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  1. I would be more worried about Fonda taking fans than Orange County. It isn't a fun drive down there weekly. I think Chris Larsen is doing great things and will get a good turnout, I just don't think they will be coming from the Valley (outside of the die-hard Hearn fans which there are PLENTY of).
  2. I guess we'll see when the gates swing open who has a better field. Should be an interesting first few weeks.
  3. Isn't it a multiple day event? Thought I read that someplace. If so, the conflicts aren't just Saturday. Thank goodness for people like Chris Larsen who can afford to give away money. I don't see how a show like this can make money unless it's an unbelievable entry fee but this is great for racers and fans.
  4. And now Malta has a big weekend planned for September 20-22. So it begins.
  5. The Wight banned posts are getting old. If you don't like what he's doing buy the tracks and do it different. I don't agree with the move at all but its not my decision to make. As far as $20, I believe that is for tomorrow and it is for the pits and the rear grandstands which are in the pits. They are not opening the main grandstand so if you want to go see it, you pay pit admission. It really doesn't seem that complicated and not everything needs constant debate. Why a fan would go watch practice even if it was free is beyond me.
  6. HRDProStock

    SDW 2017

    Rolling Wheels is not the answer. I would rather see it at Lebanon Valley then Rolling Wheels. Like the racing or not, Howard knows how to promote a race and draw people in. This weekend as I was pulling in it struck me the number of campers that are there every week plus all the people at the drag strip. They have the space, they have the camping, facility (stands, walls) needs a lot of work which Howie can afford to do without waiting on State money or handouts from others.
  7. HRDProStock

    SDW 2017

    The complainers are always the loudest. Every person I went with last year remarked how much better it was than the mile even with the rough conditions. And yes, a nicer of them had cars racing. The only thing better about the mile was the atmosphere but those things take time. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. And the small blocks went green to checkers, pretty sure that didn't slow things down much.
  9. Curious what Utica will do also.
  10. This will interesting. Two of the favorites (of the officials), no telling what they will do, if anything.
  11. Perhaps if they wanted the Patriots to stay off their speedway as you put it then it should not have been run on one of the busiest holiday weekends for racing. Just a thought.
  12. HRDProStock


    Same number as Canandaigua. I think it's less about Pete and more about the state of modified racing. Yes, some tracks still draw (Lebanon Valley, Orange County, etc) but instead of the norm, they are now the exception.
  13. The power was fine, the lights malfunctioned. For all the improvements made at Malta it is shocking that the same group does nothing with Lebanon Valley. The place draws a huge crowd and a great field of cars but its time to reinvest money into the facility in my opinion.