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  1. I really hope it's mosport just so I can always remind you of the time you asked strangers that lived hours away in a different country for help identifying a track 10 mins from your house...😁😁 I've walked around the road track a few times and can't think of any corners that are built up, maybe one of the cart tracks off to the side though?
  2. Any chance it's a moto cross track using cars to build jump? Unadilla or something?
  3. I half wonder if the track owners who have multiple businesses are ok with leaving the track closed for a season showing a loss on paper for tax purposes. They don't take the bad press in this, the virus/government does. I'm no accountant but I remember being told that some wealthy people will keep a business that barely shows profit or even a loss in order to move their money around in an effort to avoid higher taxes..
  4. SDW is the week because of all the support classes, if its moved elsewhere it will not be a week. It will only be a weekend. I really don't see too many cars going down. If the border is still closed, you'll be lucky to see a full field of 358's. Can't see too many prostocks headed far away either. The sportsman field will be trimmed considerably too. If it's not in NYS, I'd rather just skip putting the fake name on an event that is not even close to being what it's supposed to be.
  5. After Max Blair won $10,000 at lernerville, his shocks were teched, fuel and tire samples taken, motor torn down with pictures showing the heads and cam removed and being measured.I realize that this was a bigger payout than normal but I've seen/heard guys getting teched often at smaller races too. I'm sure there will be comments coming about how guys can still over spend (which ever driver will spend as much as their wallets allow) or still cheat or how tech guys still aren't good enough but, I am impressed by the RUSH series and how they are trying to keep the field policed.
  6. I watched the highlights online and if I remember correctly, he started 15 and was leading with 15 to go. Looked like Rudolph was coming up through just as fast. There was a lot of battles behind Larry in the video, looked like an entertaining race from start to finish.
  7. There's photos of Bobby Pierce's 2nd place car and it looks like it went through a 200 lap endurance race... The right rear is destroyed! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3895030823905737&id=855213671220816
  8. Just make signs saying you're there to protest Sheppard or Friesen (sub in local winner here) oppressing the opposition.... Call it a protest and enjoy... make sure to throw an occasional piece of garbage or steal something to be considered legit...🤔
  9. Too much political correctness dictates we have equal results and that is all the minority representatives cry for. Equal opportunity is all most people with common sense really want. It's really hard to achieve optimal equal results when there aren't equal parts to choose from. I speak first hand and I really wish I saved the letter years ago when I was told that although I met all the criteria to be hired as an electrician, I didn't match the demographic to work for corrections Canada. Can you imagine the outrage if a minority was given that excuse as to why he can't be hired?
  10. Their choice, they race for free or they don't race. If I'm the track owner, I'm not paying you to get your kicks racing at my facility while I'm paying out for insurance, ambulance, prep etc... all while I lose all front gate/concession on the fan side. I have to assume if they do open up their track,.they would then not qualify for the government support too. From the track's point of view, it costs just as much to put on the night.
  11. I would hope they would race for free... The drivers know the tracks that would open with no fans would be losing money... I would hope it's a team effort between the track and drivers just to race for the sport/bragging rights. If some teams need money to compete, those ones can stay home as far as I'm concerned.
  12. https://www.ontario.ca/page/reopening-ontario-after-covid-19 Click on the light blue link to the "list of stage one businesses" pdf at the top of the link, Page 3
  13. Some good news north of the border. Stage one of opening up the province allows racing with no spectators starting May 14. I have a sneaky feeling that there will be a whole lot more pit crew members in the pits than a regular night....lol Not sure how feasible this is for tracks to cover the cost of operating when there is no money from anything other than the back gate.... I can see Oshwekan going ahead with this because they already have their live stream system set up. Hopefully Glen Styres can afford to take a hit financially to give drivers and fans their racing fix.
  14. Make a political thread and let it run it's course.... it's really entertaining and there's actually some decent info in them. As an outsider reading them, there's been many points on both side that make you wonder... As long as they act like half civil adults, it's all good. Name calling gets you booted just like regular.
  15. People who watch, follow and believe the mainstream media already have their minds made up as to what "news" they want to hear. Trump supporters don't go to CNN for their updates, democrats don't go to fox. Neither Side would ever admit this nor would they say their provider is biased.. they all know and have witnessed/ remember their provider blatantly stretching or omitting facts or creatively editing in order to keep their agenda in full swing. A lot of the most vocal political followers / voices in life or on forums are just as sketchy as the news outlets they follow. They spew all the same BS they know is far from accurate or fair.....
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