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  1. It’s like getting married. You signed the the paperwork and if you decide to play elsewhere after that you end up losing something or everything for doing it. 😉
  2. Matt races for a living and he has been doing it for a few years. He knows how to drive, he knows how to set the cars up and he knows how to read a racetrack. He destroyed a car at Georgetown after they had a few inches of rain. He should have known the track would be soft and full of holes he’s a professional. Same thing at Orange County lots of rain turned the track soft and full of holes. Maybe he was counting the money already before he got there. It’s his own fault he decided to race knowing how the track conditions would be. No one but himself decided to run knowing how the track would t
  3. I followed my GPS every time I went there. First time I thought I was lost for sure. I didn’t know they were running mods tomorrow night I would have liked to go however I have other plans made. I went one night when it was very cold and I got there early enough to get a spot down in the first turn and watched from my car. Shame they don’t advertise I’m sure more fans would go if they knew about it.
  4. There is an article in this week’s AARN and it explains everything about why the mods were not shown.
  5. Jaegermeister is the stuff they clean off of the bar with a rag and ring it out of the rag into a glass. 🤮 Bad stuff!
  6. They give them away at the Chili Bowl and most USAC shows. I tried one at the first Chili Bowl I attended and haven’t taken any since. Didn’t like it at all.
  7. My understanding is that the back of the track is in New York and the front is in Pennsylvania.
  8. Saw some pictures posted on Twitter it looked like they had a very small crowd in the grandstands. Only 12 cars ran 40 laps. Many caution flags
  9. Leroy sit back and kick up your feet and pop the top on another cold one. Have a good night. 🍺
  10. Guess you didn’t read what Jake said. Guess he wasn’t shitting on Deyo with his comment.
  11. From the DTD home page: Spraker went on to add, “in the 80’s I raced for $1,300 or so to win. When you come to Fonda and (Stewart) Friesen is here your now racing for second place. No one in here has what that team has as far as resources and equipment. Plus you have some rules here that make my 360 motor noncompetitive.” How much longer is it going to take before other owners/drivers start moving to other tracks or park their equipment and move away from the Deyo series and tracks because the rules favor the high dollar teams and moved away from what he started as “The Working M
  12. Wait doesn’t Deyo pick for starting spots in the feature? I guess you weren’t at Bridgeport for the USAC Sprints. Track was slick and super dusty. Great chance to shine on FloRacing with USAC and Bridgeport dropped the ball.
  13. Seems to me there are many tracks that were asphalt that turned to dirt. Fulton, Plattsburgh, Albany, Utica Rome and I believe Devils Bowl. I’m sure there are more.
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