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  1. Couldn't Jordan qualify the car and tmac start at the back? If he doesn't time in
  2. I worked with him here at depaula. And I've never heard this place so quiet in the years I've worked here... RIP
  3. Ok, what about the support divisions? Lately the pro stock races have been better then the mods with passing and more action. It was a dying breed a few years ago and now it's most agrubely the best race you'll see all night. Maybe it's not always about the big names and highlights 🤔 some times it's about it's ones who supports the track and travels and loves to run there
  4. Cancelled tonight, says they have practice tomorrow though? But not the scheduled show
  5. I'd make a post on the historical page seeing if anyone knows who the owner is, or ask someone at Tom Rodgers, theyre nice people, I use to have to go there alot when I was towing.
  6. Snowed like crazy at work, exit 5 on 90 in Albany, and less than 10 miles home in guilderland the roads were just wet...
  7. LOL breaking someones balls who's health is taken priority over racing (when he has 2 younger kids), yet has won in everything the guy has stepped foot in... can you say wheelman? oh right everyone is about calling everyone else out about cheating
  8. Surprise, this turned into another stewy thread! Why does every thing from fonda turn to stewart? RJ and Alton are one of the classiest group of guys you'll meet, I rarely speak my mind on here but everything lately has been about Halmar and everyone going south etc. There's alot of us that still give a shit about the drivers from the capital district area, the little guys that put on the show and put everything out there. I hope Pete proves his own at fonda this year.
  9. $10 I believe and they'll program it right there at the trailer
  10. I just decided today i was going for the weekend instead of Sunday.
  11. Someone said Jackie Brown is looking for a ride for tonight
  12. They need a flagger when they come back on to the track on the backstretch, in the middle of the prostock race a car came flying out in the middle of the pack. Quite dangerous and it also caused one of the caseys to go very high and almost hit the wall, if not scrape it.
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