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  1. Blaney, Jones, Larson, Wallace, dibenetteto, Bell, reddick, Custer, chastain, Elliott just to name a few
  2. What?? Most talented from our corner of the country? Might be one of the most talented from Canada by default. He’s also no where close to one of the most talented drivers to enter nascar recently. Truck series maybe. Also, how is nascar trying to slow him down? Did they hit a button and make him screw up at Pocono? The guys winning and going to compete for a championship and you still think NASCAR is out to get him lol
  3. I don’t think you have to park guys when they purposely bring out a yellow. I think you could just do something like, if you bring out the yellow in a single car incident and don’t take assistance to the pits you get docked a lap. It’s still less then you’d lose under green
  4. Nascar penalized bubba for bringing out a yellow. Which begs the question when will DIRT and the local tracks finally step up. We see it at local tracks sometimes multiple times in a single races
  5. I think it was meant for the person you had replied to saying he only won at Malta
  6. I have, NASCAR has been fantastic this year. I think what a lot of people here seem to be overlooking is that the trucks are 3rd tier. Most major sports don’t have that many levels down get any broadcast time at all. Yes they botched the ending but don’t expect post race race coverage when they run over into another live event
  7. Everyone wants to complain when this happens to a race but no one gives praises when the bottom of the screen during a race is giving you program alert on what channel to watch the game on that the race is overlapping
  8. PatsJags14

    It’s 2019

    Tracks really should all just have their own app at this point. Charge $1.99 to download, they broadcast every week through the app. You get all your sponsors more exposure using the app. You add promo offers through the app to get more people though the gate. You provide updates. You have additional stuff during the week to keep your name out there for the casual fan that’s downloaded the app. You know promoting like it’s 2019
  9. PatsJags14

    Brett Hearn

    Isn’t he in jersey? That sounds like a traveling schedule
  10. He raced it at Malta a few times this year as well
  11. Manadnock is a great track. I was looking to go there in July but I’ll agree the schedule and pricing was a bit odd
  12. PatsJags14

    Fonda 200

    I think that was roughly the expected number if not more based on all the other posts
  13. No one is picking the 111 after he just dominated the series race at Malta Saturday?
  14. It’s was a good race. What made it exciting was seeing if the 111 could pull the upset. Laps kept clicking off and he kept pulling away. Mahaney also drove a great race getting though the field track was great. No dust and guys had 3 lanes they could use