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  1. I thought it was a perfect season at Brewerton with the exception of one 2nd place finish at the end?
  2. Most teens in today's world know more about hopping up a gaming console than they do about which way to spin a bolt. I think you could make every class cheap and easy and auto racing will still eventually fade away. Money isn't the problem, interest is and I just don't think as many kids are interested in cars/trucks as the previous generation was. Digital toys/games whether for learning or fun have replaced the hot wheels and tonka trucks at most houses.
  3. leakin_fluids

    Bob Miller Might Know?

    Had a bounty on him in that car too didn't he?
  4. What I see most times when I've seen Matt and Stew race with the rest in the tour races is that they both seem to have patience 95% of the time. There's been plenty of times where Larry is blatantly the fastest car on the track. If he could only dial it back from using 110% of his car/track, he would likely be more successful, both in wins and championships. (As a spectator of racing, I hope Larry only dials it back to 104%...😁) As far as the "Gretzky would be average in today's game" comments. You must be assuming he is still going by 1985 fitness/nutrition too? Gretzky doing what today's athletes do to prepare would garner similar results. Not getting 200+ points a season but still at the top of the game. His greatest weapon was his brain and being able to play the game "smarter" than the others. The players in today's game are for the most part equal in the skills they have with the exception of the hand full of elite like McDavid or Kane. Skating speed, accurate shots or passing is pretty much a wash between all players. Being coachable and effort matter far more in today's game than skating 4mph faster than the others. Having the brain to use the same skills in a better way is what make players/drivers better than the competition. Stew, Matt and Gretzky aren't physically better or using better equipment to win, it's under the helmet that separates them from the pack.
  5. Seems black and white to me. The rules state pretty clearly about the use of collars. I don't agree with the delay in telling him though. Something like that doesn't need days of discussion to figure out.
  6. "Size matters".....😁 Not every track needs a rookie class. If only a handful of cars miss the sportsman feature on a regular night, no need for the extra class. If you have the number of cars like Fulton gets, then it's needed. This isn't new to sports or racing. How many different levels of baseball are there for most to hone their game before moving up, hockey, golf, fishing.... the list goes on... Why does Nascar, indy, F1, etc all have more than one lower level?... Sure it helps the track budget but most new drivers need track time on a slick track to figure things out. Racing only on a track that's tacky at heat time does them no good (nor the other drivers on the track) when they finally start up front on a slippery track. Just because something is new doesn't mean it's not a good idea or needed.
  7. leakin_fluids

    Yuke tires

    Doesn't matter what's inside. There will be times when you can contact the inner "whatever" and drive away with zero issue, there will be times when contact will cause stuff to break or lose positions. They all have pros and cons. With the exception of a tire being kicked up in front of you by a car ahead making contact (stake them down or bury them) the common factor to all of them is drivers clipping down lower and lower as the race goes on. It's like an employee complaining when he gets caught leaving early. Is it the clock's fault?
  8. Another win from the front row or two..... I bet way more eyes were on Larry coming up through the field than Matt leading the whole time. Good on Matt for putting himself in a position to get a good starting spot each race but, can they try something else soon? Having all the fast cars up front in a race that's plenty long enough for them all to come up through the field just doesn't make the most sense to me. Make the heats worth more points so no one sandbags, then invert the field...can still do redraw to decide the last 10-12 spots....... just do something please. Feel free to beat this horse a bit more for my entertainment...😁
  9. Sounds like a great entertainer as well as a driver. The sport needs more guys like that at all levels to get people talking more about it. What do the gold hats on his cars represent in the photo above?
  10. leakin_fluids


    It's hard to have stars on tracks that don't let drivers showcase their skills or in cars that are so aero sensitive and delicate that cars can't rub on each other. There could very well be stars/villains racing now that would be on par with those you mention. It's just that in today's NASCAR, they aren't allowed or able to show the same skills/talent behind the wheel of a big heavy car on a tight short track that had drivers on edge from the drop of the green.
  11. leakin_fluids


    One race in and bitching about the facility already matters more than the racing...
  12. leakin_fluids


    Stew updated after the race saying he got up to 2nd and then fell back to 6th, ending the race with 2 PSI left in the RR.
  13. He's a busy guy at eldora whenever anything is happening. He goes from the tower chatting with the NASCAR crew to jumping on to a grader or packing/watering the surface or on the track helping the tow trucks separate cars. If anything did need attention and he was strapped in a car, the bitching would be endless. For that reason alone, I don't think it will be Eldora. There are a lot or Cup drivers past and present that race IMCA type mods. That wouldn't surprise me at all.
  14. Matt left Brewerton on his own terms long before he was not welcomed at non SDS races. Fulton doesn't run BB's anymore. I think you have beat this horse dead long ago. At the very least, start a new or continue the old Sheppard topics. This one is about Stew, and by last years series results, Stew would be the one to fear.
  15. leakin_fluids

    Aluminum block

    LJL/Kevlar is making a 358 that's close in price to the W16 and winning races. I half wonder if the cheaper alternative W16 helped push kevlar to offer a competitive affordable motor or if it was already there and just not popular yet?...🤔 Competition/options are generally a good thing for consumers. Maybe more BB options will drive prices lower?..... maybe just wishful thinking..