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  1. To be fair Dirtcar home base is NY and our POS governor didn't let a whole lot happen all summer. I am surprised they didn't try to do a Grandview/Big Diamond swing or something though.
  2. From a fans perspective STSS is superior imo. You get to see the "professionals" and the NJ, Del, PA big guns but with the SDS its 90% NY guys only. The format for STSS is far more entertaining from a fans perspective also. This is just my opinion.
  3. I wish the SDS wasn't stuck on the ice rinks of NY. Volusia and Bridgeport were far more entertaining than any race during Oktoberfast imo.
  4. Fwiw the late model guys travel around with different size motors for different tracks. Yes, some of them only use 1 size but a lot of them carry big motors for big tracks and smaller for small tracks.
  5. Haha... there are prob some mmm..."seasoned" racers on here that could tell you about counting seconds before turning into the corners at Rolling Wheels during some of the day races in the late 90's early 2000's.
  6. Port Royal took 24 min longer to complete than the 200 at Oswego. That's with a 67 minute red flag and a 10 min halfway break.
  7. This has to be fact. Other than the Pauch Jr crash Port Royal went off fairly quick.
  8. Getcha a 360 or bigger and good knowledge with the spring smasher and AR's and you'll compete anywhere with STSS. I'd like to see a breakdown but it sounds like everything from a 360 to a big big block and everything in between has won this yr.
  9. Yes, we heard the announcement. I'm going from what STSS posted on their website that plans are already in the works for the Speed Showcase to return to Port Royal next yr.
  10. I don't think anyone has a problem with a hot pit if it's safe. Well, safer than Sat was.
  11. How bout if its not flat you can't change it and no fuel unless its at the break?
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