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  1. I think there was a lot more people there than it looked like, that’s a huge grandstand area. You’re not gonna sell out a modified race in sprint car country, especially running against Grandview.
  2. So the answer is for well funded cars to go away so that the broke guys have a chance?
  3. I disagree. You’re only as good as the people you race with. The only way to improve your program and get on those guys level is to race with them and beat them. The best thing that ever happened to modified racing in western pa is when Smoker came down and raced with us. Some guys hated it and fell by the wayside, while others embraced it and got better and our area got much stronger as a whole. Same thing happened with Weaver a few years back, Williamson after that and right now it happens with Rudolph
  4. Racing isn’t cheap if you want to be competitive, no matter the discipline you choose. You either sacrifice and spend everything you can to keep up with the evolution of technology or you get left in the dust.
  5. What are you suggesting they do? Not race? If guys felt it wasn’t fair, wouldn’t they buy elsewhere and not support the businesses that you feel are being unfair?
  6. Yes. Even the low buck local once a week guys have the very same stuff that’s on the cars that win the biggest races. The only thing money buys is the ability to race more often, build a bigger notebook by racing more often, have the driver read a track and line changes better by racing more often. We all have the same equipment. Big buck or low buck doesn’t apply to the quality of equipment, it’s just the quantity of equipment. And there’s plenty of guys with 3x the budget of the low buck guys that don’t run half as well. Money can’t buy speed
  7. People who play the money card don’t understand how this stuff works anymore. Nearly every car in attendance these days has the best equipment you can get. The only difference is the teams with more money have more of the aforementioned good equipment. My family has about as low buck operation as you can get. Everything we have is the best you can buy. We don’t race as much as the big dogs do, but you can bet that when we do, our equipment is on the level with anyone else. Most teams are in the same situation as we are.
  8. I’m going and I promise it’s gonna cost me way more than $85 haha
  9. Forgive me because I’m not familiar with New Yorks rules, but what is different between going to Port Royal and Charlotte as far as quarantining? And are people actually doing that or just in the big cities? I’m genuinely curious about why there’s a concern if they’re gonna get cars
  10. Give me $39 a month over a pay per race format any day. I haven’t had an issue this week either other than the aforementioned cordless mic issues which are certainly not exclusive to dirtvision. To each his own I guess though
  11. Local people who like to ruin things have tried with with the sw Pa tracks like Lernerville and PPMS and pretty much got nowhere. It’s not a big enough fish for the state level folks and the local people in charge aren’t in a rush to turn away the tax income.
  12. We’ve been racing with full houses since June in Pa. Don’t worry about Wolf and his goofy rules, he’s been leaving the tracks alone for whatever reason
  13. Down here in Western Pa it used to be you had to get the first feature in for it to be a complete show but in the last 15 or so years everyone has went to the once the heats are completed there’s no rain checks
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