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  1. Great seats for Super Dirt Week available for Saturday and Sunday. Front stretch Section L Row M seats 200 and 201. They are end of the aisle seats right across from the flag stand. End of the aisle is on your right side, $180.00 for all 4 tickets which is face value. These are not my tickets but I have sat in these seats the last 2 years. I am not going to SDW this year and just posting this for a very good friend. If interested please call 518-428-4002. They can be brought to you if you are going to Fonda Speedway this weekend, The Fulton 200 next weekend or the beginning of SDW at Oswego.
  2. This may all come down to the track surface at the lap 100 break. If the track has multiple grooves and passing is not an issue, then going pit side to change tires and making other changes is probably what most the teams will do. If the track locks down to 1 groove or passing is not easy, how many will stay on track and just refuel and pray that the tires will last another 100 laps ?? How many cars will be a lap down by the break or even later in the race?? Don't forget what happened at the Firecracker 50 earlier in the year at Fonda.. A late tire change could do it again.. All the questions yet to be answered. I think the big winner will be all the fans that get to enjoy a nice fall weather weekend of racing. I've got my seats for the weekend and can't wait til Friday... PS: The driver's will be coming through the stands on Saturday with their helmets as they try to help Bobco (Bob James) the videographer at Fonda Speedway for over 25 years who is battling cancer. Let's fill the helmets and help out a person who has dedicated his life to the sport we love.
  3. I personally would like to thank all of the race teams and friends of Bob James (Bobco) that donated items for his benefit last night at Albany-Saratoga Speedway. Special thanks to those who handled the table for the raffle items. Bob is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for him while he courageously battles his liver cancer. Thank you to all of the fans for supporting the raffle and those that just donated money. You all helped Bob in more ways than you can imagine. Bob had a really good day yesterday and all of you helped in uplifting his fighting spirit to beat cancer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Please keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers. He looks forward to the rest of this weekend at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Fonda Speedway next weekend then Super Dirt Week. PS: Thank you (Krazy) Kenny Martin, Sheldon Martin and all of those involved with getting Bob's Pro Stock Car "Thunderstruck" to the track last night. Also to those at the speedway for playing AC/DC's song "Thunderstruck". What an amazing tribute for Bob. Then to top everything off, Kenny brings the car home in 5th after starting 20th.. Bless all of you for what you did to get this big undertaking done.
  4. KrashMender

    Turn 1,2,3 or 4

    The turn 3 bleachers on the backstretch at Flemington.. As good as turns 3-4 are at Fonda ,nothing else compares to Flemington. Especially when Super CD Coville ran there.
  5. The NESCOT Steak and Chicken Bake is just about 10 days away. Don’t hesitate to get your tickets as there are only 250 available. The bake will take place on Aug. 25th at the Nassau Sportsman Club, 370 Boyce Rd. Nassau, NY 12123. Lunch will be served from 12:00 – 3:30 consisting of, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Sausage and Peppers, Chicken Wings, Clam Chowder, Raw Clams, Coffee, Beer and Soda. Dinner will be served at approx. 5:00pm with your choice of Steak or Chicken with Baked Potato, Corn on the Cob, Macaroni, Potato and Tossed Salads along with a selection of Desserts. There will be a 50/50 Raffle, Lots of Door Prizes, Vintage Race Cars and a Live Band for your listening and dancing pleasure. NESCOT is looking for donations for the Door Prizes. If you would like to donate some Racing Memorabilia, Racing Items or Gift cards from your favorite business's, bring them to the bake, attach your name to it so everyone can see who donated the item and we’ll display the item until some lucky winner takes it home with them. Tickets are available for $45.00 for Steak and $40.00 for Chicken. For more information or to reserve your tickets to the Steak and Chicken Bake please contact: Rich Carpinello (518) 477-8352, Al McCoy (518) 857-3583 or Mark Krosky (518) 894-0197
  6. Looking forward to another great night of racing at The Track of Champions. Mod Twin 20's tonight. After his spectacular run in the Firecracker 50, maybe they should offer Stew a bonus if he starts last and wins. He's got 20 laps which is 1 more than he needed last time (19) after suffering a flat tire and going to the rear.. I hope they raise a lot of money for Autism tonight with the raffles and Chicken BBQ. I'll be contributing to both...Gonna have some great weather tonight so go support your local dirt track.. Enjoy the races..
  7. Thanks for the news Scott. I guess I know where I'll be grabbing dinner.
  8. According to the HFR Facebook page, the truck is brand spanking new and was nicknamed "Batmobile".. I wonder how the other GMS trucks got through tech since they are all coming out of the same shop ?? Possible conspiracy theory.. NASCAR didn't appreciate the Dale Jr. interview with Gary Balough and this is their way of evening the score since Gary is associated with HFR.. I guess we'll have to wait until the beginning of the week when NASCAR drops the hammer on the HFR team. A real shame if this costs Stew a shot at the Championship..
  9. The only reason why I put my blanket down on Tuesday was the fact that there was NO RESERVED SEATING.. Good thing I got there when I did as the seats I usually sit in already had blankets on them. I guess it depends on where you sit at Fonda. The covered grand stand seats were mostly taken when I got there at 5:00 pm on Wednesday. There were just a few here and there. Really doesn't matter what seat you had for the Firecracker 50, you weren't sitting in it the last bunch of laps.. Everyone was on their feet. Every time Fonda Speedway has a race that will be televised it ends up being a fantastic finish.. I can't wait for the 200.. If you want to sit in the covered grand stands, RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOW !!!!!! They are only $62.00 for the 2 night package.
  10. Good thing there's no saving seats with a blanket in the covered grandstands for the Fonda 200.. Every seat in the covered grandstand is numbered and is reserved. I already have my 11 reserved seats for both nights. The bleachers are general admission and I'm sure a bunch of people will have their seats saved. I think they'll use garbage bags instead of blankets in case it rains so they won't have a wet ass.. jmo Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day..
  11. A bunch and I mean a whole bunch of people already had blankets down. I wouldn't be surprised if some people left their blankets from Saturday night.Oh well.
  12. Was just at Fonda Speedway putting the blankets down for tomorrow nights FIRECRACKER 50. Mike Parillo was out watering the track getting it ready for tomorrow night. Brett Deyo and crew were busy in their white painter suits prepping all of the walls, jersey barriers and tires to put a fresh coat of white paint on them. Looking gooooooooooood.. Had a moment to speak with Denise Page and she informed me that the special for tomorrow night is Hot Meatball Sub and get ready everyone... Her very special Strawberry Shortcake. If you've never had it, tomorrow night is the time to get some.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow...
  13. KrashMender

    Glen Ridge

    The Ridge will make it through this year. Next year will probably be the make or break year for the track. If what I was informed by a rather good source is true, a 3 track circuit like the old Outlaw days of Brewerton, Fulton and Utica-Rome or the CVRA with Albany-Saratoga, Airborne and Devils Bowl may be in the works for 2020. The Ridge, Fonda and a track to the west that runs on Sundays. If this comes to fruition, American Racer and Sunoco will have taken a pretty good sized piece out of the Hoosier- VP Fuels pie that has existed for a long time... I'm sure that an announcement won't be made until the season is over. Keeping my finger's crossed..
  14. I was at OCFS a few weeks ago when they cancelled the features due to impending rain that never came. i did see the wheel spin and I think it should be sponsored by Raybestos, Napa, Wilwood, or Pep Boys brakes. The wheel spins like crazy for about 3 or 4 seconds then comes to a screeching halt.. Seemed a little odd to me.
  15. Old Timer's Day at Yankee Stadium...