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  1. Brock Zearfoss out of the Destiny #4 that started on the WoO and finshed with the All Stars. I guess it will be interesting to see who ends up in that ride even though it has seemed to be cursed!
  2. Shane Stewart to CJB #5 Carson Macedo to KLR #2 David Gravel to JJR #41 All on the WoO Tour in 2019. I think the big silly season moves are over but we will see some other teams make decisions about following either the WoO or All Stars.
  3. i don't want to be the jerk to bring it up but does anyone know if there is a rain date for this? do they run the big blocks and the sprints monday?
  4. Hoping it doesn't rain. Not looking great! It's the best paying race of the weekend hope it gets a bunch of cars! This race is rain plagued unfortunately
  5. Ill add some Clyde Knipp (on his schedule) Brent Marks (on his schedule)
  6. Anyone know if NYSSCA is planning on doing the 8 pin no tap tournament again this year? I had a great time bowling last year.
  7. Congrats to Jason Sides for winning the Boothill Showdown last night with the WoO sprints. He has been on the road running the team by himself for a little while. The win was well deserved and I hope there are more to come!
  8. Didn't that guy buy stateline and ereiz? Did both close? Man good thing he didn't buy lancaster...
  9.   I don't think Stewart would skip Fonda even if he could still win the points. I think he will fill in some races with a 410 maybe?? 
  10. I don't think you'll ever see Schatz "washed up" in a sprint car. I have a feeling the late model stuff he's running now is going to lead to him running a late model full time by the time he's Kinser's age. It's safer racing, and he's rather competitive at it already.     I agree I don't think we will see him washed up either. Not being competitive doesn't seem like his cup of tea. It would be cool to see him go full time with the late models at some point.
  11. Did I see this correct? Decker was fast time but didn't make the feature? or did he choose not to run the feature?
  12. Hey dean do you think the car count for Saturday will be affected by Selinsgrove running a 10,000 to win show for the 360's? Do a lot of the ESS cars usually attend this race? I know this is a new date for the race a Selinsgrove. 
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