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  1. I don't think he'll win the most races this year. And if he happens to, I don't think it will be by 15-20 like it has been the past few years. Larry Wight and Mat Williamson are going to be tough.
  2. burtonfan1995

    Big Block Pride

    Been to OCFS lately? Guys run on every inch of the track.
  3. Care to make a bet on that?
  4. Had a pretty good crowd there last night. Good to see.
  5. Deyo would schedule on a free day and within a week there would be an ESS race the same day
  6. Actually it wasn't yours must be. 3 purses in 3 features of 500 to win 50 to start will be more in total than 750 to win 75 to start for one feature. He's saying Fulton pays out more overall than a track that runs one feature, and he is correct.
  7. I think the sportsman paid over 1000 last year to win.
  8. burtonfan1995


    I make it to Fonda about every other week and the shows there were all great last year. The place was packed every week too. 50/50s were regularly over $2500
  9. Tyler Dippel did it too, folks. McGrew is just honest.
  10. burtonfan1995


    No wonder they're down to 20 cars
  11. The Short Track Supernationals is the "Working Man's Race" that's where people get confused.
  12. Mahaney is mad because a superior driver has won $60,000+ in a few months in a car he did nothing with.
  13. burtonfan1995

    Outlaw 200

    The Doctor will be there to break more equipment
  14. burtonfan1995

    Favorite Track

    Port Royal, East Bay, Fulton