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  1. I'd like to see Devil's Bowl do something completely different. They've got both a dirt and asphalt track (actually connected), why not use both at the same time. Set up something like a rally cross and mix the surfaces throughout the race, even add a right hand turn or two and a minor "jump." And where as Devil's Bowl has trouble drawing full fields, rally cross never runs more than ten cars in a race. So, maybe come up with two divisions, an inexpensive "stock" hobby class and another class that allows more modifications. And, the asphalt track can remain intact for big circle track tours and drags, etc.. Rally cross seems to be on network TV more than NASCAR (and way more than dirt oval races), maybe it's time to mix things up a bit??
  2. I received my complimentary devil's bowl ticket in the mail today (May 16). So, those of you who completed the survey should be getting it soon.
  3. That wasn't a Whelen Modified Tour race that ran at Malta on the pavement.  They were actually a combination of the ROC and MRS tour cars.  The cars are similar to the Whelen Tour modifieds but most of the drivers are different.  Though, occasionaly some of the Whelen guys do pick up a ride on those tours.
  4. The reality is that Delorenzo was doing a GREAT job and still couldn't attract anywhere near enough fans to cover his operating expenses.  Modifieds are GREAT, and Fonda has no problem with car counts, but how do you keep running them when there's not nearly enough money coming through the front gate to support the current purse.  It would be nice if the property owners would be willing to accept a lease at 50% (or less) of what Delorenzo was paying.  If not, option two is to headline an almost identical class that is a lot cheaper to run, look the same and is almost as fast (to the casual fan).  I could be wrong, but aren't Budget Sportsman running just as fast now as the modifieds were running in the '70s and '80s when the place was packed every Saturday night?? 
  5. I think Shoemaker is right about creating a weekly "Budget/crate" headlining class.  The reality is, if fans don't show up to see (arguably) the best of the best (Friesen) race a full-fledged modified each and every week, how do you draw them in?  Imagine if in the '90s, Michael Jordan and the Bulls won all those games playing in front of an empty arena?  It sounds absurd, but that's what's been happening at Fonda for several years. Obviously, most of the "fans" at Fonda aren't concerned with seeing the best, or seeing someone beat the best.  Fonda needs to change something before it's too late.  Maybe reduce admission to $9, make Budgets the headline, pay 1,000 to win and make racing fun again for everybody.  Short-term, you'd lose some fans and some top-names but In time, the top drivers will come back (and bring their fans with them).  Back in the mid-80s when Malta started their 358 program, all of the big-name drivers (Johnson, Coville, Lape, Lazarro,Tremont) left, the stands were nearly empty and Bob Savoie was winning every week.  It took a few years, but the big-name drivers and fans adjusted and returned to the track.  Ken Tremont Jr. races a budget sportsman at Devil's Bowl for $1,000+ to win.  Considering it's the track's top division, he's smart to do that.  Race tracks can't lose money and keep operating forever just like car owners can't keep losing money and continue racing forever. 
  6. I've been to Devil's Bowl several times since Bruno has been running it.  With Bruno in charge, the asphalt program seemed to be doing very well (initially), especially compared to the condition it was in under previous management.  At some point, Bruno decided (and announced) that he would be (temporarily)covering the track with dirt for part of the following season.  That decision may have altered the course of the asphalt program as there seemed to be a bit of uncertainty as to its future.  An uncertainty that seemed to plague the off season, and continued into the season as (asphalt) car counts shrunk.  In the end, Bruno kept the asphalt track as is AND built a dirt track in the infield for special shows.  So, in a sense, there is now a "best of both worlds."  If Bruno can stay the course, and gain some consistency, maybe the asphalt program will pick back up?  That seems to be his biggest problem - consistency.  The dirt/asphalt concept is unique, but to a certain extent, the track may be competing against itself?  hopefully (given time) it will work.  It's a great facility and a great place to watch (asphalt and dirt) racing.
  7. I think airborne started out as a pavement track and then went dirt and then back to pavement.  Malta started as pavement and then went dirt and then back to pavement and then back to dirt.  Devil's Bowl started as dirt and then went pavement and then back to dirt and then back to pavement and now they have both.  Racing is racing regardless of the surface.  Most importantly, support the track or there will be no racing.
  8. Attendance and car counts are down at most tracks from what they were twenty years ago.  One exception is Albany-Saratoga Speedway.  But, Albany-Saratoga has a huge advantage.  The track is located right off of a major highway AND almost a MILLION people live within 40 miles of the track.  How many people live within 40 miles of Devil's Bowl - maybe forty thousand?  You've got to be a pretty damn-good promoter (like a Mike Perrotte) to make that work.  The dirt events this year at Devil's Bowl did not draw the cars or fans promised by so many on this forum.  The first dirt event certainly brought with it some excitement but that died off quickly as there were only a few die-hards willing to brave the elements for the final show.  I think Bruno is doing the best he can under difficult situations.  I think he's a good promoter but a much better track owner.  I think he should be congratulated on all of the physical improvements he's made to D-bowl and I think his newly acquired ownership interest in Airborne Speedway is a good thing.
  9. I'm guessing Bruno will use one surface on a weekly basis and the other surface for special shows.  I can't imagine he will be running both surfaces continuously throughout the season.  Personally, I've seen some great racing at D-bowl on the asphalt and I've also seen some really bad races on dirt (even at Malta).  Good racing is good racing regardless of the surface.  D-bowl will be having a big asphalt show next weekend and then finishing the season with some dirt shows -  sounds like a cool concept to me.  I'm sure a lot of people would love to see the entire place buried in dirt but true RACE FANS will support both. 
  10. MaltaFan

