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  1. I think Sportsman on a small track (Accord, Thunder Mtn, Freedom) could be the headlining division but Sportsman as the headline on a big track would not be something I would want to see.
  2. Same here, I just get a blank screen and when you click back it takes me to the main page.
  3. How long before Michael Jordan decides this losing money thing isn't for him. And yes, I know Bubba's bringing lots pf sponsors.
  4. So, let's try to find a compromise. Time Trials with some type of invert.
  5. Brightbill, Pauch, Hearn, Schneider. Really had to debate McCreadie and Schneider, other 3, no debate.
  6. Those one division shows were great and the stands were packed. Unfortunately, there just aren't as many fans and cars as there used to be so the promoters have to use the back gate to supplement the loss of fans. The price to buy and run a modified has outpaced inflation since 1970 and the purses have not kept up with inflation.
  7. I think the halo is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen on a race car, but, it saved his life.
  8. Keep in mind if you are going, you must wear a mask and you will have your temperature checked. if you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher you will be refused admittance.
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