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    Fonda 5/7

    Robertmorris, once the Tapanzee is done so will Hallmar be done. I've been in the construction business, they come and go fast ! Job done and see ya New York ! Could be wrong ! Now go ahead and beat on me !
  2. newbee

    Fonda 5/7

    I'm going to guess that Stewie doesn't need OCFSs or Hallmar , look at his finishes at OCFS ! Fonda $2000 or OCFS tenth for $200 ? What would you choose?
  3. Troll aka valleyfan has never had anything good to say about Glen Ridge !How about just STFU ! Go Albany-Saratoga and get wet !
  4. Future radar shows major rain at about 8:00pm , I really want to go but it's not going happen this week . Not going take the chance, percentages are not in my favor 80%
  5. Wow! This is new for Albany-Saratoga? Why do 50 sportsman go there every week when it has not changed for years ? The same week after week! Hello guys,Glen Ridge was smooooooth and faaaaaast!
  6. With all the rain coming when will tracks cancel ? Calls for 2+ inches of rain,in the mohawk valley!
  7. Well I wonder where Milker is so he can call people names and belittle the 79 west end team?,(aka; mike edwards,chad edwards brother)
  8. Time for milker to take a trip to Tobyville with all the name calling! I don't think he gets what the forum is about!
  9. Tornado watch for Montgomery county until 11:00pm
  10. Heard a bunch of rumors that Shea Montgomery was light ,and one other in top 5 the rev box did not work. Anyone know about this? Also Montgomery was booted for awhile? Any news?
  11. Still, that won't increase the field! Sowle already tried that with $1000 to win and it didn't work. So what your saying is that Dodson is going to try to win his money back? Just like going to Turning Stone! With 3 of the cars in the field of 13 he has prrety good odds!!
  12. newbee


    Fonda is not looking good,80% Chance of rain!
  13. It's all great if you own a Troyer!!! How does it benefit anyone else?
  14. I'm going to guess the Dodson cars will be there, rumors of the 14,24, running there . Meeting on 27 wiill tell