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  1. I know off topic but...almost 3 acres for sale next store....could buy it before someone else does. As a member of the town, I’d rather the track buy it
  2. Idk about that. They don’t have that many less mods then when it was pavement. I think their car counts are what you would expect for the area. There’s simply not a lot of population to pull from and money in the area. Last I knew they had good sportsman counts
  3. I’m someone that will consider not going when sprint cars come. If Malta was charging more then $5 more I probably wouldn’t of
  4. Flach and mueller have been the show this year. I’d say Flach will end up with the title at the end of the year
  5. So serious question, from this forum it sounds like the same old Fonda, dry and slick with track prep mid race and friesen wins. Correct?
  6. PatsJags14

    Malta Come and Get it!

    Reg general admission I believe. I think think we’re on the final round of heats
  7. Maybe try pavement racing. Smooth and fast every week
  8. 3J making up over a straight away deficit to win at the line at malta
  9. I mean you can really change the schedule mid show and screw the other classes about to go out. Malta had 3 features before the mods and it was raining during the events
  10. A lot of tracks need more youth at the management level
  11. PatsJags14


    Even the vintage race was good last night
  12. Based on this forum I give it two more weeks and hearns back at Lebanon. Ive also never heard any one defend poor track conditions by saying we’ve had a ton of rain and that’s why the track is so dry and dusty
  13. PatsJags14

    Malta Show on 5/10

    Not bad, track was sealed up well, not really any grip up high but the racing was ok. Another lap or two and perrego would’ve had Britten
  14. I think it’s also important to factor in economic an societal changes, not just teenagers wanting to play video games. Most young people are actually more willing to spend time and money on experiences such as going out to an event then the generation before. Young adults simply do not have the time and money they did for extra curricular activities such as owning a race car like they did 20-30 years ago. It’s not just that the cost of racing increasing. It’s not realistic for someone in their early 20’s to pay for a race car, put the time in, work 1 or 2 jobs, go to college, and pay tuition. the only way young adults or teenagers can get into racing are if their family already has equipment or buys it for them.
  15. Or people just don’t have the time and money to have a car and go to the track no matter how much the purse is