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  1. Would love to see the Go pro footage from the camera mounted on the 44's rear bumper tonight. Did Stew make a bad choice in traffic and hit the lapped car first before Bobby got into him? Did the lapped car catch the ute tire? Did Bobby really barely get into the 44? From my vantage point I'd call it a racing incident.
  2. Due to my unpredictable work schedule, I typically resort to a tracks web page to determine what races I want to try to attend, and after visiting the NewFondaSpeedway.com tonight, I realized there are two different possible shows this Saturday night. Ron Szczerba's artice on the Fonda page and Facebook page about Saturday night says Twin 20's for modifieds and single races in other divisions with the exception of the held over sportsman feature from last Saturday. Now I usually don't read the article for the schedule, but I do click on the link for schedule to know what is actually running. The schedule shows triple 20's for the modifieds. I understand that at times a schedule will change, but whoever is at the helm of this ship should make certain that any changes are made across the board (website, ads, social media, etc.) so we all know we have up to date info. There is also an upcoming events section on the Fonda site home page, and it says Triple 20's as well. It smells like a bait and switch to me, and even if it is an honest oversight, it will only piss off some fans that come expecting triple 20's and only get twin 20's, and especially if they travel a distance to come to Fonda.
  3. I'm surprised to arrive home after another Friday night at Albany Saratoga and not see a thread about the Kris Vernold crash and the possibility of a horrific outcome caused by the flying debris. I would bet my life that it certainly would've caused a death. I was in the larger of the pit grandstands in the third row when the crash occurred. I wasn't able to make out what caused the crash or how violent it was, but the fact that I watched Kris's right rear tire, wheel, hub and entire axle tube come flying by ABOVE the low fence scared the crap out of me and everyone around me. Many thought it was mud at first because of how fast it was flying by, but were shocked when they realized what it was. One individual was scared enough at what he witnessed, as he made hand gestures of needing a real catch fence, that he left the grandstand completely and it was lap 2 of the modified feature. What speaks volumes is that individual was Jay Castamore. His action made me look around at the facility (specifically the catch fences) and realized how dangerous Albany Saratoga really is. Luckily the debris flew parallel with the fence and caught some sort of cable (not a catch fence cable) and after hitting it, severing it, the wheel landed on top of the wall at the end of the front stretch. The flaggers at the end of the wall in turn one are very lucky, and hopefully they saw it coming, but what if?? What if the debris left Kris's car at a slightly different trajectory, one heading towards the stands instead of parallel with them? Remember, it was clearly above the fence at part of it's flight. What if the cable it struck redirected it into the stands? I'm convinced the nights program would've been called because of a tragedy. Albany Saratoga's management needs to address this issue, and I'm sure that they aren't struggling financially as not to be able to do something about it. I don't think they would need much to fix the issue, and would bet some higher vertical posts angled over the track with a larger opening fencing would work. Something to redirect debris away from the stands while not obstructing the view. I've been going to Albany Saratoga and Fonda since 1979, and have seen many bad wrecks and flying debris. That being said, I know there will never be a fence at any track that will provide 100% safety to the fans, but these fences are way too low. They've made changes like moving the grandstand bleachers back, but that wouldn't have made any difference if that debris cleared the fence. Hopefully the people that can make changes witnessed this event and will do something to fix the potential problem. If not, keep your head on a swivel and stay safe!!!
  4. Totally ridiculous to allow any driver to slow down until the yellow comes out only to speed up to run for the pits more than once. I know Tyler pulled that move at least 2 times if not more. Pit side they weren't repairing damage but making chassis adjustments and these allowed actions directly impact finishes/points. I'm also betting the left side broken axle tube on the 3j was once again caused by the 17 car sideways body slam into the 3j during qualifying. Can this guy drive in a straight line on a straightaway anymore? I also wonder if Elmo is using steel tubes in his rear ends? In any case, a successful night for Elmo doing carnage to his own car at the expense of others only to finish 13th.