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  1. Wasn't there a race at hagerstown that Gary Tomkins and Tim Fuller did battle back and forth the whole race. 2004 maybe
  2. Sounds confusing. Should just make it a simple format. imo
  3. And that's your opinion
  4. #47 Corey Wheeler plans to run 358 if his motor lasts. Doing all the satelite races and remaining 358 races with 1 motor. Jordan McCreadie #9 also plans on running 358 depending how satelite races go. Not sure how much equipment he has left.
  5. Billy Dunn and Tim Fuller
  6. Firecracker 100 weekend at Lernerville
  7. Great coverage from Fonda tonight!
  8. You can add #23 Mike Stacy to 358's per Zach Aubertine
  9. Rmitchell

    Turn 1,2,3 or 4

    Canandaigua going into 3. Brewerton between 3 and 4. Mohawk coming off of 4. Can-am between 3 and 4. Airborne going into 1. Brockville between 1 and 2. Cornwall down the backstretch. Fonda like you said.
  10. 1st this has nothing to do with the 17. 2nd I know they have graded this race in the past and racing had multiple lanes all race long. Hell they have graded it on regular nights before and racing has been fantastic because of it. 3rd and just my opinion but if they did not grade the track it would have probably been follow the leader on the bottom all race long.
  11. It needed to be graded. Friday night feature was rubbing during consolations. They did the best they could at making a raceable surface. Time to move on