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  1. People on here bitch and cry if the races go past 10 now. Imagine the tears if they had to stay an hour later..... Throw in the part where the moisture would evaporate off by the time hot laps are done, they'd be whining about dust too....
  2. leakin_fluids

    Friesen over Sheppard at BAPS

    So if Matt has the excuse of too many cars to pass as to why he didn't win, I guess we should also use the same excuse as to why all his wins over the last few aren't impressive either. People can't claim him to be the greatest when he seemed to always be starting up front and then use the excuse of having to pass cars as to why he lost. Can't have it both ways.
  3. leakin_fluids

    Fulton Finish

    Hypocrisy or "can't beat'em, join'em"?... The only ones who continually shit talk John are the internet jockeys. It seems pretty clear that drivers/owners are quite fine with John's business decisions. There's a whole pile of Sportsman (and other classes) there every week that aren't sponsored by Gupsum.
  4. leakin_fluids

    Fulton Finish

    Wait a second.... I call BS!!! It's been said on here 1000 times that only Big Blocks can produce races worth going to. This almost has me believing that top drivers in comparable equipment can produce really good racing. 🤔🤔🤔
  5. The proper response is, I feel bad for my guys here and in the shop. I don't know any details but we all feel bad...... or something like that. His response could piss some of the shop guys off who have been building the trucks that have got him where he is now. There's no "I" in team, Lebron.....
  6. Wipe your ass with the left hand and eat with your right?....🤔
  7. leakin_fluids


    Erick couldn't stay to the bottom because there was a lapped car there. He squeezed up to where Max was. Max hoped to block him in with the lapped car, Erick rubbed his way up. Neither move was "dirty". The was likely some contact Max didn't like. Didn't look harsh in the video but when you're being passed for the lead in the final laps, chances are you are a bit pissy and any contact gets amplified. This is a sport where tempers flare. This is racing's version of a hockey fight. I'm sure neither driver cares now. There may be less grace given someday in the future but that's yet to be determined.
  8. leakin_fluids

    Outlaw Speedway

    What I got from reading all this as well as remembering past events where drivers punted other cars off for what they felt was deserved, is that Matt is no different than any other driver on the track (other than winning a bunch more often). I don't think Matt thinks himself any differently than his competitors. I do believe he does have the most biased fans though. As far as the kid getting the finger (if it happened)..... he deserved it... if he's up along the fence flipping 2 at the driver, boo hoo.... it's his parent sitting there letting it happen that deserves a swat...
  9. leakin_fluids


    Looked more like a Sheppard at UR move to me... Just curious how you aren't blaming Erick for causing Max to wreck like you blamed Larry when Matt dumped him.....🤔
  10. leakin_fluids


    I am not condoning Max's retaliation but Erick's pass for the lead did have some contact too. Max tried to use the lapped car as a pick and Erick wasn't going to have it, so Erick pushed Max up to clear the lapped car. I'm sure sitting in Max's seat, the push up by Erick felt a lot harder than it actually was. Throw in the part where he lead all those laps to have it taken at the end, no doubt he was heated. Not the first time it's happened, not the last either. At least we finally get to see the 9s in victory lane.... it's been way too long!
  11. leakin_fluids

    britten rudolph

    I saw that too... was thinking if the roles were reversed, there'd be 3 pages by now...
  12. leakin_fluids

    Matt Sheppard

    Matt was/is at the top for a long stretch. He seemed to always be getting 100% from his car where his competitors were not. There wasn't exactly any room for him to get better but, there was however room for his competitors. Maybe some have caught up? Same thing with Dunn at Can am. He was a lock not long ago to win by half a lap. He's still atop the points but not winning like he used to. I still think Rudolph is a season or two from being the top dog. He gets better year after year and still progressing. If he's nearly on par with matt now, he might be better soon...
  13. leakin_fluids

    Fulton tonight!

    The Niagara region ones that had the Super one crying for a rule change....😂
  14. Any chance Josh is still able to do the Brewerton recaps? They were written well and I always looked forward to reading them.... All the other tracks too if there is anyone else wanting to recap their track's racing... much appreciated..
  15. leakin_fluids

    Fulton tonight!

    Just thinking that the BB "field fillers" (with little chance of winning) that don't have a 358 option would be replaced with 358 guys of a higher caliber.... If only I could win the lottery and test this theory.....lol