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  1. for rFactor? just a wheel and an OK pc. for iRacing, a big bank account, a good wheel, and a better than average PC.
  2. I've been simracing the last 30 years (started with Bill Elliott NASCAR Challenge in 1988.... lol). Spent the last 15 owning my own series in both NR 2003 and now iRacing. Theres a few of us here that sim race religiously. GT Smith runs with me when family time allows, bobby sweeney runs his own deal and runs with me too when he can. I'd say the majority do iRacing, but theres still a big community within rFactor as well. So you cant go wrong. More about how much money/time you want to spend.
  3. I was going to leave the thread as it be, but I just have to laugh..... Been around racing for a long time, seen Gary's name written 100 different ways.... but Thompkins is a new one! LOL "TOMKINS"
  4. He seemed pretty clear on his facebook.... "The Coar/Clark race team has decided not to run their big block program in 2019." *shrugs* I mean, Im not the smartest man on earth, Bob will tell you that. But that sure sounds pretty clear and hard to read between the lines on....
  5. Could have sworn I read on Garys page that Coar/Clark was pulling their BB program.....
  6. Would a snowmobile race count.....? Given he's promoted a couple snowmobile events in recent years, that might do the trick........
  7. They're both gods amongst men. Why even water it down with a debate? You could make lists that are 100000's of pages long for both of them with their accomplishments. I'm just glad I can say I was lucky enough to watch them both. *shrugs*
  8. Oh yea, I forgot who I was talking to.... I should have checked the user names.... If I had seen it was your idiotic face, Id have left it alone....
  9. I think theres a time and place for it. On lap 2 of 100? No. But i dont think a racer worth his salt is going to try a bump and run on lap 2 of a 100 lap race anyway, so its a completely moot point. But the last lap of a feature, on the worlds biggest stage? Heck yea, if anything thats the time to do it. And the winner here executed it to perfection. If he'd wrecked him? Then we could sit here all day every day saying he's the dirtiest SOB ever. But he didnt, in fact he did it so well he even gave the guy a chance to drag race him to the line for it. Both cars loaded up the exact same way they hit the track, just one guy had a bigger check in his back pocket. If I was the guy that finished 2nd? Id be livid. Losing absolutely sucks, especially being that close on that big of a stage. Think of it this way. Do you think Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace, even Kyle Larson or Christopher Bell, ever got where they are by "settling for 2nd"? Its coming to the checkers, on their biggest stage. Any racer whos got a racers mentality is going to try to give a bumper. I can write in stone, and bet my house and cars, that if the roles were reversed, and all that was changed were the paint schemes, the same thing would have been attempted.
  10. If he had sent the guy into Lake Ontario, then maybe sure, be embarrassed to win that way..... But that was absolutely beautiful. They should teach that in racing schools for the proper way to execute a bump & run. Light nudge to make him slide up a bit, get under him, win the drag race. Neither car wrecked, there was no damage anywhere, everyone got away unscathed (other than one hell of a bruised ego for 2nd place). Absolutely beautiful.
  11. After going to the grove and seeing it live first hand (I actually sat just below the yellow line on the stands just beneath that tower on the left there), I dont know how you could work in that spot, Bob, and not s**t yourself every time a car comes at you..... One wheel hop or bad bicycle, and you're a goner..... I have a newfound respect for you after this.
  12. I despise Larry.... But, he won. Fair and square. Didnt wreck anybody to do it, didnt use tricks or daddy's favorites rules to do it. He just went out, and beat 40 other competitors heads up. Cant do anything but tip the cap and congratulate him for that. *insert reluctant ovation here*
  13. Is the one at Canandaigua any bigger? Legit question. I always sat towards turn 1 at Canandaigua so I was always at a funky angle, and never really did much to try to see how big it was, but trying to go off memory (which is terrible), i feel like they're comparable in size. Either way I think it'd be plenty big enough for the back stretch folks.
  14. Same. Never heard of him, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE "underdogs" and unknowns. So seeing someone I'd never heard of in my life mixing it up and beating the likes of Williamson, Tomkins and Friesen (amongst others) was absolutely a treat. Ran well to start in the 200, as well. I'll be rooting for him in the future now!
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