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  1. Is this with or without fans? I know it's still early but I really don't see fans being able to attend. But hoping for the best.
  2. For some people maybe it does. Why judge. He asked a simple question. I tried to answer to the best of my knowaldge. What I use to like about this forum is fans use to help other fans learn or find things out. Now adays evrthing is questioned.
  3. Have you seen the pics? It's def the race team hauler. Full size 18teen wheeler. I'm thinking the hauler is regestered in New York considering Halmar main hub is in New York. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. The State will be beyond bankrupt by then. And we can all thank Cuomo for that.
  5. Are the satellite shows really dying? Yes car counts were down for small blocks but sportsman counts seemed decent & the fan count @ Weedsport & Brewerton looked pretty good. Unless tracks are loosing money on them which really doesn't look like they are. I don’t see anything changing with the satellite races for years to come.
  6. Well saying they are not popular In NY isn’t exactly a complement even if it’s the truth.
  7. Hmmm they seemed pretty popular about 3 weeks ago at Outlaw speedway in Dundee Ny. Place was packed. Even had a pretty good field Lates too. But I’m sure someone will say it’s because they had a dash for sprints & mods for why the crowd was so good. All I know is I had a good time & enjoyed myself. I think more people need to do that these days instead of finding something to complain about.
  8. Sorry was trying to be sarcastic & totally messed that up. I’ve always seen great racing @ Albany for the few times I’ve been there. Ment no disrespect to the racing there. Again congrats to Drellos for a well earned win.
  9. How can a SDS race that was won from the pole be a good race? The Deyo lovers are gonna disagree. Butt seriously congrats to Demetrio. Sounded like a typical Albany race. Which seems really good these days.
  10. So going by that way of thinking. As a fan why go to the races if Sheppard is probably gonna win anyway?
  11. Let me ask a serious question. Are there really any off weekends when it comes to big Modified races? Were there isn’t another race competing against another? Yes back in the day it seemed tracks respected each. Now it is what it is.
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