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  1. And now their lack of enforcement of the rules has resulted in them being shut down. Sometimes, tracks are their own worst enemies.
  2. I think they have hit a homerun with the new configuration.
  3. Thanks, I agree, missed it cause I could never get my head around that he was going to be an All Star regular.
  4. I try to make sure I am watching the races at home with somebody so they can wake me up. Damn my sofa is comfortable. FLO at Port Royal as we speak.
  5. I am sure they are getting the full results out as quickly as they can. Racetracks are always looking for people to perform jobs such as these. Anyone who could perform that job in a quicker fashion should let their local race track know of their interest.
  6. The state just closed them up: https://myfox8.com/news/gov-cooper-closes-ace-speedway-declares-facility-is-imminent-hazard/?fbclid=IwAR0G9dQ35p8WyMYCH0Ql8VmKUC5hp2-OUQIxbbrha13_MOtt4-7_52YyEf4
  7. Interesting take by the Ace promoter. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/north-carolina-car-race-draws-thousands-after-dubbing-itself-protest/I5YTLFXIYFCXJMKLOFLUECMAUM/
  8. I don't see an issue with fan-less races except how the promoters are going to pay the purse.
  9. I believe they invited 30, 19 said yes, I thought more would say yes.
  10. Promoters like this and others that have attempted the same are not going to get race tracks opened sooner, it's going to have the opposite effect. Wrestle with the bull and you get the horns. I did have a laugh though, there was a skate park in CA where the kids would not stay away with their skateboards so the town filled the skate park with sand. The kids brought dirt bikes to play there.
  11. They even left him the keys to the locks holding the barricades together.
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