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  1. They beat out guys like Bachetti, Pauch Jr, Creeden, Barker to do it. Good for them
  2. The biggest shocker to me that wasn’t there was Ronnie Davis III. Britten was a little shocking too. The rest I could’ve seen skipping.
  3. Everyone in this topic complaining about dust must never have been to Thunder Mountain.
  4. That weekend should’ve proven to everyone that Dirtcar is toxic to modified racing. That whole Weedsport weekend was to screw OCFS for dropping sanctioning.
  5. Hearn a few years back ran Eastern States instead of the Dirtcar show at Weedsport and was penalized. Even though Weedsport rained out. Not exactly sure the details of the penalty.
  6. If the championship is decided by less points than this race allowed Verstappen to gain on Hamilton, I will die of laughter
  7. Jessica's facebook page posted she would be racing at Utica and Fonda this weekend. She was a no show at Utica and at Fonda was not there before the rain. Any idea what's up?
  8. There is no good clay down this way. Afton has trucked in a few loads of clay from the Syracuse area the last couple years and they have a black slick surface now like the central NY tracks. The rest have yet to do so.
  9. Sheppard breaks at the white flag and hands the win to local up and comer Darren Smith. I'm off to take 3 showers now before I get in bed. Dirtiest I've been in years.
  10. Noticed sparks from under the car the last 6-8 laps. Might've had something to do with it
  11. I didn't notice that but I noticed that the mod features at Fonda are damn good without the 44 in the field.
  12. If they have more than 18 cars I'd consider it a win. They will have to rely on big ULMS support
  13. Gibbs cars aren't winning? They have 5 wins as a team and the only car that hasn't won is the point leader
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