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  1. And, that $308,030 makes Mat a multi-millionaire in Canadian dollars!
  2. Anyone know what the rules are for ESS or the Patriot Sprints. I am trying to remember but I'm not sure they wait for guys with flat tires.
  3. chas71

    World Finals

    For some reason, Flo had it over the internet but I could not find it thru Roku on my TV. Weird.
  4. Is the bigger question (and we could use last nights race at Charlotte as an example), why is 3/4 of the cautions caused by drivers slowing with flats. Maybe the issue isn't giving guys a break but why are there so many flat tires? The amount of cautions for flat tires just kills the momentum of a race.
  5. One thing about Brett is that he has the knowledge and the temperament to be successful at this. We already have enough people who have the knowledge, don't work well with others and wonder what the problem is.
  6. That would be hard to judge at this point.
  7. Checked today again, they actually raised the temp to 30 at night so it's going in the right direction (was in the 20's).
  8. That's all? There has to be more to it than that............... 😀 I still think it would be better for the sport if there was more/better competition for the bicknell's.
  9. You can get a Roku stick for as little as $30, plug it into your TV and Flo is accesible thru Roku.
  10. Brett's not managing the track till next year.
  11. Somewhere Carl Douglas is smiling.
  12. I remember that Fanschoice TV had a rule that you couldn't get a broadcast within 150 miles of the track (or something like that). Not sure if the rule is still in place. From a promoters point of view, it makes sense not to let a person living a mile away to have that kind of access although I'm not sure where the distance line should be. From a fans point of view, I would like to be able to have the option if I lived close but 95% of the time, I will be at the track. However, there are people who are disabled or have other issues that don't allow them the ability to be there or just choose to relax on the sofa. There is a very short play (in written form) by Jean Paul Sartre called "No Exit" that humorously describes why some people might stay home. 😉 I think the biggest issue right now is cost for individual races. Subscription models seem to be the way to go (Flo for example) and I think those streaming services without subscription models are missing potential viewers.
  13. Fulton would be great but I'd bet Stateline.