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  1. He really isn’t paying more them he does for the races he runs up here. Payout for a 50 lap race are in the area of $24,765. If you take the extra $5000 off the first place money for the last race (which only one person can get) you come up with close to the same amount. Plus you are hauling all the way to Florida for it. The other two races are fewer laps and lesser money. I haven’t seen what the total payout per night for Dirtcar is other then first place money. I’m sure someone out there has the total payout per night.
  2. I always try to see a show there when I’m in the area. It’s kind of a throwback place.
  3. Drivers finishing in their Preliminary A feature in position 3-8 will qualify for the B mains From the rule book on how races will be lined up for Saturday night races.
  4. The top side was the fast way around in last nights A main. He tried the bottom a couple of times and went no place. Only thing you can say about the run he had in his heat race is wow!
  5. Finished 5th in the A main.
  6. It would take one hell of a big laptop to compare to a TV. Not everyone streams on their TV,s.
  7. I agree with you Bob, watching a regular Saturday night show on a laptop just isn’t the same as being there. Now if your local tracks in your area happen to rain out and you have nothing else to do maybe that’s a different story. Or if it’s a special race that you just can’t get to then you may consider watching it.
  8. Safe travels. My plane will be touching down at 6:20 on Sunday night.
  9. Saw that and realize it says money won. My question was does that include additional money and benefits paid to the platinum members? How about point money paid at the end of the season?
  10. Was that including the money he received for each race because he was a platinum member and ran every race? I don’t know what he expected because he was a rookie on the tour and finishing 7th in points sure isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Sounds like they shorted themselves budget wise and didn’t have any freshened motors for the final races that were run.
  11. Your almost right. Here is the 2020 engine rules for the Florida tour and the STSS south tour. Engines & Weights: “Delaware” Big-Block (more than 477 cubic inches) or all-aluminum Big-Block: 2,600 lbs. Big-Block/Big Small-Block (364 c.i.-477 c.i.): 2,500 lbs. Small-Block (max. 363 c.i. – post-race tolerance 370 c.i.): 2,400 lbs. Sealed PA/NJ Spec Small-Block (methanol): 2,350 lbs. CT 525 (OCFS-legal): 2,300 lbs. Sealed PA/NJ Spec Small-Block (gasoline): 2,275 lbs. W-16: 2,250 lbs. *All weights are track-scale pounds, taken post-race with driver in car This info is from the 2020 rule book.
  12. He also stopped following the STSS after the Big Diamond race because he said you need a big small block to keep up with the big teams and he didn’t want to spend the money for one to run a few races.
  13. Boy did this train get on the wrong track. 🤪
  14. I received the email from the Chili Bowl at 8:30 tonight Texas time.
  15. I do believe they will have a record car count this year.