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  1. thatXXtruck

    Penn Can

    This announced or rumor?
  2. And I got to meet Bob Miller during that hour long wait in line!
  3. thatXXtruck


    Gotta give credit where it's due. I raced there last week for the first time in a couple of years. I think I went to 2 races there last year to watch. Huge improvements this year as far as surface. Definitely one of the most efficient tracks I go to on a somewhat regular basis. Fast paced show without the feeling of being rushed. I really enjoyed myself. Can't wait to go back in August.
  4. Afton- Home- grew up here Penn Can- new home. Chad and Kristen are working their butts off Five Mile Point- always liked the place. Good racing consistently Thunder Mountain- That picture of Zacharias's from the first lightening on the mountain. Skyline- Who finished6th? Fulton- that crash during the Victoria 200 that 3 cars flipped at once. Utica Rome- rained out for next week, probably. Outlaw- Spent 13 hours on the flag stand once for $100. Woodhull-neat little paperclip Davenport- high banked quarter mile paperclip. Gone forever Tri-County Microd Club- you gotta watch these kids Tioga- chunks of rubber landing on me from the supers Shangri la 2- such a beautiful waste of space. Chemung- top notch facility Evans Mills- ESS Oswego- loudddddd Bethel- best place to watch 4 cylinders. Cool little step back to the 60s, I'd guess. Grandview- fast Big Diamond-cool place. Want to race there. Albany Saratoga- so many cars and so few open seats Cherokee- like Lebanon valley south. Haven't been there since they shortened it Charlotte- grassroots nationals Fonda- big ol taters required Glen Ridge- favorite place to race Dunn hill- cool throwback track Weedsport- wow. What a facility Brewerton- fast and close to the track Rolling wheels- ESS/URC/Patriot race from 2007ish Lebanon valley-vapor trails from the outlaws.
  5. Me too. I never got there when they ran regularly. If it happens it may be a one time thing. I wouldn't want to miss that.
  6. There is a post on Facebook from someone involved in the Brookfield fair that they are looking at running street stocks and 4 cylinders on Thursday night of the fair.
  7. I'm looking forward to the WRA shows. Depending on car counts for prior usac ec shows, I may try them as well.
  8. I think the biggest reason is the rest of the country, generally speaking, already has their headline class, being late models or sprints, both of which are faster than the modifieds.
  9. From Five Mile Point Facebook- "I would like to first say thank you to everyone that came out to Five Mile Point Speedway this past weekend. It was a great two days of racing action and as always, our officials, volunteers and safety team did an outstanding job. The teams put on great racing both days and things went very smoothly. With that said I believe it is a great way to conclude our 2018 racing season at Five Mile Point Speedway, on a positive note. This past racing season was a great one. We had some of the best weekly car counts in the northeast. I was pleased with the racing surface we provided weekly with virtually zero tire wear. It was a lot of off-season work to be ready to go like we were in early April, but it was certainly worth it. We could not have done any of it without the support of our great teams, fans and track staff. The season was very challenging with weather struggles. Just finding dry days to keep the property mowed and maintained was hard to do this summer. Finding days to work on the track with the unpredictable weather was another huge challenge for me weekly. Quite frankly, all of it has taken a toll on me personally. I’m beyond tired and I guess one could say, “burned out”. This is isn’t a statement looking for sympathy or anything like that but to rather explain the rationale behind my decision to conclude racing for this season. At this time, I do not plan on returning to running the speedway in 2019. I hope that there is some interest from an individual or group that may want to run the speedway next season. I will certainly entertain those discussions in the days, weeks and months to come. I will do all that I can to help anyone that may have that interest. I do need to take the next weeks ahead to do work on the property and a lot of the equipment. I much rather do it now while the weather is decent than trying to do it again this winter when it’s miserable out. Running another race weekend takes away the opportunity to get many of those projects completed. Thank you again to everyone that was part of the great 2018 race season. Congratulations to all of the 2018 Track Champions and everyone that earned wins this season. We expect to host our annual awards dinner in late February/early March again this year. By then we certainly will share any news or factual developments as they come about. To date, no one has had any specific discussions with me about possibly leasing the speedway next season. If no one is found to run the speedway next season by mid-winter the plan is to list the property for sale as commercial development. We have had a lot of interest the past few years from developers but wanted to try and keep the property moving forward as a race track. We would likely run one final limited number of races in the meantime next season. I was going to have a driver’s meeting at the past couple of races but unfortunately in this day and age unless you actually put your own words down in writing the narrative seems to change. I wanted only the opportunity to tell everyone in my own words without interpretation. Those that are known for gossip and that type of nonsense can do and say what they will but everyone else can refer to this for my actual words regarding my decision. Thanks again to all of you that have supported Five Mile Point Speedway this season and in season’s past. - Andrew Harpell" This is depressing.
  10. thatXXtruck

    Types of Clay?

    It doesn't necessarily have to be clay to work for a track surface. I believe Boone Speedway is Top soil, horse manure and wood chips.
  11. Always some negativity. I believe the count was 85. I predicted 65-70, so I was pleasantly surprised. I think the reason they didn't hit 100 was because there are only so many guys that have a realistic shot to win, and it was expected to be a very rough road to the A main. However, it was a great show. The Carnage was lower than expected. One flip in a heat, and a car took down the catch fence in a C-Main... I think.... The show was run very efficiently, and it was exciting. Well worth the price of admission.
  12. Maybe you guys that can't play football can start selling shoes.
  13. ”Order of races on Friday for hot laps, heats, and features. Crates. SS. Mods. Opens. IMCA. Truck. As always pits open at 4 pm, grandstands at 4:30 pm, hot laps at 6:15 pm, and first heat at 7 pm. No increase in admission, no increase in feature race distances, championship points awarded, handicap used for heat and feature lineups, everyone races in a feature.. Nerf footballs allowed for tailgating for all of our DTD friends. Hoping to see a few invaders from The Hill, Five Mile Point, and Penn - Can."
  14. Just posted on Afton's Facebook. Nerf footballs will be allowed this week.
  15. thatXXtruck

    Surface idea...

    Actual blue clay I know will work, but it's hard to find and expensive. But with all of the bluestone places in the southern tier, I'd imagine this stuff is way easier. I know of a place with enough of it to cover every track in the state a foot thick, and it could be had for little to nothing. Anyone with some land, money, and equipment want to do some experimenting?