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  1. Prep the track how he tells them to. Really??? Considering the guy doing the track this year was JR Hurlburt (sp) who by the way races his modified against Andy so Ya he would definitely do the track how Andy wants him to....way to show your intelligence
  2. And Street stock series race
  3. Saturday August 20th $1000 to win SS all invaders welcome check to see if your car fits rules!! Thunder Mountain Speedway Lisle,NY https://thundermtnspeedway.com/schedule/
  4. purestock04

    Outlaw Saturday

  5. CRSA is Sat. Friday night is a regular show mods,crate sports,crate late models,SS,4 cyl Sunday has car show and concert http://outlawspeedwayllc.com/
  6. Modifiers $3000 to win Grit Sportsman $1000 to win Fight Night Street Stocks $700 CRSA sprints 4 cyl $500 to win Outlaw/ Woodhull Rules for Rwd and fwd Pits 3:00 Practice 5:00 Racing 6:00 Grandstand $20 Seniors $18 Pit pass $35
  7. THUNDER MOUNTAIN SPEEDWAY JULY 16, 2016 RACE RESULTS SUMMARY Modified Feature Finish (30 laps): DANNY CREEDEN, Chad Cook, Brent Wilcox, Jeremy Smith, Alan Barker, Barry White, Colton Wilson, Brian Malcolm, Chris Wood, P.J. Goodwin, Tyler Siri, Nick Rochinski, Jeff Sheeley, Nick Mady, Randy Brokaw, Nick Nye, Byron Worthing, Darren Schuler, Sam Allen, Ryan Jordan, Arnie Slade, Billy Spoonhower, Bob Hamm Jr. Open Sportsman Feature Finish (20 laps): BRIAN WHITE, Chance Spoonhower, Kevin Jordan, Chris Jordan, Eddie White, Tommy Eiklor, Dayton Coney, Larry Mekic, Greg Morgan, Dan Burman, Carl Bittenbender, Daniel Burman, Larry Hillis, Jason Tuttle, Cole Price, Thomas Ferguson. Crate 602 Sportsman Feature Finish (20 laps): ISAIAH FORWARD, Shayne Spoonhower, Tom Collins, Brian Mady, Gregg Turner, Allen James, Pat Jordan, Kinser Hill, Lanson Albanese, Daryl Krebs, Dustin Jordan, Geordie Decker, Brenton Miller, Mike Nagel Jr., Matt Brewer, Pat Parker, T.J. Frost, Kailee DiMorier, Hilary Ward, Kimberlee Morgan, James McIntyre, Tyler Keener, Bob Stahl. Did Not Start: A.J. Williams, Cole Price Rookie Sportsman Feature Finish (15 laps): LANDON CUMMINGS, Nick Soules, Connor Spoonhower, Ryan Alsdorf, Dan Allen, Bill Reidenbach, Denny Greenier, Jimmy Zacharias. Street Stock Feature Finish (20 laps): TREVOR DUDLEY, Shane Wolf Jr., Jonathan Carpenter, Mike Wilbur, Doug Stack Jr., Matt Spencer, K.J. Yager, Dan Searles, Dan Babcock, Dan Force, Jeff Wilcox, Rick Sinsabaugh, Jack Holcomb Jr., Damon Decker, Earl Zimmer, Norm Whittemore, Dan Mazzarese, Eric Boynton. XCel 600 Modified Feature Finish (20 laps): WILL EASTMAN, Kamdin Maby, Tom Shiner, Joe McCabe, Justin Shiner, Doug Windhausen, Nick Chase, Eric Boyd, Bailey Boyd, Rich Green, Damon Henry, Abby Price, Dusty Decker, Jamie Frantz, Jacob Waibel, Dakota Andersen, Chris Jordan, Dana Davis. Did Not Start: Chris Kithcart. FWD Four Cylinder Feature Finish (15 laps): RICH GARDINER, Clint Kadarondak, Eric Rowley, Dave Jenkins, Keith Beach, Chris Taylor, Guy Raymond Jr., Caleb Lacey, Mike Taylor, Cameron Searles, Michael Robinson, Zach Hayward.
  8. Why would wristbands be good more than half the show was complete???
  9. WAYMART BUILDING CENTER/SHARKEY’S FUELS ‘LIGHTNING ON THE MOUNTAIN’ RACE SUMMARY – THUNDER MOUNTAIN SPEEDWAY MAY 29, 2016 Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Halmar International North Region Event No. 3 Modified Feature Finish (46 laps, rain-shortened): CHAD COOK, Mike Mahaney, Anthony Perrego, Jerry Higbie Jr., Colton Wilson, Stewart Friesen, Erick Rudolph, Danny Creeden, Matt DeLorenzo, Ryan Jordan, Cory Costa, Tommy Meier, Ken Titus, Chris Stull, Nick Mady, Danny Johnson, Craig Hanson, Andy Bachetti, Ryan Darcy, Mike Ricci, Nick Nye, Byron Worthing, Tyler Siri, Jim Britt, Mike Clapperton, Jeff Heotzler, Billy Van Inwegen. Did Not Start: Brian Malcolm Did Not Qualify: Dan Humes, Mike Jackson, Dale Welty, Brett Tonkin, Shea Montgomery, Alan Johnson, Alan Barker, Nick Rochinski, Sam Allen, John Morse, Lee DeWitt, Grant Hilfiger, Barry White, Brent Wilcox. XCel 600 Modified Feature Finish (20 laps): RICHIE HITZLER, Korey Inglin, Michael Burrows, Jamie Frantz, Will Eastman, Aaron Bowes, Eric Boyd, Brian Blankenbiller, Ray Gradwell, Joe McCabe, Jon Josko, John Ayre, Nick Chase, Travis Fichter, Jeff Metzger, Doug Windhausen, Chris Jordan, Dana Davis, Josh Pepe, Rob Vivona, Travis Rigante, Justin Dimorier, Kevin Van Valkenburg. Did Not Start: Dakota Andersen Did Not Qualify: Kamdin Maby, Dusty Decker, Billie Koch, Luke Harrar, Derrick Demott, Logan Snyder, Bailey Boyd, Hunter Diehl, D.J. Hunt, Ian Williamson, Abby Price, Grant Schibilia, Wyatt Harrar, Norm Whittemore. Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Open Sportsman Event No. 2 (postponed by rain) Fight Night Street Stock Chad Sindoni Memorial (postponed by rain)
  10. purestock04

