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  1. leakin_fluids

    Duel predictions...

    I agree it should be but hypothetically let's say at Brewerton or Fulton a gypsum car is involved in a wreck that takes 10 laps to clean up and he gets repaired and back out with no issue. Now a few laps later there's another smaller wreck involving Matt Sheppard and it only takes 6 laps to clean up but Matt doesn't have the same amount of time the gypsum car had. Do you really think the Matt lovers/Wight haters aren't all fired up to complain?
  2. leakin_fluids

    Duel predictions...

    To play devil's advocate, if the cautions stop counting you already know there is going to be cries of favoritism if any caution takes longer than and other should "driver X" be in the pit for any repair whether it's legit or not.
  3. I totally agree he did wrong betting on the game but his character and style of play makes me think even though he could have tried to lose on purpose, he was way too hungry for hits and wins to let that happen. His ego was too big to let him have the pitcher win any battles. The steroid era players to me should get in well behind Pete. If he was more likable across the nation like a Jeter, he'd have been in years ago.
  4. leakin_fluids

    Duel predictions...

    Don't forget that it's not Matt's fault at to why he didn't win, that damn redraw got him again. ...😁
  5. leakin_fluids

    Duel predictions...

    Pat Ward is due.
  6. leakin_fluids

    Duel predictions...

    Settle down Wooderson..... There's a party at the moon tower...
  7. If the 358 guys are all so happy to race the BB series races, why do the mid season races make them "show up points" for their weekly guys? Shouldn't those guys already be super eager to risk tearing up their car with a lesser chance of winning?
  8. LM are more entertaining for me just because it's way easier to follow who's racing who on TV. 3 laps in to a sprint race and the top 3 cars are already in traffic and the only way to know their positions is the scoreboard. Happens live too. The LM class seems to be tighter racing between the top cars and the bottom ones. Still an obvious difference but not as drastic as the sprints.
  9. I think the winner will have twenty thousand reasons as to why he didn't care if Matt was there or not.
  10. Has it been long enough to declare that dropping the home track points didn't effect car counts at any tracks? Doesn't look like the was any growth or shrinking of the amount of guys following the tour. Do the majority of people still agree with no home points being a positive move? Other than the final SDS points moving around some, did it change anything?
  11. Never did I say it was Matt, and it was written on here at the time as to the likely cause. If you dig a little deeper in past posts here and looked instead of turning on your logic blinders, you might see it. I know you just find it way easier to blame john. You're totally allowed to think that. This post gives a more believable reason, at least more believable than a half a scrap between 2 guys. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/DTD/index.php?/topic/59394-news-about-penalties/&do=findComment&comment=582720
  12. He isn't worried about protecting anyone. If this was just about the boys and their actions on and off the track, it would have never happened. When it involves a lady/daughter, it makes a big difference. Matt could have bloodied Larry to a pulp and it would have been chalked up to "better toughen up next time". As soon as it involves a woman then there is a respect thing that goes far above. This happened all over the world, women disrespected at a minimum would carry a stiffer penalty than any fight betweenmen. Physical contact against a woman and it's even worse. Not knowing all the details other than what was said on here when it happened, I have to believe it's got zilch to do with Matt/Larry. Someone from Matt's crew needs to swallow his pride and apologize before this ever goes away. The annoying part is that it could be a quiet one on one thing where no one outside those concerned would ever know and it still hasn't happened.
  13. Just curious why it is you think John is the one that needs to do something to make this go away? I kinda think the one who can make this right wears the blue and yellow swag...🤔
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    B,J, for me please.... daily if possible