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  1. Pretty much all this BS happening in the world could be solved with one thing……… accountability!! the media should be held accountable for omitting facts or flat out lying. politicians should be held to what they say and when they lie, penalized. There should be an overhaul on how they are allowed to be funded (I know they will still find a way to steal). When a politician is found guilty of knowingly lying, they lose their position and face jail if warranted. lawyers should be held accountable if they knowingly get a guilty person off on a technicality and that person doe
  2. The video that shows the cop that shot her shows he nor anyone else in that room was in danger. He wasn’t even the closest cop to her. She posed no risk that required lethal force.
  3. https://www.health.com/condition/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/fourth-dose-covid-vaccine Sorry, 4th is just rolling out. Not to be made manditory for all, just like when rolled out none of these jabs were. Sorry for saying what's about 2 months from happening too soon. The first roll out of the jab was voluntary too..😉 Pfizer/BioNTech tweeted out that their labs are running tests on the new variant now to decide "whether their vaccine may need an adjustment". Surely having the manufacturer involved in deciding if their product is to be mandated isn't a conflict of interest at all.
  4. Daily cases in Ontario Canada, November 24th 2021 = 748 November 24th 2020 = 1373 (I believe you said you were in Ottawa?)
  5. Hold on…. Pull back on the reigns… I never mentioned Trump, he’s got squat to do with what is happening right now. At worst as far as today’s covid BS goes you could blame him for bringing an untested drug to market too soon. What people need to remember is that it was demanded of him to do so, people were screaming from the rooftops that it happen sooner especially when other countries we’re already using the drugs that he threw major dollars in to the pharma companies to focus all attention on this. even if you wanted to blame trump for that, he did it with the data available at th
  6. No, the science does not prove that at all, not one bit. There's been study after study that shows the shot does little to nothing to slow transmission. "None of the medical experts have said the vaccine stops you from getting the virus"??? are you kidding me..... That was all the government medical puppets have claimed since it began... Old Brandon still shouts it every chance he gets. In case you wanted some factual proof that they were claiming it stopped spread, you only need to remember back to when it was policy that those vaccinated no longer needed to wear masks. That came from the Big
  7. If you don't know the difference between this current drug and the previous vaccines you listed, then you have zero right to be commenting on that topic. In case you hadn't noticed, many of those "unfounded conspiracy theories" that were spoken about by medical professional, scientist, immunologist, virologist on the topic of sars cov 2 are no longer theories, they've been proven true. Proven true by using the very same information the government "experts" had/has (or created themselves) in hand or were hiding at the time. If you want to get the shot in an effort to lessen your own
  8. I don’t think Matt’s jump was intentional at all. No one at Matt’s level as well as someone who relies on winnings as an income would risk tearing up his car over a past beef in a heat race. A revenge hit would happen with a beat up car already with no chance to win, or a tap on the rear bumper to dump him with no harm to your own car. I think it can get chalked up to a mistake on Matt’s part. I’m far from a Matt fan, I’m just saying this was more a screw up than a payback.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/819133061802660/permalink/1486410758408217/ I don’t see dipple doing anything wrong here…. Maybe it’s just me…
  10. I don't think Williamson could have been any lower. If godown is upset with the contact, he shouldn't have kept driving lower...
  11. Saw this today from another guy’s post on fb. I know the links don’t work for all so I’ll put the numbers here, it just sums up he money won for a week’s work… fulton $20,000 brewerton $10,000 weedsport $4000 oswego Thursday $500 Brewerton Thursday $4000 Oswego fri SB $600 oswego fri BB $2000 oswego Saturday $10,000 oswego Sunday $50,000 $101,100…… not a bad week!
  12. Not quite but close…. So close that there’s video of him running up to Larry after a crash at UR between the two. When he saw Larry was ok, he helped him from the car and gave him a big hug!
  13. My point was that many people are hung up on the term “engineer” and automatically assume greatness. You obviously get a semi when the word is mentioned and good on you for being proud but, like I said, when it comes to engineering, you say the same as I do. A title doesn’t automatically make you smart, experience does. People are commenting on here as of the only reason Matt and Stew are winning is because someone on their team is an engineer. My point was that when it comes to dirt racing, there’s been engineering and re-engineering since day one and some of the best in the history of r
  14. I work hand in hand with engineers daily, some great, some couldn't tie their shoes without over thinking it, and making nothing but a knotted mess. You can continue to lick the sack of anyone who went off to school in order to hang a signed print on the wall or get a pretty ring, but a competent engineer that does not make.. Just curious, who was designing, making, testing and commissioning the machines before a school came around and decided to attach a fee to it? Not hating on engineers, same can be said of any discipline, electrician, plumber, truck driver, mechanic, teacher
  15. en·gi·neer /ˌenjəˈnir/ See definitions; noun 1.a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works. He may have a formal degree from a recognized institution but the "degree" that is putting Matt, Stew and others to the front of their divisions is effort, skill and seat time/knowledge. There's been "engineers" in racing since day one. Knowledge in a particular field and experience a
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