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  1. Haven’t seen any kind of roster for the PS class. I know it’s not the big blocks but I really enjoy this class. Any news on who will be there? I can assume the usual people but anybody have anything on any drivers we may not think of?
  2. smokefan

    Malta Massive Weekend

    I would add that the schedule was already out long before anyone knew that the class would be a “wreckfest this year. You never really know what you’re going to get with the class week to week. I’ve seen many nights where they were the best race of the night and then turn around the next week and look like they never sat in a race car before.
  3. I’ve always wondered about Dave Camara. He just seemed to disappear. I’m sure he’s busy with the Slate business but I really enjoyed seeing him race.
  4. That’s cool to see those guys supporting the local tracks.
  5. I’m not defending Tony at all. In fact given what he’s been through in the last few years I would think he would want to stay as far away from controversy as possible. I’m a huge Tony fan but I don’t think he did himself any favors. I couldn’t hear from the video but I’d be willing to bet the guys comment had something to do with the Kevin Ward incident.
  6. Don’t know if it was his plan but you can sure bet he’s already googled local lawyers. I didn’t hear what he said but I think I can figure it out. Tony seemed to be taking it in stride until that last comment.
  7. I really thought this might be the first victory with the way they ran in qualifying. Hopefully he can finally win the Eldora show and lock into playoffs. Lost a ton of points today.
  8. If you’ve never been there you won’t be disappointed. Just an awesome track. Super fast and you can see the whole track. I’d love to go back some day.
  9. The $1000 to start is for the All Stars on Sunday. At least that’s what it says on the opening page.
  10. smokefan

    Glen Ridge

    I think by Sunday even most of the drivers have had enough if they raced Friday and Saturday. I know as a race fan I would rather do something else on Sunday if I went Friday and Saturday. Just the reality of it. I do think the special only shows might be better.
  11. smokefan

    Malta Come and Get it!

    They should just wait for a drought. Surely to bring us some rain then.
  12. Tough to not have puddles with the spring we’ve had so far. I’d say they were lucky to get a show in.
  13. Not to knock the track because I think this is an awesome little track but why would you run a 7 division show on a Tuesday night?
  14. That is really cool! Very informative if you’re looking to catch a race somewhere other than your normal track.
  15. Looks like Mother Nature is gonna be the big winner again this weekend 😥😥