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  1. I just got off the phone with Tony, he said he plans on running at weedsport
  2. Stew was on his way around before contact was made. Varin did an awesome job getting around him and not getting taken out also.
  3. You must of missed the one restart when varin started on the outside of mike and he ran him up in turn 3...sorry but payback is a bitch.
  4. dirtracer16c

    STSS vs KOD

    Kod has been cancelled at fonda, all modifed teams can now run malta.
  5. dirtracer16c

    Glen Ridge

    I think Thursdays would work awesome!
  6. dirtracer16c

    Glen Ridge

    It was during the enduro. No cautions...only red flag when driver door is facing traffic, fuel leak, or roll over occurs. Not the tracks fault.
  7. Nick Stone drives one handed, his right hand is always on the bar.
  8. Wow that was minor contact...I've seen him slam cars at Fonda hard enough to flip them for $2,000!!!
  9. dirtracer16c

    Cancellations for Friday 8/12/16

    hes talking about just glen ridge bc he hates that place
  10. dirtracer16c


    Yes im 110% sure, hes top 5 in points at A/S and he is running there on Friday. He will not be at Fonda either on 8/13 for the triple 20's bc hes top 5 at Orange county
  11. dirtracer16c


    stew will not be at glen ridge for the triple 20's
  12. So next week when Jimmy is driving the 34 he has to start last or can he still be a sub driver?
  13. dirtracer16c


    New car owner refuses to waste money on TC