    9 cars!

    Speaking of Thunder Road, congrats to Hunter Bates on winning the Sportsman Feature at Malta last Friday!  Pretty good for a guy who has been running primarily on pavement over the past few years.  I wish more guys (and girls) would try both.  It wasn't that unusual during the "glory days" of short track racing,
  11. MaltaFan


    It's a unique situation at Airborne.  You've got a 358 modified division competing for points under the DIRT banner and you've got a crate sportsman division that competes for level 1 NASCAR points.  So essentially you've got two similar classes, each competing for top honors in their respective sanctioning organizations.  Both are considered "premier divisions."  The DIRT 358's carry bigger names and traditionally more prestige, however the sportsman are gaining prestige (as a NASCAR level 1 class) and are much more cost-effective to run.  It will be interesting to see how it all works out??  
  12. I've been to three Sunday shows at Devil's Bowl this year. I've been VERY impressed with every aspect of the operation. The headliners have a nice mix of seasoned veterans like Ron Proctor, Vince Quenneville Jr., Leon Gonyo, and Kenny Tremont (on Sundays) fighting it out with a bunch of young guns like Jessy Mueller, Hunter Bates, Alex Bell and Cody Sargen. Then there's a couple of Joes (Williams and Roberts)and an emerging group that's been getting better and better. Of course, the star of the show has been Todd Stone, he's got a bunch of wins from deep in the pack. The Late Models are really good too, lots of great racing. Even dirt star, Johnny (the jet) Scarborough has been in the Late Model mix. Great Racing in every division. I think if they could add another five or six cars to each division, the place would be amazing. Just one more Sunday race this season, I'll be heading out to Vrooomont to check it out!
  13. Even with the much larger bleachers, my guess is that the attendence number is inflated. But, even with a larger parking lot (due to a smaller pit area) they did have cars parked up and down Route 9 for those events. Certainly HUGE crowds back then.
  14. MaltaFan

    Devils Bowl 6/1

    [quote name='rulesgobyby' timestamp='1338648462' post='379679'] Any results from Devils Bowl? [/quote] According to their website: Modifieds (17 car feature) 1.) Ron Proctor 2.) Hunter Bates 3.) Vince Quenneville, Jr. Late Models (24 car feature) 1.) Brian Hoar 2.) Craig Bushey 3.) Nick Sweet
  15. MaltaFan

    Devils Bowl

    Check out the local TV news story (video) recently posted on The Bowl's website and facebook. Very, very nice work by all involved.