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  1. 7 more names confirmed on there page bring it to 25 confirmed drivers. To lazy to add names. Only noticable one is Tyler Siri
  2. Mobile app version looks different. Take a little time to get use to it like anything else lol
  3. Looking at the orginal schedule. The SDS had 1 race outside of NY/Canada except for Florida before the pandemic and NC which just cancelled. The STSS have only changed 1 race on their both north and south schedule being Port Royal with most races being in states that allow fans. I am missing your point...
  4. Helps when they can get a crowd where the STSS is racing
  5. Considering the SDS consists of mostly NY and Canada there is no argument
  6. Considering they raced in NY only once that point isn't very strong
  7. The only thing I don't understand is why should you have to email when other websites can cancel there subscription much easier
  8. Great race tonight. Lots of passing and multiple grooves. Mat Williamson pulled off another big race win over Friesen and Sheppard
  9. Then step right up. It can't be easy. They do the best they can and people can only B*tch. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's big event even if there are some mistakes.
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