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  1. Ray Bramall.... https://speedsport.com/dirt-late-models/dirt-modifieds/bramall-honored-car-owner-dirt-hof/2/
  2. Any1butBrett

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    I am not a Brett fan by any means (can you tell by my name?), but I will say this. For the record this is just my opinion which I am entitled to right? Watching Brett and his crew at OCFS weekly is well..... sad. It is like a monkey effing a football. Just a bunch of guys helping out that don't have much of a clue it seems (as mentioned above about the wrap still on the tire). Almost as if they are on the bandwagon riding the Brett Hearn glory days of the past. It's sad to watch really. Like I said not a fan, but I have a ton of respect for what Brett has accomplished and I hate to see it. As well I hate seeing Danny's career slowly coming to an end. Everyone.... be grateful for what we have witnessed. Danny Johnson, Brett Hearn, Alan Johnson, Jack Johnson, Billy Pauch, Kenny Brightbill just to name a few.
  3. Any1butBrett

    Doctor with Sweetners?

  4. Danny Johnson looking for a ride.......Done at Sweetners.
  5. Any1butBrett


    We were told last week "if you don't like it leave". Well.... I left. Been going for years. No standing on trailers and that attitude has me not going back for awhile. Sad situation there.
  6. Any1butBrett


    Total $hit show openning night and last week.
  7. Any1butBrett


    31 Modifieds all made the feature.
  8. Also read in AARN that Sammy Martz and Sammy Martz Jr. will be calling OCFS home this year.
  9. Any1butBrett

    Dr. In the 66

    I was around OCFS during the Danny/Brett era and Brett didn't always beat Danny. Brett was the master at picking up 3 (jumping) on the restarts.
  10. https://www.recordonline.com/photogallery/TH/20190325/PHOTOGALLERY/325009998/PH/1
  11. Any1butBrett

    Dr. In the 66

    Same here, not a Hearn fan but I want to see him race and get beat.
  12. Any1butBrett

    Dr. In the 66

    I heard Danny and the 66 have not come to an agreement to run OCFS. Hope that info is wrong though.
  13. It's not really closer. Up to Malta, then back to OCFS (or Sussex NJ then OCFS) is further then Malta, stay the night in the toter then LV then back home to Sussex.