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  1. Big races on top of big races this coming weekend. Outlaw, New Egypt, US 13 and Orange County. I’m sure they will all get good fields of cars and hopefully they all have good weather.
  2. Lucas race was an excellent show. It was like the Hagerstown of old. Great surface that night.
  3. I think Bedford will have a great turnout of cars for this race. Very little going on for the late models that weekend. Only down part of it is that it’s a two day show. Qualifying on Friday and features on Saturday and it’s only running a 60 lap feature for the late models. Would also guess they will run the last chance races on Saturday also. Guess it’s all about more money in the back gate and the front making it a two day show.
  4. Simple reason why there are less cars from PA/NJ at Oswego. Only one track running mods in eastern part of PA and that is Penn Can. There are only a few tracks in western PA. running them. NJ has two tracks running mods and the rule package at those two tracks is totally different then Oswego and the cost factor to switch the cars over to run up at Oswego just doesn’t warrant doing it. The sprints and the WOO’s didn’t last that long at the fairgrounds because they just didn’t like running there. Think back to when Hagerstown ran the Octoberfest race of mods, sprints and late models they used t
  5. Bill that pretty much puts how things are here in that part of PA. Years back when we had the Tri-Track series , Big Diamond, Grandview and Penn National the 358 mods were really thriving. Back then they even ran 358 mods at Port Royal and got decent fields for a few years. After the lose of Penn National about the only one left thriving Is Grandview. Mind you Big Diamond pays out good money but for whatever reason they don’t draw near the fields of cars that Grandview does.
  6. One problem you will have with 410 sprints and the late models is they wouldn’t support a non point show unless they run time trials.
  7. You do know that the normal purse for sprints at Port Royal is $20000 and Late models is $15000.
  8. They are promoting this stuff on their Facebook page. Looks like they’re turning in into a WWE circus.
  9. The 13th edition of Winter Dirt Games at Ocala’s Bubba Raceway Park will take place over two consecutive weekends in the month of February 2022 with the USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget and USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championships making their only visits to the state of Florida. Winter Dirt Games XIII festivities begin on Thursday, February 10, with a practice night for the USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship, followed by two-straight nights of complete shows for the series at the 3/8-mile D-shaped dirt track on Friday, February 11, and Saturday night’s finale on February
  10. https://ebrp.co/2022-winternationals-schedule/ Heres East Bays Winternationals schedule for any of you fans that may be heading down to Florida and need to find something to do early down there.
  11. https://lucasdirt.com/news/latest-news/2021-news/2022-is-the-year-of-more-for-the-lucas-oil-late-model-dirt-series? Looks like another exciting year for them.
  12. Sorry but your asking the wrong person that question. Just quoting what I read in the AARN. I don’t have anything to do with the covering or storage or the laying down of the clay.
  13. What I got out of it Leroy was that the clay was wet when they put it down and because of rain they had on top of that it never got a chance to dry out and that was the reason it never stuck to the asphalt. Even said that practice was canceled on Wednesday to help let it dry out more.
  14. If you could see the track was bad why did you need the commentators to tell you? Now if it was a radio broadcast and you couldn’t see it I can understand why you would want them to mention it. JMO
  15. If you read this weeks AARN it explains what the reason was for the track being the way it was.
  16. Leroy it’s pretty simple, when you start paying the bills you will know how much you will have to charge.
  17. There’s more involved with it besides just tires.
  18. Agree with what you said. People were posting that there were many cars that dropped out at the beginning of the race but if you check the final rundown there were only 12 cars with less then 50 laps run. So I don’t think there was much of a protest. If you also check the final rundown you will see that almost all of the top 20 finishers are drivers with many years of racing experience behind them and that tells me that they knew how to take care of their equipment with the track conditions they had to race on. They will figure out what went wrong this year and return next year with a much bet
  19. I enjoyed my trip to Charlotte when I went. We went for all three days and a pit pass was included with your ticket. Only negative I have to say is if you are a six footer like me and a little broad at the hips like me the sitting can be tight for you. My knees were against the seat back in front of me all night and if you get a few people in you row with broad hips the seating is tight.
  20. Neither one of these places got a cent from me. One place will be a dust bowl and the other place has the surface falling apart according to reports on here. As a matter of fact I haven’t attended neither of these shows in many many years. If I don’t like it I don’t go.
  21. Funny thing is I haven’t seen anyone post anything about the track conditions at Oswego since they started using the track. They sure made a lot of comments because they started using it. Don’t know what the story is with that picture. Maybe Mr Miller can put some input into it. I haven’t seen anything on what caused Eric to flip unless I missed it.
  22. Thank you for your advice however it is too late. Not only racing but being employed at a company that never took into consideration making you wear ear protection because of loud noise I have been wearing hearing aids for many years.
  23. All the times I’ve gone to Oswego I only remember sitting in the front grandstand two times. Once was because it was a cold night and they had the heaters turned on. The noise is all most unbearable. I enjoy the backstretch grandstand. More room to spread out . View isn’t bad if you get 3/4 of the way up or higher.
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