn’t a 5/8 mile. It has been changed a number of times since it opened. NASCAR measures a track 10 feet from the outside wall which is not accurate to distance traveled.
  5. No offense but you can’t expect to have a camper spot the day of the show.
  6. The difference between making it and not is probably a foot. Much easier if everyone just stayed in their lane.
  7. @nick. Being forced low caused Manmiller to enter the 1st turn at a bad angle. He had to load up the right rear earlier. This increased his forward bite and he couldn’t turn away from the guardrail.
  8. Godown causes the whole thing by running Manmiller down the track on the front stretch.
  9. Grandview has the 76er scheduled for September 21st next year. How does that line up with Fonda and Albany Saratoga?
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