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  1. RJO

    World Finals

    Mat Williamson is your 2019 Super DirtCar Champion. 🏆
  2. It’s easy all you have to do is put in place a rule about bringing out a yellow flag. I was at South Texas Speedway for a big IMCA Mod race last year and if a car brought out the yellow flag all by themselves with no others involved they were send to the pits and could not return to the track for the remainder of that race. I’m pretty sure they have been using this rule at the Boone National for many years. I also don’t think that provisionals should be added to the rear of the starting fields. Either you make it into the race or you put it on the trailer and try again at the next race.
  3. I saw that Penn Can has a post on their Facebook page saying that they have signed a deal with American Racer for the next three years. They said they were approached by another tire brand but went with American Racer.
  4. Yes it is big. Listed as a 1/2 mile but it’s a big 1/2 mile.
  5. Leroy the only thing that will stop the dust at Thunder Mountain is asphalt. 😊 Have not seen or heard anything about Five Mile other then on the website it says for sale or lease, possible owner financing available. Guess you’ll never really find out what happened between Andy and the boys. Afton has made a post says that they will not be switching tires brands. Someone posted that a Friday track would be switching tire brands and that just leaves Penn Can and it sounds like lots of good things happening there next year but I don’t think changing tire brands will be one of them. Time will tell.
  6. You have to remember that the guy that owns and runs Thunder Mountain build the racetrack because he got pissed off at another track and he build his own. Maybe he got pissed off at somebody again. I just don’t understand the tire switch in an area where everyone is running American Racers and I just don’t see any of the Friday night tracks switching brands but I guess time will tell. Money sometimes talks.
  7. I would guess maybe he was saying if the driver was the car owner or if he was driving for someone. If he was driving for someone he would get a percentage of the winnings.
  8. Can you tell me where I can see what the lousy purse was that Fulton was paying weekly for the 358’s. Would like to know what was paid for first to last. Also total purse paid out.
  9. From their FaceBook Page: The Eastern States 200, and all scheduled events at OCFS for Oct. 27th are on rain delay. RAIN IS EXPECTED TO STOP THIS AFTERNOON. With a sealed track we expect to produce and extremely racy surface after the rain. MODIFIED RACING’S GREATEST EVENT IS STILL ON FOR SUNDAY OCTOBER 27th. We will continue to update the fans hourly on social media of our status. Thank you for your patience.
  10. That’s is what I said. If he can open up the tire rule for one race why not run that tire rule for all the races? Once again no one said anything about Dirt other then you and I do think they stick to their rules and don’t just change tire rules for just one ran to pump up the car counts. Sorry I didn’t answer quicker I’m not checking this website 24 hours a day.
  11. Sorry Scott I think you’re the one confused. He did open up the tire rule for this race for qualifying. That quote came right from the race info page. I didn’t see anyone say a word about dirt. 🤔 Seems you have a problem with Dirt.
  12. So you don’t think that rule change didn’t help increase the car count? Over half of them don’t have to buy American Racers if they don’t make the feature. So why not use that rule from all the races? 🤪
  13. Note: Teams may qualify on Hoosier tires (D300 or harder) but will need at least three American Racer tires on (right-front, left-rear & right-rear) to start the feature event
  14. Land of Legends Raceway and Penn Can Speedway both getting a new clay surface put down on them. A huge investment by the Cole and Folk family’s. Both looking forward to great 2020 racing seasons.
  15. New Egypt, NJ – The 7th Annual All Star Cup Shootout is taking place on Saturday, October 26th at the New Egypt Speedway. In the previous six races, only once has an outsider been able to score the victory, which was Duane Howard back in 2015. Previous winners of the All Star Cup Shootout are Gary Butler (2013), Billy Pauch Jr. (2014 & 2016), Duane Howard (2015), Brandon Grosso (2017) and Ryan Godown (2018). This year’s event will be 60 laps in distance, paying $6,000 to the winner and $400 just to start the main event. New Egypt Speedway regulars looking to keep defending the home turf on the 26th include 2019 Modified champion Billy Pauch Jr., 2018 Modified champion David VanHorn, Danny Bouc, Brandon Grosso, Ryan Krachun, Mike Butler, Billy Osmun, Cale Ross, PJ Oliver, JR Fulper, Rich Rutski, Davey Sammons, Kevin Vaclavicek and Ryan Simmons. Expected invaders taking on the New Egypt Speedway regulars include two-time New Egypt Speedway track champion’s in Jimmy Horton and Frank Cozze, John Willman, Alex Yankowski, Wade Hendrickson, Tommy Beamer, Jack Swain, Steve Young, Duane Howard and more! The Larry’s Hot Rods & Harley’s Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars, Open Sportsman and Crate Modifieds will also be in competition next Saturday night.