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  1. PatsJags14

    Oswego race

    with those track conditions they should’ve just left it pavement
  2. Exactly. What this is is a great business decision
  3. Average. The thing is he’s only 12. So even if it takes him 4 years to win he just won a modified race at 16 and would suddenly be the next big thing. So although he wasn’t great in sportsman it’s a smart move in that aspect
  4. His age doesn’t matter from a competitive standpoint. Biologically he should be better then most of his competitors. From a maturity standpoint I don’t how you could say he’s less mature then anyone out there just cause his age. However if I own a track, no way I want that liability. God forbid something happens national media attention is now on the track asking how they could allow this and so on
  5. 2nd. Better then anyone thought. I expected Debennidetto to place 2nd in the voting
  6. These responses are mind blowing 🤯😢
  7. Or now you just hear about it more
  8. I’m 28 and don’t recall that ever not being the case
  9. Good move for them. Toyota is willing to put more in then the other manufacturers are and the results show
  10. Blaney, Jones, Larson, Wallace, dibenetteto, Bell, reddick, Custer, chastain, Elliott just to name a few
  11. What?? Most talented from our corner of the country? Might be one of the most talented from Canada by default. He’s also no where close to one of the most talented drivers to enter nascar recently. Truck series maybe. Also, how is nascar trying to slow him down? Did they hit a button and make him screw up at Pocono? The guys winning and going to compete for a championship and you still think NASCAR is out to get him lol
  12. I don’t think you have to park guys when they purposely bring out a yellow. I think you could just do something like, if you bring out the yellow in a single car incident and don’t take assistance to the pits you get docked a lap. It’s still less then you’d lose under green
  13. Nascar penalized bubba for bringing out a yellow. Which begs the question when will DIRT and the local tracks finally step up. We see it at local tracks sometimes multiple times in a single races
  14. I think it was meant for the person you had replied to saying he only won at Malta