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  1. I just wanted to give a shout out to Don Ronca for pulling off a win in Malta Friday night. The guys still getting the job done against some top teams
  2. I think it was already announced the bills won’t be able to have any fans
  3. I believe a lot of it has to do with movement. A lot of outdoor attractions can go on because you walking around during it
  4. You could also factor in that Larson has probably wrecked more cup cars in the span of a few years then blaney did in a decade
  5. It must only block on tv because it never used to block the view from the stands
  6. I’m glad the walls are back. It was annoying to see cars cutting the track and guys breaking front ends on the tires. They tried for years since taking it over to make the inside work without the wall and I think finally realized it’s the best option
  7. You say that like it doesn’t apply to dirt racing just as much as nascar
  8. Wait so you’re saying you’d rather get paid more to compete against the best in the world on national television, In a safer car and in cities like Las Vegas and Miami??!!! That’s just crazy
  9. Yea I love watching the high speed WoO freight trains and F1’s computer cars. As much as people on here won’t like to admit it, all 3 of nascars top series will typically provide a more exciting race then dirt sprint cars
  10. RPM has said Larson is an option for them if Wallace leaves for the 42. Larson will have a cup ride it’s just a matter of if he starts out with SHR or if he has to go the Kurt Busch route and power through a couple years with single car under funded teams
  11. Just something to think about: at my job I would talk to people all over the country. The common theme of people regarding their state is that everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side. Whether it be taxes, weather, this law, that law. People don’t like the state their in and feel another is better. IMO that’s nothing new. I think the difference in today’s world is that so many people can work virtually you can do your job from anywhere. I also think people get so used to where they live that they fail to appreciate it
  12. This is great! I can fly down to Disney for the day, take advantage of the reduced crowd and then still work my second job in retail the following day here in NY. I wish I knew sooner the virus needed 24 hours to get me
  13. Wait the virus can tell time? But if an NBA player goes outside the bubble for less then 24hrs they’re still quarantined??
  14. Cuomo wouldn’t grant the waiver to the cup teams go Watkins glen so I doubt a local dirt racer will get one. When you come back from Florida the health department checks in on you pretty continuously over the 14 days
  15. Recreational and sport will still be gas. Maybe an electric division. Eventually if we let the economy work without pushing oil everything else will be clean cheaper forms of energy but we’ll keep gas for sport
  16. Sounds like you’re having a great Monday happy hour
  17. When I saw this topic I thought it would be about how great the racing has been
  18. Isn’t part of it also that it specifies horse race/gambling and inadvertently groups auto racing in? I think this is important for any for of outdoor entertainment not just auto raving as they’re all trying to say the same thing. Why can we fill a large retail corporation and social distance with masks but not an outdoor entertainment facility?
  19. Easier to just extend it every few weeks then to admit A) it’s going yo be a long time and upset everyone or B.) you have absolutely no idea what’s going on so you’re playing by ear
  20. I don’t see how SDW can operate without fans. Pros are able to do it because the tv deals are bigger then fans in the stands and NFL franchises are still expected to each lose around 70million. SDW doesn’t have a tv deal to fall back on
  21. Jaguars announced 25% capacity and New England 20%. I would say the giants/jets announcement is a bad sign for Dover as their double header weekend was TBD for fans
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