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  1. They were apparently doing it once the ground froze this Fall...
  2. They're also bringing in the back stretch.
  3. Thank you for this info, I'll keep an eye on my card.
  4. The Fast Pass is a monthly subscription, there was no option to buy the weekend only. It was either a) Buy a Fast Pass (monthly subscription) or b) Buy each event separately.
  5. The Fast Pass is a monthly subscription, I'm pretty sure it says it on their website. That's why I cancelled mine right after the World Finals.
  6. DIRTCar97

    World Finals

    DIRTcar has done this several times this year. One time that stands out in my mind is during the SDS race at Brockville. It was nice to see that they penalized Mat at the WF for doing the same thing, which to me shows consistency and no favourites. I will also say that the weekly Race Director at both Brockville Can-Am Speedways does an excellent job and has enforced this rule several times throughout the year.
  7. That must of really helped you in winning a championship... two unnecessary DNFs.
  8. DIRTCar97


    You're not forced to watch them.
  9. I casted Google Chrome from my laptop to my tv... worked great!
  10. DIRTCar97

    Coil Car

    We were changing our bars every 4 weekly races...
  11. DIRTCar97

    Coil Car

    You are able to switch from bars to coils with pretty much any car, but now Bicknell - and I think Troyer as well - are building coil specific cars with no rack to switch to bars. Assuming you have a car with a rack, switching from coils to bars would take a night in the shop to do, it's not something you can do at the track - at least not properly.
  12. I hope this includes the SDS and not just the two WoO events.
  13. At a place like Can-Am, being out front in the clean air, makes a huge difference.