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  1. Running your mod in Florida is not the most fiscally responsible thing to do.
  2. For the fan, it's a good deal. We will see if it is the right thing for the track. It works as long as your grabbing fans who wouldn't normally be there. You need enough of them to offset the cost of showing the races as well as the loss of ticket revenue and loss of concessions if those people were there. Hope it works well, time will tell.
  3. Yes they are Dirtcar BB Mods this year.
  4. Total winnings listed, see below: https://www.dirtcarump.com/points/big-block-modified-points/2019-super-dirtcar-series-points/
  5. Ryan averaged $1393 in earnings per race for the 22 SDS races run in 2019.
  6. chas71


    In 2008, it was 35K per race to rent one of the close to the top of the line trucks. Can't imagine what is costs now.
  7. Incredible battle for the win, non wing midgets put on the best shows I saw this year.
  8. Supermodifieds also ran on the 3/4 mile oval at Pocono, the mod race always drew 100+ cars. 1981-1991 on the 3/4, 1977-1980 on the 2 1/2 mile tri-oval. The late Tom Baldwin had the final event won until he broke a motor with about 4 laps to go.
  9. And, that $308,030 makes Mat a multi-millionaire in Canadian dollars!
  10. Anyone know what the rules are for ESS or the Patriot Sprints. I am trying to remember but I'm not sure they wait for guys with flat tires.
  11. chas71

    World Finals

    For some reason, Flo had it over the internet but I could not find it thru Roku on my TV. Weird.
  12. Is the bigger question (and we could use last nights race at Charlotte as an example), why is 3/4 of the cautions caused by drivers slowing with flats. Maybe the issue isn't giving guys a break but why are there so many flat tires? The amount of cautions for flat tires just kills the momentum of a race.
  13. One thing about Brett is that he has the knowledge and the temperament to be successful at this. We already have enough people who have the knowledge, don't work well with others and wonder what the problem is.
  14. That would be hard to judge at this point.
  15. Checked today again, they actually raised the temp to 30 at night so it's going in the right direction (was in the 20's).