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  1. You are correct KB19, Godown was very vocal about the big small block rules with STSS after the race at Big Diamond. I don’t think he ran anymore of them after that. Saying something like he didn’t have a big small block and didn’t see the sense of spending the money on one to ran a hand full of races.
  2. Bridgeport is running a BB race paying $10000 to win they may be running there. Guess time will tell.
  3. Funny thing is Bridgeport Speedway is running the King of the Big Blocks the same weekend and paying $10000 to win and no one has said a word about them.
  4. Just because they are paying a large purse doesn’t mean that every car out there has to go to this race. I’m sure the cars that don’t race there all have their reasons for not going. Be it distance to get there or rules for the race or money that has to be spent to make the car legal to run the race. If they can run elsewhere and don’t have to change the cars around and can take it right off the trailer to race is that wrong? Just remember that only some many car can finish in the top spots for the bigger payouts not all of them.
  5. I’ll say he gets 50 cars at the most. He had a hard time getting 30 cars for some of his races that paid $10000 to win for 50 laps. JMOA
  6. He will be running the Jeremy Smith car.
  7. Let’s hope if this happens that whoever takes it over has deep pockets or has good connections. Understand the place needs a new surface and many of the boards in the stands need replacement and who knows maybe a new generator. Hope things work out.
  8. And don’t forget to add a large fee onto that for Ticketmaster.
  9. So who or what is Mosaic? I googled it and came up with many different descriptions.
  10. The real question is do you feel better now John? By the way I am feeling awesome!
  11. Not too many other promoters out there that have unlimited funds to throw that kind of money around.
  12. RJO

    Dippel suspended

    NASCAR Truck Series driver Tyler Dippel has been suspended indefinitely by the sanctioning body, although no specific reason has been given. Young’s Motorsports NASCAR Truck Series driver Tyler Dippel has been suspended by NASCAR for actions detrimental to stock car racing which include a violation of the sport’s code of conduct. No additional information, particularly as it pertains to a specific offense, has been revealed about this developing situation at this time other than the fact that he has been suspended indefinitely.
  13. I can understand finishing the race after the rain stopped. From everything I saw posted if they wouldn’t have wasted so much time and started on time they would have finished before the rain hit. But shooting off fireworks at 1:30 in the morning is really asking for trouble. Why didn’t they just do the fireworks when they were getting the track back into racing condition after the rain stopped. Sounds like Mr. Larson is going to have to grease some palms.