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  1. Recreational and sport will still be gas. Maybe an electric division. Eventually if we let the economy work without pushing oil everything else will be clean cheaper forms of energy but we’ll keep gas for sport
  2. Sounds like you’re having a great Monday happy hour
  3. When I saw this topic I thought it would be about how great the racing has been
  4. Isn’t part of it also that it specifies horse race/gambling and inadvertently groups auto racing in? I think this is important for any for of outdoor entertainment not just auto raving as they’re all trying to say the same thing. Why can we fill a large retail corporation and social distance with masks but not an outdoor entertainment facility?
  5. Easier to just extend it every few weeks then to admit A) it’s going yo be a long time and upset everyone or B.) you have absolutely no idea what’s going on so you’re playing by ear
  6. I don’t see how SDW can operate without fans. Pros are able to do it because the tv deals are bigger then fans in the stands and NFL franchises are still expected to each lose around 70million. SDW doesn’t have a tv deal to fall back on
  7. Jaguars announced 25% capacity and New England 20%. I would say the giants/jets announcement is a bad sign for Dover as their double header weekend was TBD for fans
  8. Like usual the headline is misleading. This is 6 races and basically a revamp of IROC
  9. That’s how it works. It’s not a coincidence the companies that back trump got federal aide first
  10. It wasn’t nascar’s decision. Cuomo wouldn’t grant them the waiver they needed
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