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  1. PatsJags14


    From my understanding it’s ultimately nascars choice but they have the waiver set up for injury. However even with the injury they have to approve the reasoning. I believe theoretically you could request the waiver with the reasoning that you couldn’t afford to go to a certain amount of races and nascar could approve or deny. I don’t think anyone other then Stewart used it for reasoning outside of physical injury. I believe Larson was also granted the waiver when he fainted before a race and couldn’t start.
  2. PatsJags14


    The stock market is very misleading. It’s an indication of how shareholders and the top of large corporations are doing. Not the company or the buyer. ISC and nascar knows things aren’t great right now, like many sports. That’s why they’re planning an overhaul in 2021
  3. PatsJags14


    You have to receive the injury waiver from nascar if you miss races
  4. PatsJags14


    The old system would need to use the current points scoring and keep the added incentive on winning
  5. PatsJags14


    It’s funny you say that. Logano was actually statistically the most consistent driver all last year. You’d think that result would make all the fans of the old system happy.
  6. PatsJags14


    How easy we forget all the years guys rode around testing for their new teams the last few weeks of the season it was a good points day, didn’t wanna push it for spots at the end Nothing to gain by pushing it on lap 75 battling for position All (insert name here) has to do is start the races today and he wins the title a week or two before the season ends I don’t understand why “fans” complain, then nascar acts on those complaints and then they complain nascar fixed the problem
  7. PatsJags14


    You would start off way behind without the bonus points obtained during stages and by getting more wins. This is where consistency is huge. This aspect is different from the year Kyle Busch won. you also need to stay top 30 in points. As Kyle Busch and tony Stewart were when they missed races due to injury and moved onto the playoffs.
  8. PatsJags14


    Hopefully in 2021 the season will be wrapping up in October. There’s too much track time in just a weekend. With all the tech and simulators now there’s no need for all those practices and competition cautions at the start of the race if it rains on Saturday. It gives the big teams to much of an advantage to get the car dialed in when they already show up near perfect. Just give these guys a 10 minute warm up session before the race and leave it at that
  9. PatsJags14


    I’d say the opposite about the points. There was never a reason to watch in the fall
  10. PatsJags14


    Clint bowyer said something post race along the lines of, if you didn’t like the racing today there’s something wrong with you not the product
  11. PatsJags14


    In the midst of all the complaining about nascar, it was a fantastic race today
  12. PatsJags14


    Yet it provides the best racing of the season every race. From what I’ve read the hotels were really gouging prices
  13. PatsJags14

    2020 Cup Schedule

    Texas was much better then it usually is
  14. No ones saying SDW?? He’s already said he wanted to run it when it was a Syracuse