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  1. Mat Williamson is $100,000 richer
  2. Time trials were scheduled for 5 PM all 3 days and never did they meet that start time.
  3. He had an epic battle with Hearn for the win at Eastern States a couple years ago
  4. Two seconds so in 11-12 laps they're lapped.
  5. It was extremely one lane tonight... reminded me of a slowed down version of the old Middletown. They need to go back to whatever they did last Saturday that produced 3-4 wide racing.
  6. burtonfan1995

    OCSF seating

    Looks like Thursday may be the biggest count of the week
  7. The track was absolutely bone dry before a car turned a lap. Other tracks I go to are 6 inches of mud half hour before start time.
  8. They said over the PA that drivers involved in the dust-caused wrecks were being allowed to work on their cars and return to their original starting spots
  9. burtonfan1995

    S T E W I E ! ! !

    Congrats to Stew for the win and to Tyler Dippel on his fight and crashing people after the checkered flag. Wonder if Rhodes will go to jail for assault on a minor since Dippel is 14.
  10. Still bigger than a normal truck crowd
  11. burtonfan1995

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    The Doctor is now back with Chris Gennarelli and Ray Graham providing a Bicknell car. Heard from Gennarelli himself on Facebook.
  12. This race has been rescheduled for Thursday August 15
  13. Their race monitor seems to be fine until the features are on the track.
  14. burtonfan1995


    I had the "pleasure" of watching Bachetti jump restarts and slam his way through the pack at Afton for four years. Y'all at Accord and the Valley can keep him.
  15. Penn Can will be scrapping hot laps and starting with heats at 7:30