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  1. Mahaney is mad because a superior driver has won $60,000+ in a few months in a car he did nothing with.
  2. burtonfan1995

    Outlaw 200

    The Doctor will be there to break more equipment
  3. burtonfan1995

    Favorite Track

    Port Royal, East Bay, Fulton
  4. Too much to get in running against too many tracks.
  5. Or vice versa "Brewerton is still on for tonight" Random person: "POURING in Watertown"
  6. No modifieds, no crowd.
  7. burtonfan1995

    Dippel suspended

    "You're wrong, but i'm not gonna say the truth" typical of this forum.
  8. burtonfan1995

    Dippel suspended

    He has a history of stuff like this. It has nothing to do with money...
  9. Mat Williamson is $100,000 richer
  10. Time trials were scheduled for 5 PM all 3 days and never did they meet that start time.
  11. He had an epic battle with Hearn for the win at Eastern States a couple years ago
  12. Two seconds so in 11-12 laps they're lapped.
  13. It was extremely one lane tonight... reminded me of a slowed down version of the old Middletown. They need to go back to whatever they did last Saturday that produced 3-4 wide racing.