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  1. I have always liked the idea of using an old coup/couch design body in the crate class - something different ! Think of the nice retro paint jobs that could be used ! I feel that the young kids would really like the look - get some new blood into the sport !
  2. Mr. Donnelly is nothing more than a phony - a dog and a pony show. Super Dirt Week is not going to happen ! If you think his pipedream of having his so called track ready to go in 3 months is totally delusional ! Wake up and smell the coffee ! It's over and time to move on !
  3. How about UR holding a bunch a Thursday races to help make up for lost ground before the busy mid week summer racing get's going ? They can't stay in business and absorb all of the monetary losses ! With about 3 more months of racing to go, they will probably have a few more rain outs !
  4. I remember approaching J. Horton at Rolling Wheels during the 80's. At that time he was racing part time in NASCAR. He could of cared less about me. Totally unfriendly. Saw him later at a sponsor event - same thing - he didn't get it ! No wonder his career stalled into a Sat. night local racer.
  5. How about a simple body that resembles the coupes or coaches from the 60's ? It would have a nice "edge" to it (get rid of the Sears tin shed look) and one would be able to tell the difference from a 602 and a modified.  Think of the retro paint jobs that one could come up with.The young kids may like that look as well. I am wondering if used mod bodies are fairly cheap which would not help with the ideas of a cheap retro look body ? 
  6. Let's not forget - GLMP holds the trump card -  their will come a time when Malta get's sold off to developers !
  7. I feel it's best that they are staying with Fridays. Sunday is just a tough sell. Look at UR which has been an established Sun. night track.  Last season they averaged about 18 mods. and sportsman, 12 pro stocks and  10 street stocks. My numbers may be little off, but I don't think I am too far off. GR is a goof fit for those who not want to battle with the big teams and   would probably call a 15 th place finish a "win" at AS. 5 th at GR probably pays better then 15 th at AS.
  8. I think the trade off of getting out of the car a little harder is worth it compared to getting hit when one is upside down. The new bar doesn't look like it will be that much more difficult to exit the car quickly.
  9. Hopefully the new owners will lower the concession  prices and go for more volume . Also, it seemed like  they had way to manyspecial shows that were priced above the "regular show" prices. A lot of folks just can't afford the cost to attend the shows where they add a class of cars. Not only do you lose that fan that night, you also lose what they may have spent at the concessions.  
  10. It's just a gut feeling that kids would like something different. I also think some of the adults would also enjoy "reliving their childhood " with the old bodies. Just think of the retro paint jobs that one could have. My crate engine was an idea to save money if they could be policed properly. It would be interesting to find out the price difference between the new and old body styles .
  11. Go with a crate engine and sheet metal from the golden years of the coups and coaches. That type of sheet metal  has to be a lot cheaper than todays style. I think fans would like it because it would be something, new,different, cheaper, ect.  Who wants to keep seeing 50 or 60 same clone cars every time you go to the track. I also fell younger kids would like this look as well.
  12. Speaking of Dunkin Donuts - How do you tell when a cop is tired ? They drop their donut !
  13. Why should all of the taxpayers of Pa. help support a business or a particular sport. What if you don't care about NASCAR ? Why should taxpayers money go to this when their are plenty of other place to help people - especially education.  Let good old fashion capitalism take care of this. So at the end of the day every taxpayer pays out for something related to less then perhaps 1% of the population.  One has to wonder if the Pocono Track group had "donated" money to Mr. Corbett in the past. Just like in NY -pay to play !
  14. Think about price points. $24.00 sound better then $25.00, $29.00 sounds better then $30.00, ect. With food, have a lot of vendors with lower prices. You will make it up in what you charge the vendors  for rent and the fans will be happy. I was at Charlotte 2 weeks ago. On the concourses they packed almost every foot with food vendors with decent prices. What worked about that idea was that there were no lines for an event that had 100,000 fans.  Also, that idea also brought a lot of variety for your food choices.  Again, good price points, lots of vendors for food, low prices and you will make it up in volume  and fan satisfaction. You are selling the whole package/experience, not just a ticket to see a race.
