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  1. Physical therapy for me. Just started out patient in my county so I can do more than just home stuff. Now I'm just trying to figure out how I can get on my lawnmower and mow which I enjoy doing. Soon after I'm going to figure a way to transfer back on my truck. Also plan on doing some fishing.
  2. Sorry but I'm going to have to agree with Paige on this one
  3. What's crazy is he hasn't won a race since October 18 at Brockville 205 days ago. Must be washed up or something.
  4. Danny Creeden Alex Yankowski Richie Pratt jr. Jimmy Horton (confirmed) Danny Bouc
  5. First confirmed driver is defending Fulton 200 winner the 7mm of Mike Maresca
  6. I'll be heading to my hometrack of MIR as much as possible. Thank you and hope they will be back racing at soon.
  7. Yes did them back in high school when I was messing around with video editing
  8. Been doing good. Getting ready to leave rehab in a few days to head home.
  9. I think evans mills will be a track I'll be heading to alot.
  10. Unfortunately I have to stay in my seat because I need to have the cushion and have to do a pressure relief because of my skin. It could be possible because cushion comes off but very hard and unlikely to happen.
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