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  1. Orange County, Oswego, Bridgeport, Thunder Mtn, Malta. Curious of how many races everyone feels constitutes a championship? I would say no less than 10. I count 26 races originally scheduled. If 13 races are run, I would think point fund moneys would be cut pretty substantially.
  2. Didn't the union strike at Caterpillar in the 90's last a year and a half? If memory serves me right (I knew a couple of guys who worked there), they were out that long and it didn't result in anything beneficial for the (then) current workforce.
  3. 1980 Oxford 250. Geoff Bodine & Butch Lindley trading alot of paint and the lead (often) over the entire distance of the race. They were inches apart on every lap. Bodine took the lead for the final time on the last lap to win.
  4. Had the union shop steward file a complaint one time against me because they said my tie was too loud (colorful). Said at that time of the morning (it was the early shift) it was a distraction to the employees. Oh, the fun we had.😀
  5. NBC Trackpass is now extending your racing subscription since there is no racing to show. Have any of the other services done the same?
  6. Didn't take him long to get religion. 4 days ago he was letting the racetracks run this coming weekend. I'm now hoping for racing restarting for PA Speedweeks.
  7. I will go out on a limb and predict Matt is not going to win as many races this year as he usually does.
  8. Keep in mind, Italy has around 60 million, we have around 320 million, so, we could have 5X more cases than Italy but still be in the same approximate boat. Italy right now around 30K cases. Saying that, it is very questionable as to whether the Indy 500 will take place Memorial Day Weekend. Waiting to see the series's who think they are running in April pushing out their start dates.
  9. And, the key part, these are the known cases, if you haven't been tested and you have it, you are not in the count. There's alot more people out there that already have it and aren't in the statistics.
  10. I read this. The rule doesn't apply to school, colleges and businesses. Isn't a race track a business? I'm not saying we should have races, I just don't get how 700 people at a race track is any different than 700 people elsewhere. So far, Ohio, Illinois and Massachusetts have asked all bars and restaurants to close.
  11. Still wondering how movie theaters and indoor malls are still open.
  12. Read this, Hickory Motor Speedway shut down mid show last night, looks like some miscommunication which is to be expected I guess with the daily changes. Don't see racing in NY starting before mid May. https://speedsport.com/racing-nation/southeast/executive-order-stops-racing-at-hickory-in-its-tracks/
  13. Was out to dinner last week on a Saturday night. The restaurant was more empty than I expected (we had to make a reservation). Asked a couple of the employees and they said it was very slow all of a sudden and they were concerned about their hours being cut and being able to pay their bills. There are alot of people that live paycheck to paycheck and for many, if they don't work, they don't get paid. Those in that position are going to have major issues over the next 2 months.
  14. Taking it one step further than F1. https://speedsport.com/racing-nation/west/evergreen-speedway-cancels-season-opener/