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  1. They must of been confused. Racexr puts on a lot of IMCA/UMP type modified shows.
  2. I wasn’t there and I’m not sticking up for them but it was their first race of the season and they only ran a handful last season. So if the shows they run in the future take just as long to run then I guess you can complain about them. You know they will be running timed group laps before you got there so next time don’t show up so early if you don’t like or don’t want to sit through them. Be glad you got to attend a race that far north this time of the year let alone attend a race and sit in the stands in New York. Enjoy all of the events you attend in the future.
  3. Just think how many they would of had if the Canadian teams could of been there.
  4. You know that if the 44 or the 9s would of started in 10th or 11th spot and run away with the race like Tommy did you would be saying boy he was really hooked up, nothing about maybe they were cheating. Give the guy a break. Ever think that maybe he did some homework over the off season and came across a good setup.
  5. I live in PA and two weeks ago my paper came on a Monday and I still haven’t received my paper for this past week. I do read it online however the paper for this past week had all of the track schedules in it which I really would like to have. If I don’t receive the paper for this coming week before the following week I will inform AARN and see if they can’t find the problem. However Mail delivery here in the Lehigh Valley has been absolutely terrible for the past few months.
  6. Very interesting. Another track that runs the same night as Penn Can. The staff at A.M.P. would like to welcome Gary Folk JR to our 2021 racing family. Looking forward to working with Gary and his many years of racing experience. Welcome Gary.
  7. Senior may have the lease however Junior was the flagman there for many years before the Folks took the racetrack over. Junior I do believe was doing a lot of the behind the scene work at the track and on race day. I do believe he was the driving force at the track.
  8. Don’t know what the story is on this. Guess we will have to wait for more information to be released. I thought he was the big push on everything that was happening at Penn Can. Found on Penn Can Facebook page. New year, new beginnings for a respected family of racing. Gary Folk jr. will be leaving Penn Can Speedway to further his storied racing career. Great things will be on the horizon for him and it will be his story to build. One of his greatest accomplishments was the creation of Bike night and the tradition will continue with a new twist. Soon he will be announcing a new location t
  9. Michael’s Mercer raceway opens 70th anniversary season on Saturday March 27th with 12th annual chiller thriller. By Jim Balentine (Mercer,Pa) Michael’s Mercer raceway gets ready to kick off their historic 70th anniversary season with the 12th annual running of the chiller thriller which normally opens up the western Pennsylvania racing season. The chiller goes back to the beginning of 2004 and has run every year except 4 times . The 2021 version will feature the BRP big block modified tour for its inaugural 2021 race. The mod tour has had 4 “chiller races” all won by the Ki
  10. If you think that respect isn’t overly important in the Southern Tier of New York you should attend the races at Grandview and Big Diamond.
  11. After seeing the hi-lites of the late model race from last night it looks like the asphalt guys will all have an advantage.
  12. The Bull Ring which is a small asphalt track produces so good racing out there also Leroy. The dirt tracks okay also.
  13. Looking across the rules for Fonda the same for Utica Rome the 602 is a crate engine and the Limited Sportsman follow DirtCar rules for the motors. All other rules the same. Utica-Rome Speedway 2021 Limited Sportsman Specifications The Limited Sportsman division at Utica-Rome Speedway will follow the 2021 DIRTcar Sportsman rule book with the following exceptions: 1) Weight – minimum 2,400 lbs., taken post-race, with driver, track scale pounds 2) Fuel – Sunoco Race Fuels 110 or Can-Am Crate Fuel is the preferred fuel of the speedway. No oxygenated fuel. 3) Tires – Right-Rear: A
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