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  1. I am far from a Matt fan but, I gotta wonder how these replies about all the outrage and unacceptable behaviour comments would go if it were Matt that ate that punch?...🤔 I am fine with a fight when needed, far too often in sports (or life) people feel they can do whatever they want with no accountability. In saying that, if Matt is going to punch every driver that pushes up in to him, he’s going to have a real sore hand.... hopefully he punches himself when he does it too. I really wish there was better video of that altercation. It doesn’t look like Matt wanted a “fight”. He was al
  2. https://www.facebook.com/855213671220816/posts/4834637656611711/?sfnsn=mo Little info here too.
  3. What was your favorite/most memorable racing related present you've gotten. Mine was a tyco turbo buggy slot car track. With the curved pieces you could make a Uturn up the wall. Other slot car tracks were all flat, so that part was pretty exciting for me. https://images.app.goo.gl/oNBuSnYW7PtM4bZy6
  4. Winners take all, its a cheesy motocross movie from the 80s but, as a kid I bet I watched it a dozen times. The whole movie is on YouTube for free if you want to kill an hour.
  5. We should just put all kids in to bubbles and slow all their potential to grow, especially those that show exceptional abilities...... Kids race motocross and launch themselves into the air all over the world. Somehow I bet most on here arguing are all fine with that but, heaven forbid you you that same kid in a car that goes on flat ground, surrounded by a tested and proven roll cage. It wasn't too long ago that the same debate was had about those "delicate and fragile women" wanting to race too. That came across as a bunch of grown men afraid to get beat by a girl and making excuse
  6. If someone is going to complain about another drivers car enough to cause a penalty. That complaint should be no different than any other formal complaint and you attach your name to it and the penalty be as stiff as the rule book states as well as applied consistently even thugh it was a simple mistake, rules are rules. If the complainer doesn't do that, tech should just give the team the heads up to correct it with no penalty before the next race especially in cases like this where it's a minimal/ simple fix. You shouldn't have the option to be a "silent protesters". It's either
  7. Gforcetv on YouTube has brighton's apple fest on right now. No 358s and less than regular turn outs than previous years but, I'll take what I can get.
  8. 2020 Hurricane 100 formally cancelled due to NYS Covid-19 Executive Order By Dave Medler BALDWINSVILLE, NY – The continued extension of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order number 202.32, which prohibits spectators at auto racing events has forced Brewerton Speedway Management to formally cancel its 2020 racing season and its lone remaining scheduled event – the annual Hurricane 100 scheduled for Thursday, October 8. “We waited all summer watching the executive order get extended multiple times believing it would eventually end,” said track General Manager Cory
  9. Looks like he's already in the works to be back in a cup car soon. Seen testing for SHR yesterday.
  10. Without the multitude of Series races to get a feel for who's hot and who's struggling, using the limited racing that has happened, who is looking good this year, who's struggling and who's surprised you as being above their normal?
  11. Is there a history of similar incidents with Todd? Kinda like how first time offenders get a lighter sentence than someone with a history of bad decisions?
  12. Anyone putting any faith in the new coalition to get racing started in NY or too little too late?
  13. It's political suicide for Trudeau to open the border anytime soon. In saying that, he's got no real bargaining chips should Trump tell him to. I am not worried in the least about covid and as each day that passes and the "scary numbers" continue to shrink. They have us all wearing masks here even though as far as I can see, people only distance themselves in stores where we are forced to. Hypothetically if canada was to get back to pre covid life, In theory it makes zero sense for them to open the border to anyone until covid 19 is gone completely, if they do then they are essenti
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