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  1. I wrenched for a professional flat track racer and we raced there every year during the early 90's. Very fast....only a little slower than Syracuse gearing. fFor those that have been to Eldora.....that has the same gearing as Syracuse.
  2. I see he ran a K&N ARCA race in a Mohawk sponsored car in Toledo Ohio. Good for him !!!!
  3. Nice Adam Carpinello shirt. He's a great kid. If ya see him tell him Spudman from SDR said hi !!!
  4. Unfortunately.... Nerve damage to my legs will force me to miss the weekend. I cannot set up and tear down the camper and walk like I did. My son is gonna take me to Port Royal for the 2 day World of Outlaw event. Thank god for him.
  5. I saw him at the supercross at Daytona walking around.
  6. When my wife and I went a few years back; they had a deal where you could show your GA tickets; pay $10 and go in the infield with your vehicle. That was awesome. Nice view....still had food in there and you got to talk to the drivers who were either staged to go out or staged after doing time trials. I had lawn chairs .
  7. Paul, When we bought our FM transmitter; you had a choice of 2 different wattages. the lower one is below FCC limits for Radio Transmitters. Wattage #2 they request you buy an FCC license and they check local radio stations to make sure you don't bleed over. If that happens you have to get the different part to change the frequency.
  8. I think Bob Miller could attest to this. We used to camp at Weedsport on weekends and many drivers came there after racing Saturday nights and would camp over . Weedsport used to run every Sunday. We used to all be around a campfire shooting the breeze late Saturday nights with drivers such as Billy Decker, Tim Fuller, Tim McCreadie, etc. Even Brett used to show up every once in a while.
  9. This is from my buddy Jim Reese; who raced flat track motorcycles at Silver Speedway: I raced there from 78-80 ?? Don't remember much about it....the bike races didn't last very long. He tried to put in a Dragstrip and the town gave him a huge hassle and basically shut it down before it got started. That was most likely the problem with the bikes too. A couple of small car classes tried to do the same thing but face the same fate.. His son drives by it every day and never knew there was a track in there. The sign still hangs . I'll try to get him to take a pic of it.
  10. I have an older Flat Track Motorcycle friend from the Elmira Area. I'll ask him what he knows .
  11. He looked like he was really enjoying himself at Orange County pacing the field. The strangest thing was seeing the Batmobile up front with Gary in it and Dickie Larkin's back up car in the rear with Wiley Will Cagle at the wheel. I had goosebumps for a bit...then was scared when Cagle hit the wall coming out of 2. Glad he pulled in. No need to ruin a LEGEND.
  12. Chris Akulis explained this in an earlier post a few years back and I agreed completely. Todays Modified are a big wing. Just look at the way the dust "rolls' in the air about 20 feet above the cars. The added downforce from this wing effect blackens the groove that much quicker. Todays parts are much lighter....and equally weaker than yesterdays piece parts. I used to go to Brewerton weekly in the 90's and the track was very tacky. Barefoot Bob and The Cobra would both pelt you with clay balls in the 1st turn. A front end loader would come out and scrape the cushion up and dump it on the extreme outside. It was balls out-----kick ass racing at its best. When the Sportsman are within a 1/2 second of a 850hp big block then there is something seriously wrong. Just my 10 cents here. Look at the AMB lap times...Early in the night compared to the features. Pathetic.
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