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  1. Did Can Am staff run the show or does the series bring in their own people?
  2. I think Kenny Brightbill did at one time also.
  3. Did Danbury build the Mopar engines for Guy Sheldon in his sportsman?
  4. It would probably be easier just to protest the charge through your credit card company for lack of service received.
  5. Not sure if it was the same Nazareth week-end or not (probably was) but Bob McCreadie won the 100 lap small block race driving the Tony Corcoran #25 Mud Buss.
  6. Not really sure. How about Gary Reddick and Gordon Dobbins.
  7. It came from the 1969 Gater racing News Yearbook. The book is the second annual edition.
  8. Rebel speedway. When it had an oil cinder track.