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  1. Flo racing & Dirtvision both are covering Weedsport today.
  2. Thing is Ganassi allowed Larson 20-25 dirt races during the nascar racing season &. If I remember corectly Kasey Kane was only allowed only 5 sprint car races when he ran for Hendrick during the whole year. Big difference. Just to add fuel to the fire but Clint Boywer just annonced he's going to the tv booth next year. So is Larson going to Hendrick or Stewart Haas? Time will tell. Either way Larson will probaby be in Nascar Cup next year.
  3. No way he’s even close to earning what he was making in NASCAR running dirt. What’s his winnings this year in dirt racing? A little over half a million. He was making millions in nascar. Look at what he was selling his 2 houses for. Sure wasn’t peanuts. As for having fun running dirt it sure seems he is. But how can he not have fun when he’s winning a majority of the time.
  4. That was 5 years ago & it took a virus for Cuomo to get back at those race fans. I’m sorry but I’ll agree to disagree with yea with the sign. A lot of business have had trouble with Cuomo during this virus & I’m pretty sure they didn’t have FU Cuomo signs in their business. Just saying.
  5. That banner must have been on display in movie theaters too. They have yet to open up. The sign def didn’t help us seeing racing this year as fans but I wouldn’t put it as the sole reason that fans aren’t allowed. Sorry to say that no matter what the real reason is for why Cuomo has not allowed fans in the stands this season we will probably never know. This season is pretty much a wash for fans. I mean if Cuomo really wanted to hurt are sport. Couldn’t he just not allow any racing at all? Here’s hoping that next year is a lot better and has fans.
  6. It’s just Native land ones that are open but still don’t make it rite for them to be open & other business not. It’s that inconsistency that bothers a lot of people.
  7. Sure seems that way by this link. https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/fox-35-exclusive-labs-directed-to-only-report-positive-covid-19-tests Wonder how many states doing this..
  8. Sounds like your playing monday morning quarterback.Honestly there is enough blame to go around for everyone with this virus. I'll just agree to disagree with you. Just be thankful you've been to some races this year. Wish I could say the same.
  9. So how long are we suppose to live this new normal? A year. Two years? Forever?Just for the record I don't think it's a hoax. The virus is real.A lot of people have died from it. But I've also been taught to live everyday like it's your last day on earth. The sad truth is you can be hit by a car tomorrow & die. So protecting yourself & loves ones from the virus will mean nothing at that point. Just something to think about.
  10. I never said it was a Hoax either. The way people are pushing the masks it sure seems like they are thinking it will get rid of it. But I'm like you I wear my mask when I have too. Unlike you I haven't been to race sense Jan 6th for a enduro race. It is what it is.
  11. So how do masks work when I keep seeing people using them as chin guards or don't have them covering thier noses? I also red that same artical about the hair stylists & unless they changed it after it was 1st posted. Only 50-60 people were tested out of the 140. So not sure how true that the virus wasn't spread from them. I personally don't know why everyone thinks masks are the fix all for spreading the virus. We were told not to touch are face at the begining of this virus along with not wearing a mask. Now its wear a mask & is it just me but it seems like I'm touching my face a who
  12. Is this with or without fans? I know it's still early but I really don't see fans being able to attend. But hoping for the best.
  13. For some people maybe it does. Why judge. He asked a simple question. I tried to answer to the best of my knowaldge. What I use to like about this forum is fans use to help other fans learn or find things out. Now adays evrthing is questioned.
  14. Have you seen the pics? It's def the race team hauler. Full size 18teen wheeler. I'm thinking the hauler is regestered in New York considering Halmar main hub is in New York. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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