  15. Wasn't LV originally owned by Howie's father. If that's the case, it's probably been paid for many years ago.  I remember hearing before  LV was a racetrack, there was a small airport on the property ?  I do like his ideas of keeping the prices low to get more fans and cars and making it up in more concession sales, ect.
  16. I did a search on the capacity of dump trailer rigs. I found one that was a 3 axel trailer that had a capacity of 60 cubic yds. That's big ! It makes me wonder what is the max wt. a semi and a trailer haul on the road. My guess was Fonda had double axel rigs that perhaps hauled 45 yds.  Again, can't complain much about Fonda when they have dropped a boatload of money in the facility. Were they perfect  - no, but they are still going through the learning curve of promoting a track. Look for them to get better and better as time goes on.
  17. Usually dirt, clay, ect. is sold by the cubic yard. Picture a cube that measures 3' x 3' x 3' which amounts to 27 cubic ft. I would hate to be the one paying  for 2,500 cubic yards of clay !
  18. With Fonda being 60 ' wide, here's my latest calculations.  If one put  down a foot of  clay it  would amount to 5,866 cubic yards. A 10 wheeler dump truck can haul about 12 yds., or 488 truck loads. That seems like a lot to me. Perhaps they don't average 12 " of clay. Maybe some parts of the track require less that other areas. I also have wondered how much dirt/clay leaves the truck with all of the dust blowing around during the races. I would think that you are slowly losing your surface as time goes by ?   
  19. My guess is that Matty D. spent $100, 000 to $150.000. at Fonda, not counting the new surface.  Many promoters are always  crying about losing money or only making a little.  If you tell the fans that you are doing great, they start thinking that why am I paying $12.00 to get in and believe that they are being over charged. Also remember that a race track is a cash business. When Fonda came for lease there were more than one party interested, so that tells me something.  
  20. If 2500 Cubic Yards is correct, here's what I came up with. One could put down a new surface 9.5 " deep by 30 ft. wide around a distance of .5 miles.  I am wondering if an average width of 30 ' is correct ? Perhaps the turns are wider and the straights are narrower ? Also, would you lay more down in the corners and less on the straights ?  Anyway, how can one complain much about Fonda when you consider the buck$ that they have spent.  A win situation for everyone..
  21. Was that a dirt car or asphalt ? I am almost sure the car I saw had an " A frame " asphalt front end, not a solid dirt style front end.   
  22. Even though there was a rain date for today, I have to agree with the decision to cancel. The cold and wind today would of cut any of the few fans that showed up in half. The promoters lost enough this year. Why lose more. Not many would have showed. Also, we had the NFL and Talledega going on today in the cozy comfort of our living rooms.
  23. In the Saratoga Auto museum there is a 00 asphalt  coup. I am almost sure it's a Reutimann car with the Dover Dave paint scheme. Anyone have info on that one ? Looks like mid 70's vintage ?
  24. The tire rule answer that Pete talked about makes sense to me. I have been one to say in the past that tracks should have no tire rules with the thoughts that it would draw more cars and the fans that come with those cars. So my questions has always been that is it worth it to have tire deal$ when you could be losing car counts. Would no tire rules bring more teams ? Just wondering about this one.
  25. If you are looking for a good motel, I stay at the Microtel on I 77, exit 49 A. It's fairly new and runs about $90.00 a night. They do not raise the prices when NASCAR is in town, so you would also pay the regular prices. I've been told that very few hotels around Charlotte raise their prices when NASCAR is in town ! It's a smart way to keep the fans coming back. It's only about 40 minutes from the track. Also, you can visit a lot of the NASCAR shops near there. I believe they are near exit 36 on I-77. Also, the NASCAR hall of fame is in Charlotte. That's worth visiting also.
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