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  1. I agree, the diversity of teams running up front in the cup series this season has been fantastic. Should be interesting to see who does well in Vegas this weekend
  2. So the NFL, NASCAR, NHL, NBA, and MLB are all poor products?
  3. Tv money is the only thing keeping every sport alive at the moment. I also watch the races through a streaming service. Do those ratings count? Every sport has seen ratings drop. I think that’s because they’re not able to get accurate numbers anymore because there’s so many ways to watch and people sharing accounts
  4. It worked til someone realized we need to account for more than just the east coast. Also, Sunday’s race on the road course was the highest viewed road course race since 2014 and it was the highest rated television event of the weekend
  5. Noon isn’t even reasonable. You can’t just ignore that fans will have to start watching the race at 9am on Sunday morning. I think the ideal time is 2pm for east coast races
  6. I feel like any time Daytona or talledega has the big one early it’s never as good of a race. Just the way it goes sometimes
  7. McDowell will have more top tens. Remember he’s a road course guy and strong at plate tracks. He’ll likely get at least a couple top tens between the 6 road courses. Throw in a couple more with 3 more plate races. He also could grab a top 15 or top 10 at a short track. I think a lot of people think Front Row is worse than they are. I’d put them on par or above Rousch at this point
  8. To distract from the typical “I haven’t watched in 20 years but I hate everything they’ve done lately”. I’ll get on topic and go with Stenhouse for the win
  9. Let’s not act like a punch is harmless. It could very well kill someone
  10. If you watch last years Busch Clash teams saved a TON of money by racing the road course
  11. This is a problem I’ve been saying local tracks NEED to resolve. It’s not nascars fault that it’s not feasible for young people to get involved unless they have someone else’s money to play with. iRacing might actually be what could fix this problem. Everyone like to say all these nascar drivers only have rides cause of money or who they know while ignoring their local dirt track has the same issue but worse
  12. Oh geez. How many time do people need to hear Wallace never even saw the noose nor did he ever claim to see it. He never asked for that attention. NASCAR president told Wallace it was found and reported to the FBI for an investigation
  13. I want to make mention Wallace does not have a dirt background, buuut guess where he has a win...Eldora. Guess who ran second and couldn’t catch him...Kyle Larson Also, most cup drivers in cup have worked their way there with just talent. I do t know why it’s so popular to assume all these guys were just handed rides because of a handful of Paul Menards. You’re local modified field is more likely to have guys that are only out there because of $$$ and/or who they know than the cup field
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