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  1. Assume for a moment that there was only enough season left for 5 series races to decide this year's winner. What would be the 5 you choose? Please don't turn this in to a covid debate, there's already enough reading material on the net for those that want to discuss that... My 5 would be, in no particular order.. Brockvillle, Orange county, Brewerton, Cornwall, Oswego.... I didn't consider location at all... just wanted to give a good mix of sizes/shapes and ones that generally lead to good racing. Oswego for the extra duration/endurance.
  2. leakin_fluids

    STSS Port Royal?

    Unions, Government (all levels), mafia, churches (pretty much all) all have the same business model.... We're going to take a portion of your money and we will "protect" you...
  3. If you want a decent dirt racing game to put on your cell for free, try Max DTR. It has local dirt tracks as too. In the career mode you start with a 4 cylinder and move up through the usual classes. There's BB's, LM and sprints too. Even have set up to do like shocks, stagger, pressures and such. For a free game I have zero complaints.
  4. leakin_fluids

    STSS Port Royal?

    I bet if they posted a graph of the amount of testing they have done, the curves would be nearly identical. Hypothetically lets say I were to walk through the park and I happen to find a couple coins. The next week I walk through but this time I have a metal detector and find 1000 coins. What's changed over the week, is there 1000 new coins in the park or is the difference this time that I have the tool to find them and the fact that I am actually looking for them?
  5. leakin_fluids

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    I know not all countries are testing the same amount of patients either. so their claimed test results can't be apples to apples. I trust Russia's numbers like I trust North Korea... Kim is likely shooting all positive tests in an effort to prevent spreading...😄 The US was testing 5 per million last week. Italy was doing something like 600 per million, South Korea was like 3000 per million. Italy also has the 2nd oldest population in the world, 23% are over 65 and of those that died, the average age was 81. I'm not saying to ignore the virus and toss the elderly to the dumpster, just that if these numbers were included with all the panic inducing news from Italy, maybe people of all ages here and all over the world might be a bit more relaxed, the stores might not be bare and the stress levels of all might get a bit more normal.
  6. leakin_fluids

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    Can someone please explain to me why if this virus spread so easily as the media and their Dr's are claiming, why is there only 80, 000 case is all of China (1.386 Billion)? Only 200, 000 world wide when so many travelled in to and out of China for months as they always did, supposedly spreading this virus unchecked for months to the rest of the world? If the first case (likely many more had the virus unknowingly) was detected November back in Wuhan (population of 11 million), why didn't it spread way worse just in the city of Wuhan alone? They have 3.5 to 4 million people on their subway each and every day. They didn't put in drastic measures until much much later. The city of Wuhan didn't go in to lock down until late January. If the virus spread as quickly as we're being told in the mainstream media, where are those alarming numbers in China like we're having thrown at us here? Like the comment in the other post about needing 110,000 beds in 45 days in just NY state, why didn't those numbers go that high in China with no measures for nearly 3 months in a much more congested city? There are Dr's out there giving realistic scenarios with and without these measures in place and they are far more comforting, less panic but those ones aren't drumming up the ratings on the news.
  7. leakin_fluids

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    The hoarding is happening everywhere, not just in the US. Hate to break the news to you but Trump's comments really don't carry much weight out side the US and not overly much to a whole pile of Americans either. Our TP crisis north of the border has sh!t to do with the Donald. The media only preaching worst case scenarios is definitely fueling the flames of panic. Now throw in all the social media rumors and BS. Can you imagine how smoother things could have went if right from the start they talked about the survival rate being incredibly high, the symptoms being almost minimal, some unnoticeable for many people? By all means they can tell us all about how easily it can spread and we need measures to try and curb that. They just seemed to always omit that "you're likely not going to get very sick" part for some reason. Yesterday with the deaths in BC, it was in big bold front page letters, even after reading the article I had to Google the name of the facility where the victims were to find out it was a nursing home. You would think if they were trying to calm the readers, that tidbit might help ease the minds of all the 35 year olds going ape shit over supplies they likely wouldn't have needed. I bought 2 cases of TP yesterday, not because I am worried about getting sick, I am worried idiots are going to keep stock piling every roll they can.
  8. leakin_fluids

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    We have an "economic impact" like this every 10-ish years... this isn't new. The last big one was 08 housing crash. Obama came in when the markets had no where to go but up and he gets full credit, (even though every other country went up too.) Just like the last financial plummet, there will be some already very wealthy people make tons of money off this one too. If the media followed every detail of the yearly flu like they are this one,.we would have told them to shut up and stop over exaggerating. The sky ain't falling chicken little! I can already see next week's headlines from the fear mongering idiots on the news along with their "experts" that only preach worst case scenarios. They will say there are X number more positive tests this week than last... leaving out the blatantly obvious fact that likely 100 times more people have felt the need to get tested. The regular average people who have tested positive like Tom Hanks or any other celebrity that isn't trying to drum up fear and panic is that it's just a weak cold/flu and they are fine. I believe them far more than some drama queen Dr on CNN trying to get their 15 mins of fame. Trudeau was giving his press conference stating his wife tested positive and he was cracking jokes throughout his speech. That tells me that there is squat to worry about... he's the biggest drama queen I've ever seen... if he can get a sympathy vote, he'll shed crocodile tears all day long.. If I run out of TP and have to use the wife's face cloth, I will not be impressed by all this panic but, not nearly as unimpressed as she will be...😁
  9. leakin_fluids

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    I have a spare case of Purell along with two jumbo packs of charmin TP. Willing to trade for race ready modified or 30' power boat/cruiser... No low balls, I know what it's worth!
  10. Racing version of a Dad joke.... Well played... May your New Balance cross trainers always stay crispy...
  11. And all those other forgotten races where the BB wins... the rule should be simple, if you want series points, run your BB. The rules didn't need to change for how many years prior to the complains by MS? It wasn't broke, it put on great races and gave a great underdog story for the locals and once in a while the little guy won. More often it was the BB series guys.
  12. There was a "super" series driver that was credited with having the SB cars having to add weight in order to compete in series races...🤔
  13. People with a surplus income will spend it all on any hobby they see fit. Could be a $400,000 boat or a multi car race team.. They want to have the best, be/beat the best and will happily spend it all anyway they can. You can put a cap on there if you like but much like taxes, they will find loop holes. Stamping/ capping parts is silly... what if a driver needs to borrow parts midway through the race night? If he's allowed to share parts at the track, a team like gypsum would also be allowed to share parts at the shop.. you'll just see the top teams have more registered cars in his shop so they can buy more parts. What if a driver has a string of bad luck and tears up a bunch of parts in the first 3rd of the season, is he then screwed out of the rest?