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  1. Tonight at 5:30, STSS Facebook page. Late model race featuring Friesen, Perrego and more...
  2. That guy announcing sounds a hell of a lot like Tim Pitts the announcer at OCFS
  3. If we lose most or all of this season to coronavirus We might have a few more tracks that go the way of Wheels.
  4. The governor of PA said he will not close the race tracks. So I guess we're left to choose if we want to risk it.
  5. 73 is not the end of it. We'll end up with way more than 14,000 deaths by the end of this year unless something is done. It's a fluid situation. It's a brand new virus that made it here like 2 weeks ago. The flu has been around forever. Wish people would get it through their head that it's not going to stay small unless we take precautions.
  6. Imagine a 50,000 bonus if someone could sweep the STSS and SDS. That would increase participation in both. In a perfect world...
  7. I don't think he'll win the most races this year. And if he happens to, I don't think it will be by 15-20 like it has been the past few years. Larry Wight and Mat Williamson are going to be tough.
  8. Been to OCFS lately? Guys run on every inch of the track.
  9. Deyo would schedule on a free day and within a week there would be an ESS race the same day
  10. Actually it wasn't yours must be. 3 purses in 3 features of 500 to win 50 to start will be more in total than 750 to win 75 to start for one feature. He's saying Fulton pays out more overall than a track that runs one feature, and he is correct.
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