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  1. Another favorite race that comes to mind was the 1977 Freedom 76 when Doug “The Ox” Carlyle came to town and showed the locals how to get it done and won the race.
  2. The 1981 Dogwood 500 Classic at Martinsville VA modified portion of the 500. The race between Richie Evans and Geoff Bodine and the two of them crashing at the checkered flag with Richie up on two wheels on the wall getting the checkered flag and the win. The mods alway put on a great race at Martinsville and seeing they are returning again this year if the race is held I may just head back again.
  3. I went to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico today Leroy and no problems crossing or returning. We park on the USA side and walk across the bridge and do whatever it is we had plan to do and walk back across the bridge. One dollar to cross over to Mexico on foot and .30 cents to return. By the way there are no reported cases of the virus here in the RGV. 👍
  4. I’m sure they will do just fine without him.
  5. And he only has to drive 180 miles farther to get there.
  6. Not to get off track but I went to Weedsport when they had a ESS Sprint and Sportsman show last year and the Sportsman were the show. Their feature was outstanding that night. Weedsport isn’t a good track for the sprints.
  7. I’m no expert on this but I would think the big blocks would be better on the larger tracks and the big small blocks would be better on the smaller tracks. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  8. I saw some of the hi-lites from the crate racing at East Bay last week and Kyle Bronson sure wasn’t making any friends on the track.
  9. I didn’t move to Grandview till the park closed. I worked on championship winning cars in the sportsman division at the Park for many years.
  10. I was there the night he won that feature. RIP
  11. Nothing against Big Diamond but most of the time you don’t know what it’s going to cost to get in until you get there. One week they have a senior discount and the next time they don’t. I also think they are making money off of whatever it is they are doing with the property behind the racetrack.
  12. Well obviously they are doing something right or the large amount of sportsman cars they are getting wouldn’t continue to return. Also is it a crime for someone in business to make a profit? If you lose every week you can’t stay in business that way can you?