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  1. I was scrolling on Facebook and I found this on It. Let's say you are a Dirtcar official, what sanction do you give to Chris Raabe for his actions? The video is here http://360nitro.com/courses/videos/2015-07-04/octane-360n-rpm-speedway.html
  2. How did you find this out? On autodrome Granby's facebook page
  3. Stewart Friesen will travel to Autodrome Granby for the series race on monday. He will drive Bruno Lepage's  big block. Great news for us Quebecers to see one of the best modified driver today added to the field.
  4. How can you know your speed is 30 mph in the car? They don't have speedometer.
  5. Bring Danny O'brien, Stephane Lafrance and Matt Billings in granby and enjoy the show. They would probably crack the top 5 once in a while. O'brien would be the best of the 3. lafrance was a regular a couple years ago and he wasn't in the front bunch. Luke Whitteker is a regular top 5 driver in Cornwall but he struggles to finish in top 5 here. That doesn't make him a bad driver. The competition is just that good. Guys like Hébert, Robidoux, Bernard, Bernier, Bussière, Roy, Brouillard, Therrien, Clair and Boisvert can win on any given night. Hébert can win in Brockville, Mohawk and Cornwall and he has already shown it.
  6. Video It was his second race in his brand new TEO. He was ok and started the feature with his back up car.
  7. Will drivers from Merritville will make the haul for the Cornwall's race?
  8. I know, was talking about Brockville. For Cornwall at least 15 quebec car will be there.
  9. There's a 100 lapper at Drummond too so don't expect many quebec cars.
  10. A 3 car team. I have to go with talents from Quebec Alan Therrien will be my young gun David Hebert and Claude Brouillard would be the teachers.
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