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  1. New events, in place of the West Coast events – which will be announced soon – will take place after Cotton Bowl and bring the tour back to its original schedule with Lawton Speedway on Friday, April 16, and Devil’s Bowl Speedway on Saturday, April 17.
  2. Great news. Our 2021 season will kick off on Saturday, May 1 and will return to a full weekly slate of Saturday night shows with or without fans. More details and full schedule to be released soon.
  3. My guess is Larry Wight is not down there from just having another kid
  4. I'm just going to put this out there. People are going to complain and bitch about price but I will applaud all streams of dirt races shown especially during covid regardless of price to give us a chance to watch racing. Plus knowing the price ahead of time gives me options to pick and choose what I want to watch and I think it's fantastic until we get life back to normal.
  5. The only reason I know pitbull is because they keep playing that fireball song at Cornwall Speedway the last couple of years when I went and the fifty fifty seller danced with the kids to it. But today's music is trash.
  6. Can-am runs Friday's for small blocks. I think Sunday's are fine. JMO
  7. Can't go wrong with Land of Legends, Albany Saratoga and Brewerton for big blocks. Cornwall speedway is my favorite track though. Mohawk, Can-Am and Fulton are great for small blocks. Airborne is also a great track but dropped 358's
  8. https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/profile.php?id=226 These are his modified stats not counting his sportsman races he's raced to give you an idea
  9. If NY still won't let fans in I'll be there atleast once in 2021 if not more. Still haven't checked that place out and Saturdays work better for me and my family.
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