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  1. Mohawk 2 day show in September and Brockville Fall Nationals
  2. I believe you just answered your own question
  3. They must have been "nuts" lmao
  4. Floracing Not sure on 360 nitro
  5. The best thing was getting to Can-am Wednesday super early because I was off of work (probably around 3pm) and watching the trailers pull in until the gates opened. Reminded me of old times going with my father far away to tracks like Rolling Wheels and Weedsport. And I agree Mohawk ran a well timed race considering the conditions
  6. Track might have rubbed up but there were multiple lanes. Very smooth track conditions and they ran the show reasonably well. Hats off the Bartlett's
  7. Rmitchell

    Big show 11

    From my understanding Fuller's crewguy is not with Fuller anymore and Fuller is now focusing on just local racing
  8. I definitely need to head there more this year. The night I went there were definitely multiple grooves.
  9. Don't forget to support Can-am the night before. Should be a good double header...
  10. Don't they all run every Saturday?
  11. Rmitchell

    Tim Fuller

    Fuller is running Mohawk and Brockville weekly as well as following the big block tour. Occasionally Can-am when Mohawk is off and Cornwall for there big paying races. Don't be surprised if he makes some small block tour races too.
  12. I give Cornwall all the credit for trying to give a dust free surface for the fans. They tried to widen that groove during intermission too. Mistakes were made and I'm sure they have learned and moved on.
  13. My first tripple header weakend. Mohawk, Brockville and Cornwall
  14. How about this weekend's weather. Calling for no rain all weekend.
  15. Madison Mulder get passed by Brian McDonald then passing him back at Mohawk last night