    Matt Sheppard

    Bicknell1 .Here listen American racers http://www.dougsdirtdiary.com/audioplayer.php?id=22333
  11. Apologize for what she was right once out of what 30 rumors??? lol. Just kidding
  12. SHORT TRACK SUPER SERIES TO MAKE FIRST VISIT TO ROLLING WHEELS RACEWAY PARK JULY 13 Today at the Eastern Motorsport Press Association (EMPA) Convention at the Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia, Pa., the Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP announced a North Region date at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park in Elbridge, N.Y., Wednesday, July 13, 2016. The 50-lap event will make history not only as the series’ inaugural visit to Rolling Wheels; it also marks the first-ever co-sanctioned event with the Short Track Super Series and Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour. This event offers $5,000 to the winner, $1,000 for 10th and $400 to take the green flag. More details will be posted with a full release to follow.
  13. SHORT TRACK SUPER SERIES ANNOUNCES OPEN SPORTSMAN TOURING SCHEDULE The Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP is proud to announce the formation of an Open Sportsman traveling circuit for 2016. The STSS Open Sportsman mini-series will provide area Open Sportsman teams using American Racer tires with an opportunity to visit different venues and compete for larger purses and a point fund. Each race on the series will pay $1,000 minimum to win and $100 minimum to start. The champion will receive $1,250 cash and a 54-gallon drum of VP Racing Fuel. Keep posted for more details. The tentative series schedule is below: STSS Open Sportsman Schedule Tuesday, May 10 – Big Diamond Speedway/Minersville, PA (Rain Date: May 17) Sunday, May 29 – Thunder Mountain Speedway/Center Lisle, NY (Rain Date: May 30) Tuesday, June 21 – I-88 Speedway/Afton, NY (Rain Date: June 22) Tuesday, July 5 – Accord Speedway/Accord, NY (Rain Date: July 6) Sunday, September 4 – Thunder Mountain Speedway/Center Lisle, NY (Rain Date: September 5) Friday, October 7 – I-88 Speedway/Afton, NY – Championship Event (Rain Date: October 9)