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  1. We pay $40 or more all the time for the SDS here in Canada.
  2. Ryan Arbuthnot has 8 358 Modified wins this year on right side panhard / torsion bar suspension at Brockville & Can-Am. We had the same thing at the last big block race at Weedsport and we were really good early, but as the track slicked off the left side panhard / coil suspension cars had the advantage. The right side panhard / torsion bar suspension is fine for weekly racing or short distance races, but once the track gets really slippery during those long distance races, you need the left side panhard / coil suspension, in my opinion.
  3. That was the best Weedsport surface I have seen in years! While it was tackier than normal in the feature, it still slickened off enough that if you didn't have a left side panhard or coils, you were going backwards.
  4. We tried doing it once with the exact example you just gave. It was brutally exhausting and we fell off the tour. Part of the problem was that 90% of the races were at least 4 hours from home. Stewart Friesen was on Facebook live for the driver introductions, those are definitely the coolest driver intros I have ever seen at a local track and the stands were PACKED!
  5. Based on the video that DIRTcar released, this description seems accurate. I hope Max's throttle was stuck or something like that, because if that was intentional, it was a really dirty move.
  6. I caught that after I posted.
  7. Here it is. I doubt you will be able to read it as I had to shrink it so much in order to be able to upload it. This page has lots of good tire tips on it, anything from siping and grooving to tire storage.
  8. So everyone is cheating then? If you look throughout the pits at pretty much any track, there are more wrapped tires than non-wrapped tires. And that doesn't mean it's right either. The only difference I find is that if you prep tires on Monday and don't wrap them and then don't race until Friday or Saturday, the tires do tend to feel less 'fresh' than if they are wrapped. I know it doesn't make much sense, but it's difficult to explain the feel of them until you have felt the difference yourself. Whether or not it is an advantage on the track, I doubt it, but who knows... anything is possible.
  9. If I could figure out how to load an image to this forum I'd post the info directly from Hoosier on this topic.
  10. Wouldn't most of their problems be solved by just using a regular truck and trailer though?
  11. Our RR was so hot after the modified race, checking stagger was a struggle. I checked a few other RRs from different modified teams and the temp seemed to be similar.
  12. The track was very abrasive,. I'm not sure what has changed there, but I did hear that they put down a lot of calcium Thursday afternoon. Maybe that has something to do with it... Hoping someone can shed some light on this because at the start of the year you couldn't get enough heat into the tire (RR) and now its scorching hot, no exaggeration whatsoever.
  13. Just wanted to give a shout out to Paul Kirkland and team for having really good track conditions this year, given the amount of rain we have had. The track has been smooth and racey, and based on everything I've seen and heard on the other area tracks, he's about the only one to accomplish this. Last night the track had a bottom and a top and was slick in the middle. You can't ask for much better than that!
  14. Wait a minute... that sounds like Ontario too!
  15. It's the same thing going from Canada to the US. It's been like that for years now.
  16. Only 13 Modifieds finished the 30 lap feature, I think they had 24 or 25 signed in at the start of the night. It looked rough from the video I saw last night, but with the rain they got Friday and Saturday, it would be understandable this week. Hopefully they get it figured out. The track can't keep chewing up cars like that every week.
  17. To keep this thread on track; has anyone heard who will be doing track prep at Cornwall this weekend or for the remainder of the year?
  18. Obviously you do care. In my opinion Paul is really good at track prep. The track conditions are always consistent even if there has been poor weather leading up the race and that's all a race car driver or team can ask for; consistency. I can't remember the last time it has been rough. Brockville is bigger than Cornwall and they do race differently. At Cornwall, your are constantly turning left, like you are racing 'inside a bowl' (as it has been explained to me) whereas Brockville has more of a front and back straight away with less constant turning than Cornwall. I know Kyle Dingwall is sometimes active on here, perhaps he could shed some light on the differences between the two tracks.
  19. They are not the same size and the difference in size is enough that they race differently.
  20. How about you ask Ray about that, because it sounds like you can replace guys like him. In fact, he replaced him on Sunday night with Paul Kirkland (whether that be temporary or permanent, time will tell).
  21. Getting the win at Can-Am and Brockville this weekend has me feeling pretty happy! First time ever; back to back feature wins and also first ever Ogilvie Series win!
  22. Brockville is also doing this at some point this year. I believe both tracks are doing this as part of their "50th Anniversary" celebrations.
  23. Brockville Speedway had a bounty on Danny O'Brien a few years ago.