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  1. PatsJags14

    malta weekend

    If anyone is looking for accommodations for Malta Massive Weekend, I have an Airbnb/short term rental in the neighborhood down the road from the track, right off the exit. This weekend is currently available. If anyone would like more info pm me
  2. Kids love watching destruction this way. I think adults just get their fix by watching the news
  3. Horning was in a number 97 that won
  4. But if instead of complaining people just don’t show up, how will the track know what they need to do to improve?
  5. Maybe the rest are still trying to finish the 50 laps at Malta they started last night
  6. So is the land already approved for dumping?
  7. So they have an agreement to sell a track in 5 years to make it a dump? All of that just seems strange
  8. Nascar did nothing different then any other sport. Anything to do with drugs you get suspended and have to prove your innocence. Beat your kids and choke your wife and you can still play
  9. PatsJags14

    Dippel suspended

    As Hall of Famer Chris Carter stated, always have a fall guy
  10. PatsJags14

    Dippel suspended

    I’m a little confused here by people saying it was a bogus charge. He got pulled over for a traffic violation. Him and his passenger gave two different stories of where they were coming and going causing suspicion and drugs to be found in the vehicle. I would bet if this was an athlete of another sport, that you didn’t know, in this exact scenario none of you would be saying this is a bogus charge or that he did nothing wrong. Also, I’m not sure how this would do irreparable damage to his career when the most notable thing he’s done in the truck series at this point is get dragged out of his car. im not biased one way or another but the people on each side of it are pretty ridiculous at this point with the clear bias. Frankly The guys just lucky someone claimed the drugs. Most people in that scenario don’t get that lucky and there whole lives are ruined
  11. PatsJags14

    Dippel suspended

    It is. Nascar gave no penalty to him or Rhodes at eldora
  12. PatsJags14

    Dippel suspended

    If tested positive. From the sounds of it he didn’t fail a drug test
  13. PatsJags14

    Dippel suspended

    Why would you be smuggling drugs into Canada and not the other way around? I guess it makes sense though he was confused he’s only 14
  14. I mean to be fair I don’t think anyone in attendance really wants to still be there at 130am either. I can’t really blame Middletown on that one
  15. Malta’s crowd was what it usually is when it’s pouring at 530pm. I think ocfs had minimal effect