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  1. Last week we were the only car from up North of Fulton that races elsewhere on a Saturday night. I would think their SB Modified car count should stay strong for the majority of the year. I've heard stories of how good the Pure/Street stock class was at Fulton. Unfortunately that is the flavor of the day; remove 'stock' cars from your weekly shows and go with a 4 Cylinder/Rookie Sportsman/Sportsman/Modified type of show. I think the Late Models put on pretty good show, considering there isn't many of them. I personally think Pro Stocks would do really well at Fulton. Anyone who thinks the racing at Fulton is sub-par needs their head checked. The track has been nearly perfect the last two weeks with racing lanes all over the track, providing some excellent feature racing.
  2. 29 Modifieds the first week and 32 Modifieds last week.
  3. 120 cars in the pits for a regular Saturday night show? I don' think there are many issues at Fulton.
  4. I said the same thing this weekend while looking at the grandstand. If it was half it's size - like a normal grandstand - it would appear much more full.
  5. We've been fortunate to be able to race the last two races at Fulton Speedway (in the 358 division) as our Saturday home track hasn't been able to open yet. The track surface has been excellent and the racing has been great! Why they don't get more fans is beyond me... there isn't a bad seat at that place and it's a fast, action packed show. I only wish it was about 2 hours closer to home, rather than over 4 hours away, as we would be there every week.
  6. That's a lot of racing in one night. Good thing Monday is a holiday.
  7. Maybe we're scheduling races too early in the year (specifically the April dates)? It is early Spring after all. Our tracks up this way are just opening this weekend, some not until next weekend.
  8. It's only the second week of May. I don't think there is a reason to add any additional shows just yet.
  9. I would agree with you if you were to say the NHL about 5 to 10 years ago. Today's NHL is a much softer, European style game... Gretzky would actually probably do OK. *I will say that some of these playoffs rounds have been aggressive, which is great to see. But that seems to be the norm now, the regular season is Euro-style hockey, then when playoffs come around it gets more aggressive, more traditional.*
  10. Why hate on someone that is trying to help the sport? Whether you like her or not, she is doing a lot more positive things for this sport than those who constantly post negative things on here.
  11. DIRTCar97

    Yuke tires

    What happened to the inside berm at Airborne? Looks like it's been replaced by 'yuke' tires... interesting.
  12. DIRTCar97

    Yuke tires

    I agree, that was my only concern as well. I thought maybe it could be shaped like a half circle... similar to those temporary speed bumps they install at shopping malls.
  13. DIRTCar97

    Yuke tires

    On a side note, I see Airborne now has euc tires.
  14. DIRTCar97

    Yuke tires

    I often wondered if a 4" to 6" concrete curb would work. You could have drains or holes installed every 5' or so to help with draining the water from the bottom of the track to the infield. It would always be a consistent line. You could probably hit it without tearing out the front end, but it would also slow you down if you did hit it. It also still offers an escape route should the track be jammed up because of a wreck or spin out. I've seen it on asphalt tracks, it seemed to work there, but who knows if it work on a dirt track.