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  1. Thank You Dean Reynolds for supporting NESCOT by getting a few tickets. We greatly appreciate your donation.
  2. Mike Mallett, GT Smith and Outlaw Photos have their tickets for the NESCOT Month of May Lottery Raffle. Good Luck with your numbers.
  3. The North East Stock Car Old Timers (NESCOT) are proud to be a sponsor of The Confinement Classic. We are also proud to sponsor the Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modified Series. NESCOT holds it's Annual Steak and Chicken Bake every year at the Nassau Sportsman Club in Nassau, NY. This years event takes place on Aug. 23rd. Tickets for this event will hopefully be available soon all depending on Covid-19 protocol. NESCOT decided to try something different this year. The Racing Lottery Calendars have been put to the side for the time being, so the major fundraiser of the year will be, NESCOT’s Month of May Lottery Raffle. EVERY DAY during the month of May pays MONEY. $$$$$$$$ Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays pay $25.00. Mondays and Fridays pay $100.00. Last day of the month, Sunday, May 31st pays $200.00 If your ticket number matches the New York State Lottery Daily Evening Number (straight not boxed) during the month of May, YOU ARE A WINNER ! Only a $10.00 Donation for 31 chances to win a total of $1625.00. All proceeds from this Lottery Raffle go into a fund to help those in the Racing Community during a time of need. We are a little behind in ticket sales due to the cancellations of the Car Shows and Race Track openings. We could really use your help in buying a ticket or 2 to help us meet our goal. You can get your tickets by calling Mark Krosky @ 518-894-0197 or Richard Carpinello @ 518-477-8352. Thank you in advance from NESCOT for supporting our FUNDRAISER. If this Lottery Raffle does well we will attempt to do another one around September. For more info on the raffle and the organization please visit our website www.nescotracing.com or www.facebook.com/nescot.racing. Good Luck to all of the Driver's in the running of the Confinement Classic. NESCOT would like to thank Dirt Track Digest for their continued support of the organization. The advertising that you comped NESCOT to have on your site in the past was a great help for us reaching our goal in calendar sales. We are hoping that by working together again for our raffle that we can have the same positive outcome for ticket sales.
  4. Bobco is in the middle of moving to a new house. I would have to believe that if you called him with your request he could give you an answer. 518-399-0937
  5. Jody Gable sold his dealerships, (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Buick, Chevrolet, GMC) in Cobleskill, NY but remains on as a General Manager at the Buick, Chevrolet, GMC dealership. It is my understanding that he still has the Teo High Rack car that Brett Hearn drove to victory at Mr. Dirt Track USA, Lebanon Valley 200 and won the Lebanon Valley Track Championship all in the same year. Jody and Brett were the Lebanon Valley Speedway Champions all the years they together.
  6. Viaport Rotterdam 38 mins · Due to new government restrictions, the car show has been canceled for this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you at the next one.
  7. Viaport Rotterdam 1 hr · VIAport Rotterdam takes the health of our guests and staff very seriously and we have been monitoring the global situation closely. We know it's very hard to separate the hype from reality when it seems news outlets are updating their reports minute by minute and medical professionals are struggling to keep up. To that end, we are following the current advice of the CDC and medical professionals to ensure the safest/healthiest visits as possible. We will continue to offer hand sanitizer throughout the mall as long as it's available through our distributors and if it comes to the point we need to close, we will make an official announcement alerting guests of that as well. We understand that the situation can change at any time, and we will update our Social Media and website with any changes. As of this time, all scheduled events for this weekend are ongoing including the the race car show, line dancing, zumba with Annie, Debuts Jr. Theater's play of Wizard of Oz, and live music.
  8. About 25 spots remaining for the show. Call Bobco to make sure your 2020 ride is in the show..
  9. Just got off the phone with Bobco and he informed me that 45 spots in the mall have been reserved and there are only 35 spots left. Bobco would like to thank all those that have registered and looks forward to filling the rest of the spots soon. There is room for Go Karts and the Racing Lawn Mowers. Those spots are separate from the 35 remaining Race Car spots.
  10. Last year, what use to be the Fonda Speedway Car Show became The North East Race Car Show. Bobco took over the show and made it an all inclusive car show for the area tracks and race teams. Before last years show was over, Bobco already had the 2020 dates for the show. Fonda Speedway is more than welcome to the North East Race Car Show and so are the race teams from Fonda. Apparently, Fonda Speedway wanted to have a show all of their own. That's great. It'll be a good shot in the arm for the mall and the stores in it and for the race fans who will have the chance to see the cars at 1 or both of the shows.
  11. The North East Race Car Show will be held at the Via Port Mall in Rotterdam, March 13--15. 2020. Cars will be loaded into the mall on March 12th @ 9;00pm. Modifieds, 358 Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, Street Stocks, 4 and 6 Cyls, Sprint Cars, Drag Cars, Go Karts, Cage Karts and Sling Shots from ALL of the area Race Tracks ( Albany-Saratoga, Fonda, Glen Ridge, Lebanon Valley, Devils Bowl, Utica-Rome, Dodge City and Caroga Creek) are welcome to attend and are encouraged to call Bob James (Bobco) to solidify your spot in this years event. Bob can be reached from 9:00am to 5:00pm at (518) 399-0937. There are only 80 spots available for the show. After the 80 spots are taken, there will be a waiting list started in the event of any cancellations. Once you've called Bob and have a spot assigned to you, a Car Show Form will be mailed to you to complete. Bob is expecting to have all the spots filled just like last year. So call him. The sooner the better.. Don't miss out on being part of the 1st Car Show in the Capital District for 2020.
  12. Go on Craigslist/Daytona Beach. Lots of tickets for sale on there. As in all cases of buying tickets online, BE VERY CAREFUL...
  13. Great seats for Super Dirt Week available for Saturday and Sunday. Front stretch Section L Row M seats 200 and 201. They are end of the aisle seats right across from the flag stand. End of the aisle is on your right side, $180.00 for all 4 tickets which is face value. These are not my tickets but I have sat in these seats the last 2 years. I am not going to SDW this year and just posting this for a very good friend. If interested please call 518-428-4002. They can be brought to you if you are going to Fonda Speedway this weekend, The Fulton 200 next weekend or the beginning of SDW at Oswego.
  14. This may all come down to the track surface at the lap 100 break. If the track has multiple grooves and passing is not an issue, then going pit side to change tires and making other changes is probably what most the teams will do. If the track locks down to 1 groove or passing is not easy, how many will stay on track and just refuel and pray that the tires will last another 100 laps ?? How many cars will be a lap down by the break or even later in the race?? Don't forget what happened at the Firecracker 50 earlier in the year at Fonda.. A late tire change could do it again.. All the questions yet to be answered. I think the big winner will be all the fans that get to enjoy a nice fall weather weekend of racing. I've got my seats for the weekend and can't wait til Friday... PS: The driver's will be coming through the stands on Saturday with their helmets as they try to help Bobco (Bob James) the videographer at Fonda Speedway for over 25 years who is battling cancer. Let's fill the helmets and help out a person who has dedicated his life to the sport we love.
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