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  1. May I ask a question 22racingteam? Did you see the awesome race between Rocky & Stewy last night @ Fonda that Gasket are mentioned or was the track to slick for you. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. Car counts & tacky tracks are very over rated. Good racing is good racing.
  2. All I got to say is two wrongs don’t make a right. Drunk guy shouldn’t have hackled Tony & Tony shouldn’t have slapped him. This really is being blown up more than it should. What’s really sad is Tony was signing autographs for fans when this happened. Really hope this doesn't stop Tony from interacting with the fans after the races are done.
  3. Wow I guess nobody remembers Matt Sheppard racing a Late model a while back @ Brewerton when the Woo Lates were there. He also got to hot lap a 410 sprint when he drove for HBR & I bet a lot of you forgot that too. As much as I hate seeing Matt win all the time. The guy is on top of the game right now.
  4. What’s even worse is this adds a car to the count. How much complaining has been there been about been about car counts lately for high paying races.
  5. So a single file ending with no passing would be better. I get it. No wild finish. In a perfect world we would have had a finish like Fonda the night before. Not everything is perfect these days. I’m done with this topic. Please continue to argue.
  6. I think what’s he’s saying is just because they put Pauch’s # on the car doesn’t mean he’s in the car for more than one race.
  7. I only hope to be perfect like you someday.
  8. I believe macho was being sarcastic to RJO complaint about poor car count.
  9. I was there & it happened rite in front of me for I was sitting in turn 4 stands. Going down the backstretch I had a feeling Max & Eric weren’t gonna make threw turn 3. Do I think what Max did was rite? Hell no. But it’s part of racing. Weather you guys like it or not. You guys act like this was the 1st time a 2nd place car took out the leader coming to the end of a race. So for everyone complaining would the race been better if it was a single file snooze fest?
  10. For everyone that is upset. Would you have preferred the race been a bore fest? What we seen last night was the good and bad of good hard racing. No less on a slick track with time trials. Max ran a perfect race till 2 laps to go. Rudolph was what I expected Sheppard to be tonight. About perfect. In the end most of all fans had to be surprised who won. Including the winner himself Matt Sheppard. His interview was priceless. And so is Sheppard fan too. He’s still probably pinching himself still thinking it’s just a dream Matt won. Lol. Can’t believe how many fans are calling Max out. He made a mistake. He apologize for it. For everyone calling him out I ask one question? Are you perfect? In the end that was damn good entertainment tonight.
  11. May I ask how many they are suppose to have car count wise? And I’ve seen rougher tracks. It could be better but could also be a lot worse. At least they are working on the track to make it better.
  12. Mandee Pauch posted it on Twitter. I would think it’s true
  13. They got done a little before Midnight. It was def a late one last night @ Weedsport. So glad I had today off.
  14. Now that’s just evil & funny @ the same time. Lol