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  1. I have firefox and web forgery still coming up..I sent report as well. I also click that this is not a forgery website....Uggg hate bs like this.
  2. Bob, I couldnt agree more. I said to Jamie and Mark that I wouldn't step foot on those grounds ever again. Its almost hallow ground that has been violated with what they have done. Never been to the Fair and never will. I said my goodbyes.....and still tear up when I see pics online...it was a disgrace they way they "blew up" our stands with clapping and fireworks...I was appalled.
  3. :angry: :nono: I will never get over it!!! A piece of our history was taken from us...there will never be another Moody Mile...no matter how hard they try to replace our sport at another venue. It is ridiculous.....it was obnoxious the day they destroyed our historical stands and track with fireworks and applause....how awful and sad. I will shed tears over memories....
  4. Congratulations Jess and Stewie!!! Parker came a little early!!! Thats FAST!!! LOLOL
  5. Whatever we want to take....I am going to just find things to take home...last hoorah!!! Of course, I am going for the racing too... :ph34r:
  6. I HATE IT!!!! and I wont believe it.....until its on the internet...
  7. Mark is doing really good. He continues to heal from his injuries he sustained. He has his own business FPP, Flach Performance Products, building radiators and such for race cars. Many at the local racers have his products in their cars. https://twitter.com/flachattack77f, check him out here or http://www.markflachjr.com/. As for racing, one never knows.....healing comes first....you can catch him walking in the pits at Lebanon Valley, Albany/Saratoga and Fonda. He is a FOREVER 77f....thanks for asking.
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