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  1. That must of really helped you in winning a championship... two unnecessary DNFs.
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    You're not forced to watch them.
  3. I casted Google Chrome from my laptop to my tv... worked great!
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    Coil Car

    We were changing our bars every 4 weekly races...
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    Coil Car

    You are able to switch from bars to coils with pretty much any car, but now Bicknell - and I think Troyer as well - are building coil specific cars with no rack to switch to bars. Assuming you have a car with a rack, switching from coils to bars would take a night in the shop to do, it's not something you can do at the track - at least not properly.
  6. I hope this includes the SDS and not just the two WoO events.
  7. At a place like Can-Am, being out front in the clean air, makes a huge difference.
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    Built in Canada.
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    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    Rivalries dont get new fans to a race track, they keep existing fans excited about the sport. I'm not saying vlogs will bring new fans either, but it's worth a shot.
  10. Sometimes a rain out during the regular season is exactly what is needed for everyone involved. I definitely agree that if this was a regular weekly show, they would have lost a lot of money on it. Not saying it can't be done, but it can't be worth it, otherwise tracks would be doing it anytime they get that amount of rain.
  11. Agreed, I miss the sail panels. We bought them several years ago and have only used them once. I know that I am probably in the minority, but I wish more tracks up this way ran them. It was pretty cool to see Quebec have a sail panel series this year.
  12. You are 100% correct. It would have been the same thing as Friday night. Despite their best effort to improve track conditions it still ended up taking rubber by lap 40 or so. Needless to say it was an expensive two nights on tires, easily chewed up 6 brand new tires... about $1,200 to $1,300.
  13. Agreed. He ended our solid top 10 run in the feature. He missed the rubber then chopped us causing us to spin out.
  14. I agree with this. This is a problem.
  15. Can-Am had make up features from the night before and a massive downpour of rain in the middle of the show, what did you expect? There was way too much downtime at Mohawk all weekend. It could have been run a lot quicker.
  16. The 17 car was a big problem in that race. I'll leave it at that.
  17. Plus there are two conflicts with 358 Series and the SDS; one on September 7th and another on September 13th.
  18. They did the same thing a two weeks ago at Can-Am when the ESS were there. They got a downpour around 5, so they just scraped the slime off the track, ran it in with the packers and the track was bad fast all night!
  19. We pay $40 or more all the time for the SDS here in Canada.
  20. Ryan Arbuthnot has 8 358 Modified wins this year on right side panhard / torsion bar suspension at Brockville & Can-Am. We had the same thing at the last big block race at Weedsport and we were really good early, but as the track slicked off the left side panhard / coil suspension cars had the advantage. The right side panhard / torsion bar suspension is fine for weekly racing or short distance races, but once the track gets really slippery during those long distance races, you need the left side panhard / coil suspension, in my opinion.
  21. That was the best Weedsport surface I have seen in years! While it was tackier than normal in the feature, it still slickened off enough that if you didn't have a left side panhard or coils, you were going backwards.
  22. We tried doing it once with the exact example you just gave. It was brutally exhausting and we fell off the tour. Part of the problem was that 90% of the races were at least 4 hours from home. Stewart Friesen was on Facebook live for the driver introductions, those are definitely the coolest driver intros I have ever seen at a local track and the stands were PACKED!
  23. Based on the video that DIRTcar released, this description seems accurate. I hope Max's throttle was stuck or something like that, because if that was intentional, it was a really dirty move.