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  1. There is an article in this weeks AARN about who the man is behind Glenn who is going to make this track come to life. The land has not changed hands. His name is Charles Jordan owner of Bleacher Builders. They dismantle Aluminum grandstands at tracks that host NASCAR Cup Series races and resell them to smaller tracks at a reasonable price. Places that used them are Brewerton, Fulton, Baps, and Lincoln.
  2. Why travel hundreds of miles when you are making great money in your backyard.
  3. Yes he is. http://lancedewease.com/schedule.htm
  4. Everybody thinks Matt Sheppard is on the roll, Lance has 5 wins in 7 starts and he just picks were he is running. He isn’t running full time.
  5. 17. Only safety crews and wrecker crews are permided on the track in the event of an accident. 18. Pit crew members are not permided on the track. 19. No driver or member may tamper with the track surface during the duraKon of the event. 20. Rough riding will be leh up to the discreKon of the Race Director 21. If he feels that occasion warrants, whether intenKonal or not, a minimum fine of $100 and/or suspension will be levied. 22. Fined drivers will not be permided to compete again unKl the fine is paid. 23. All fines will be collected by the OCFS Pit Steward.
  6. Years ago when Reed Miller and Al Wilcox had Penn Can Speedway they used something like this, don't know if it was the same product or not. Whatever it was worked well. It helped cut down the amount of dust.
  7. After looking at it again more closely I see that it is sitting water. Thanks.
  8. I wish them good luck. Big question is if it continues to rain on Monday and Tuesday like they are saying will it dry out enough to race on Wednesday?
  9. Thanks for the highlights looks like they had some good racing and surface. I have a question, what is the light I see on the inside guardrail coming out of turn four?
  10. All the money in the world can’t help you if you don’t know what the hell your doing.
  11. If he would of had his big gas tank in maybe he would have won. 😂 Or better yet he could have sat on the roof of the truck in protest after the race.
  12. Sounds like he's a sore loser. There's an old saying, all good things take time and when the time comes it will happen. I'm sure there were things he could have done to help conserve fuel and maybe finish the last thre laps. He's still a rookie and has lot's to learn. When he screws up on the track do you think the crew chief makes public statements about it, I don't think so. Move on to the next race.
  13. Maybe Gular thought he was still at Grandview.
  14. I saw a post saying 22 mods on hand.