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  1. I wonder if the people at Bristol ever consulted with anyone in the northeast with experience with turning an asphalt track into a dirt track? https://www.bristolmotorspeedway.com/media/news/building-dirt-track-101-scientific-process-involved-cultivating-clay-race-surface.html If Woody Guthrie were still alive would he be writing next week "The Ballad of the Bristol Dust Bowl"???? LOL
  2. Neal “Terrible “ Tooley was a fearless driver. i saw him at Brewerton, in the Ernie June Super at Oswego and at the Fairgrounds in a sedan. i was the NY Fairgrounds on the outside of the backstretch when he went over the fence. The top rail pipe of the fence went through the car and just missed he head. He was very lucky that day.
  3. so they let 7% at the racetrack and thousands without masks at a trump meeting in NC. one of my best friend in NC says the restaurants are in full swing at 100% capacity. she never wears a mask and she just got her permit to carry concealed in case Biden wins. LOL i hope i don't get booted, i am not trying to be political.
  4. do you have the regular set plus the Bob McCreadie verson LOL
  5. didn't seem to slow him down. a bit of bad luck and bad choices cost he but he drove a great race till the end.
  6. who was a "i believe a woman would be, or reference Red" with their over the top comments? what was the "Red" over the top comments that was a hot forum in it's day, today no reader input from any readers
  7. Chubby Leroux raced with some regularity at Brewerton in the late 1960s when it was a quarter mile asphalt track. He won his far share. Other north country drivers included Wayne Fuller and Adrian Flath. Marcellus driver Bill Updike died just a few weeks ago. Brewerton's top dog at that time, Jack Naum died a year or two ago.
  8. so my hero Gasketcase did post something about it, but it did not show up in a search... i linked his obit for others to view.. in some ways his racing career was out done by his son-in-law (per the obit) who i believe has a DAYTONA 500 WIN. Maybe i am all wet on that one.
  9. I may have missed this on this web site but i read it elsewhere. I only saw him race a few times in CNY but certainly was a top dog in Lebanon Valley when i went there. Happened to read the obit and was surprised by at least one of the survivors. https://www.maharandsonfuneralhome.net/memorials/butch-jelley/4207290/
  10.   Lupica has been extremely anti-racing for a long time, several decades at least. I watch the Sports Reporters from time to time, and Lupica almost never passes up a chance to tear into the sport or call for it to be banned whenever there is a high-profile fatality. This may have been Earnhardt's death, but I definitely remember Lupica doing a "Parting Shots" on the Sports Reporters in which he said that if we as a society are evolved enough that we don't make a spectator sport out of someone playing Russian Roulette and blowing their head off with a bullet, why is driving in circles an
  11. A couple of quick comments/questions I read on this board a couple of weeks ago that Cliff Kotary had died at 90+ years for age. I was really surprised how few comments or tributes were made about this guy. He was one of the greats of upstate stockcar racing. He won at a number of different tracks and "owned" the NYS fairground long before Super Dirt Week. Even after being a driver he was an outstanding starter. Question, whatever happened to Cliff's son Robert, he was injured at Spencer Speedway at the same time Bob Petrocci Sr died? Another topic kind of related: I think the two tragi
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