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  1. Possibly June. July is a safe bet. Nfl coaches already saying they expect a delayed season with training camp getting pushed back
  2. Yea after you get four different referrals to actually get treated. Wait times are a myth. The U.S is only in actually having them. No offense but anyone that thinks a Medicare for all system isn’t a good thing or is more expensive is simply uneducated or mislead
  3. Lol you can’t be serious. Our “system” has longer “wait times” then everyone else
  4. With I think everything except the XFL and nascar cancelled pending a 1pm announcement from nascar I wouldn’t expect racing for the near future
  5. Miami has canceled large gatherings. NASCAR 3/22 race may be held without fans or rescheduled
  6. Getting medical treatment in this country I definitely would tell a doctor lol
  7. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    He also has himself and his engineering degree to thank. The “Newman Bar” probably saved his life
  8. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    Toyota also has the top team. Look at their driver line up at Gibbs, and they have full sponsorship. Government motors has hendrick as their top team
  9. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    It’s a head injury. You can look fine with a brain injury. There most likely was nothing else to be gained in the hospital as they stated the bleeding was controlled. Just cause he’s out of the hospital doesn’t mean he’s fine. It’s still possible this was career ending
  10. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    The fans literally did ask for it. They had the field separated years ago and fans demanded we bring back pack racing. That’s why now in the xfinity series they can only lock on to each other for a short period of time
  11. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    20 years ago they would just ride the last 10 laps under yellow. Now we red flag it and have OT
  12. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    I don’t care for plate racing and it does wreck more cars. With that said you mentioned the faster tracks with no plates. We have to consider up until last year you had to lift at those faster large tracks. So they have had slower corner speeds. Last year they had the speeds restricted at those tracks to tighten the fields. Also, the big faster tracks have led to injuries as well. Hamlin and armirola each broke their backs. so while yes, plate racing causes more cars to crash it doesn’t necessarily cause more injuries opposed to the other tracks larger then 1.5 miles I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw tandem racing make a return
  13. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    You’re forgetting the safety of the fans if these cars are out there unrestricted
  14. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    The stages at least have drastically improved plate racing. Now it almost seems like the worst part of a plate race is the last 10 laps cause it takes an hour
  15. PatsJags14

    Ryan Newman

    You remember the last time they didn’t restrict the Horsepower at these tracks? They didn’t just start restricting the power for the fun of it. Now imagine them doing it today with engineers building these cars. The track would need a 30 foot wall